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Robert Mueller’s Federal Bureau of Investigation ran a false flag operation in East Tennessee in 2010 known as “The Madisonville Hoax.” Mueller’s operation targeted veterans and citizens as “Sovereign Citizens” (In the pejorative: Translation Far-right extremists) who were, as peaceful protesters, outraged in the discovery respecting Tennessee’s rigged grand jury system.

Mueller’s operation was a street theatre, staged and manufactured domestic terrorism masquerade.

One result of Mueller’s manufactured domestic terrorism hoax was the set-up, false arrest, false conviction, and unlawful imprisonment of Navy Veteran Darren Huff. Darren served 3 1/2 years in federal prison for having breakfast biscuits and coffee with a group of folks in a local restaurant in Madisonville, Tennessee on Tuesday morning, 20 April 2010.

Mueller’s arrest of Darren Huff was America’s first Minority Report” arrest of Howard Marks,” America’s first thought crime arrest. FBI agents said they knew what Darren was thinking as Mr. Huff drove across the state line between Georgia and Tennessee headed for his breakfast gathering.

Ten days later, FBI officials arrested Mr. Huff stating what they thought Mr. Huff was going to do ten days earlier. An FBI agent stated in a sworn affidavit (.pdf MARK VAN BALEN STATEMENT) Mr. Huff had presented himself at a local courthouse, armed and dangerous, intending to carry out “civil disorder” joined by at least twelve (12) other armed men intent upon the same conduct of “civil disorder.”

The fly in the ointment is that Mueller’s FBI rogue agents made the entire event up. All of it. Mr. Huff never appeared at the courthouse and the 12 other men the FBI recognize are ghosts. They are phantoms!

The FBI affidavit of complaint is perjured (click here).

Mueller’s FBI spokesmen and special agent bragged about the precedent-setting arrest and conviction in 2012.

Earlier today Attorney General Barr stated:

Barr pledged: “To take all action necessary to enforce federal law.”

Bob Mueller’s manufactured domestic terrorism hoax spawned what is part of the federal law Barr promises to enforce.

If for no other cause than to more deeply entrench and fortify an unconstitutional precedent which is of great facility to federal law enforcement. In other words: To make Mueller’s criminal past disappear and transform Mueller’s criminal adventure into what is to be admired as solid law enforcement.

Mueller’s outlawry is well reported to AG Bill Barr. And ignored. Mueller’s rogue criminal past is widely reported for nearly a decade.

The call here is for Mueller’s arrest and prosecution aimed at, among other things, the reversal and overturning of the Darren Huff precedent.

Bill Barr must be legally prevented from advancing The Madisonville Hoax, “Arrest of Howard Marks” filthy legal precedent.

The Madisonville Hoax precedent must be thrown out in total: Not used again! And Bob Mueller must be called to face his criminal consequence.

Here endth the lesson.



















RED ALERT on Youtube: Retired Navy Commander Files Treason Charges  Against Robert Mueller: https://youtu.be/2WsazoShuvo

THE POST & EMAIL: http://www.thepostemail.com/2017/07/26/fitzpatrick-dispatches-treason-complaint-special-counsel-mueller-ag-sessions/

Retired Navy Commander Files Treason Charges Against Robert Mueller: STATE OF THE NATION:  http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=80670

The MILLENNIUM REPORT: http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/08/retired-navy-commander-files-treason-charges-against-robert-mueller/

CHRISTIAN NEWSWIRE: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/4743979949.html

FBI v. Donald John Trump: http://www.thepostemail.com/2017/08/03/fbi-v-donald-john-trump/




MUELLER YOURE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






“(Jun. 21, 2017) — [Editor’s Note:  The following is Part 2 of an interview conducted with the noted author on June 20, 2017.  Part 1 is here.]

“Mueller is responsible for the Madisonville Hoax.  It’s significant because it’s the first time in our history that we know about the FBI actually creating out of whole cloth a “domestic terrorist” event that was not a domestic terrorist event. 

