Flashmob: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

Sunday, 10 October 2021

2 Responses to “Flashmob: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy”

  1. ronvrooman38 Says:

    An analogy of the situation in less than half a page.
    The water is topping the dam; the spillway for the reservoir is over the top. There is no floodgate or emergency spillway for relief. The reservoir is huge, a giant shore line, coves, bays, inlets from creeks and rivers. Not that deep. At this level a small increase can put things over the top. A ripple will move water into the spillway.
    When it goes over the top will it be with a sufficient number of men and women to overcome the 4th Reich on America? With their entrance that was provided to the Nazis, via Paperclip, courtesy of the United States Inc. post WWII.
    There really is an active conspiracy, the industrial/military/judicial/legislative/executive/banker/ BAR/royalist/communist/muslim/catholic /jewish Georgia Guide stone complex.

    A solution is to obtain remedy thru Article III Amendment VII. It is guaranteed in written form.
    The last meeting of the Confederation and perpetual Union was attended by one man. There has never been a quorum since. However, every time the Congress assembled for the several States the Members present from the several States of the United States and The United States of America met. Until South Carolina left the perpetual Union 1860 and ended when the United States closed sine die. March 1861.

    So the closure date by abandonment/neglect/ignorance/intent was after Oregon’s statehood 1859 and the departure of South Carolina 1860. That was the last lawful government. Therefore and thereby the people in a Jural Assembly from those 33 States can return us lawfully to a Constitutional Republican form of government.

    Article I Section 1; Ex parte Milligan; Civilian court; Grand Jury, Article III Amendment VII verdict = remedy on Oregon.

  2. ronvrooman38 Says:

    Let’s endorse the theory, “fraud vitiates all contracts.” You and I appear in Amendment X of The United States of America’s Constitution. Apart from that, we are the beneficiaries of a contract federally between the Congress assembled as The United States of America and its creation the United States. This is an un-incorporated government service company. Located in Washington District of Columbia. We are party to the actual, lawful Constitution of our State. That is one autonomous nation state among the several states of the Union.

    Most importantly you and I are Sovereigns without subject or ruler. Most people are actually persons, they have not gained sufficient knowledge to declare their status and just roll along giving lip service. PINO Patriot in name only. A free man, woman and child can expatriate from the ALL CAP CORPORATE FICTION of the de facto. Then they may enter the de jure. It is a good idea to read the complete definitions of de facto and de jure in a Law dictionary. I use Black’s 6th.

    We do not need a license, certificate, registration, permission, rules, ordinances, statutes or regulation to comport ourselves properly. When we are private, such as in a PMA private membership assembly, we need no 501 C3 or C8 or any public status declaration. Members of the general public and public at large are private.
    I CLAIM!
    All power is inherent in the people. The United States is a legal fiction created by the several states in union together in a Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union. The Union is styled The United States of America. It!! as a group created the Constitution which created the United States.

    The last lawful State is Oregon. There is only color of law from Washington District of Columbia since March 1861. That is the location of the United States.

    A path to returning to a United States as a Constitutionally bound government is: to assemble a quorum of the several states that were States, in 1860 prior to South Carolina seceding. However a Civilian Court of record is required to implement Ex Parte Milligan and nullify martial law/Lieber code and FEMA. In the de facto and establishing the fact in the de jure.
    Therefore, we have 33 lawful states. A lawful quorum can open a lawful Congress. That precludes color of law.

    The elected delegate from the Congress Assembled is titled President of The United States of America.

    Promulgate to your heart’s content. I am finding no rebuttal.

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