HAUNTING: Crimes Against Humanity — 12 Year Old Girl Jabbed Against Her Will

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

by noah12 hours ago12 hours ago

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This makes me so mad I am shaking right now.

This girl who many comments suggest is about 12 years old has more brains and more courage than all the doctors and nurses (and parents) surrounding her.

She did NOT want that poison vaccine…

She was shouting and wailing to try and fend them off…

This video is going to haunt me for a long time.

Watch for yourself right here if you can handle it:

This is horrific! Crimes against humanity. https://t.co/jNZsZ3c1gc

— DailyNoah.com (@DailyNoahNews) January 16, 2023

Now a simple question…

I know what some Poindexter is going to write in the comments, I can already hear it before your fingers even start pecking at those keys:

You’re wrong Noah, she’s a minor, she can’t make medical decisions for herself.

Annnnnd full stop.

The people who say THAT are probably the same people who are just fine letting a 10 year old boy chop his wang wang off, because “he knows best”.

So we’ll let young children decide they need to be on aggressive hormone therapies and even undergo multiple surgeries to change genders — we’ll celebrate that even — but won’t let them decide for themselves they doing want a poison vaccine?

The left gets so twisted and tied up in their lies even the can’t keep track of them all anymore.

Kind of like “My Body, My Choice”.

All I ever heard for decades was My Body, My Choice.

Until, that is….people said “My Body, My Choice and I choose to not jab myself with a poison, experimental, mRNA poison shot!”

No, you don’t get to choose that, the Elites said.

So much hypocrisy….

And since we’re on the topic, I hope this helps someone:

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