“They made it all up.”




FROM TODAY’S POST & EMAIL: “(Jun. 20, 2017) — I am calling out the former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, as being engaged in treason.  I am declaring Robert Mueller a national security threat.  Mueller is an active criminal.  He is responsible for, among other things, still categorizing me as a domestic terrorist.

“I am not a domestic terrorist.”

















Grounds exist to fire Mueller for cause, corruption and criminal acts connected to THE MADISONVILLE HOAX.

I hold more than sufficient evidence to make the case against Mueller.

I am being blocked from testifying and presenting physical evidence to a federal grand jury.

Mueller is in the process of pursuing criminal charges and building a case against President Trump based on fabricated and manufactured representations of criminal acts.

Mueller is emboldened by his success in pulling off


In this, Mueller works assiduously to overthrow a sitting president

Mueller is positioned to charge President Trump for what Mueller, and Muller’s criminal assistants; for what they end up determining the president is  thinking now, or what President Trump might have been thinking before.

Thus becoming the second MINORITY REPORT “thought crime” prosecution (by way of impeachment) this nation would suffer and endure.

Mueller played a principal role in establishing the MINORITY REPORT “thought crime” precedent in 2011.

We deal here with a national security crisis. Mueller must be removed IMMEDIATELY. And time is not a friend.



























Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 7.24.24 AM

by Patrick Howley









Friday, 19 January 2018

Sheriff’s Departments from all over East Tennessee comprised elements, or rather were “law enforcement partners,” in Robert Mueller’s April 2010 FBI invention of a domestic terrorist episode known as “The Madisonville Hoax.”
This FBI “extremist militia group” never existed. Never.
The group was Mueller’s invention. 
No state or federal official from any involved law enforcement agency can populate this FBI fiction with a single name. Not one!
No person can populate Mueller’s invented extremist militia group. Mueller created the existence of this terrorist group out of thin air.
The sworn affidavit and audio podcast are fraudulent. Van Balen’s statement is perjured.
All proven.
Mueller’s FBI invents, then describes, in their combined 2010 sworn statement and 2012 podcast, an “extremist militia group” that never existed. 
From Mueller’s make-believe extremist the FBI, working with OBAMA, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and local Tennessee law enforcement “partners,” spawned a proven, fictional, invented domestic terrorist assault

and “MINORITY REPORT” thought crime arrest:
Mueller is fully and criminally accountable in all of this. As are all of Mueller’s outlaw gang of criminal assistants to include many county sheriff’s departments.
No one can populate the FBI’s group of ghosts called out in the two attachments.
Mueller’s FBI invented the group and the event.
There exists, right now, enough evidence to take down Obama, Holder, Napolitano and Mueller due to their treasonous administration of government stemming from 2010 events in East Tennessee.
Right now.
I have it all.
Enough to take down Mueller as the first domino.
Formal, sworn criminal complaints are filed naming Robert Mueller in commission of extant federal felony offenses regarding Mueller’s treasonous administration of government spawned by Mueller’s FBI April 2010 “Madisonville Hoax.”
Mueller is one of several senior federal employees engaged as principal, extant criminal actors working hand-to-glove with Mueller.
FBI audio and sworn statements against self-interest proving Mueller’s serious criminal transgressions are attached. And much more is available. For the moment, this is enough.
My command of this information is why I keep getting locked up.
On Friday, 4 March 2011, I personally reported to FBI Special Agent James E. Bentley, III, the July 2010 government murder, “hit” of Mr. Jim Miller who witnessed The Madisonville Hoax from different vantage points and who was in a position and willing to come forward with an official, public exposé report. I returned to the FBI Knoxville fortress headquarters on Thursday, 10 March 2011, at the request of FBI Special Agent Mike Harrell to interview with Harrell, Andy Corbitt and J.C. Parrott, members of the FBI’s East Tennessee Joint Terrorism Task Force. I repeated my report narrating the government murder of Jim Miller in July 2010.
Jim Miller was an eyes and ears witness to Robert Mueller’s Madisonville Hoax invention. And so am I. And so are others.
Jim Miller knew first hand Robert Mueller’s “extremist militia group” never existed, never showed up in Madisonville, Tennessee in April 2010.
Jim Miller’s murder is presently under investigation as a “cold case.” Law enforcement officials are still covering up  government work product respecting information about the Miller murder.
I’m on a Warpath!


More from Mr. Branco…




William L. Bryan P.J. Foggy with Hammer & Sickle!(1)



JAG HUNTER HERE on the Daniel K. Holtzclaw HOAX:


This posting is for those close to Daniel’s case. This report augments the outstanding work of Investigator Brian Bates and Investigative Reporter Michelle Malkin (CRTV – Michael Malkin Investigates (MMI)).

For others coming new to yet another outrage in the nightmare that has become America’s criminal justice system, you are well served to inform yourselves respecting Daniel’s rigged prosecution and unlawful detention.

No one knows the meaning of innocence except those who are. Daniel K. Holtzclaw’s life matters!

I say to you here and now Oklahoma Police Officer Daniel K. Holtzclaw is an innocent man!

It’s time for decent black women to step up, speak out, and condemn the nineteen (19) lying black females falsely accusing Daniel Holtzclaw.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw is the target / victim of yet another government malicious deception. Another government manufactured fairy tale. And Daniel is the target of a seditious, subversive “social justice” and growing black cultural movement.

Oklahoma City Police set Daniel up in a “let’s pretend” hoax to appease blacks threatening riots in the streets.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw committed no crime.

No evidence exists Daniel committed physical assault by any description, against anybody.

Daniel was wrongly convicted on 10 December2014 of committing serial, physical assaults against thirteen (13) black females. Oklahoma City Police (OCPD) Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory and Lt. Muzny set Daniel up, building a bogus, make-believe criminal case against him.

Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Prater and Gayland Gieger sealed the deal.

Det. Davis opened a criminal investigation against Daniel Holtzclaw taking an unbelievable report from a fifty-seven year old black female grandmother named Jannie Ligons. Ligons lied to Det. Davis saying Daniel had sexually assaulted Ligons at the point of a gun during an early morning traffic stop. The alleged assault and Ligons report both happened on 18 June 2014.

Ligons told Det. Davis Officer Holtzclaw had “stopped her for no reason.” Ligons: “I wasn’t a criminal. I have no record. I didn’t do anything wrong. Ligons exaggerated she was “violated” (sexual assault). Ligons said: Daniel “took advantage.”

Officer Holtzclaw pulled Ligons over observing her erratic vehicle handling. On 18 June 2014 Daniel discovered Ligons’ drivers license had been suspended for thirty (30) years and a hydrocodone bottle in her purse.

Ligons said she feared for her life. Ligons thought Daniel “was going to shoot her.” She continued to tell Det. Davis: “The only thing I could see was my life flashing before my eyes.”

Ligons agreed to a three-part Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) examination. The first part is an interview.

Step two is essentially a “well woman” physical examination which must be performed within one-hundred-twenty (120) hours of an assault. Cotton swabs are used to recover body fluid genetic material. Interview results reveal high interest areas of the body worthy of focused scrutiny. A special light is also used to find areas where to swab. Nail clippings, hair samples and photographs are typically collected.

Completing the evidence kit, blood and urine samples are taken during part three of the SANE exam.

No evidence of physical assault against Jannie Ligons was found.    

Nothing of Jannie Ligons account holds up to independent scrutiny.

Nowadays Ligons brags about her ability to lie: “[Daniel] just picked the wrong lady to stop that night.”

Daniel Holtzclaw’s uniform was seized as evidence on the other side of Det. Davis criminal investigation.

Preliminary test results came back on 13 August 2014, clearing Daniel of involvement with any accuser then existing.

Nothing definitive was found. Not respecting  Ligons; not respecting any of what would become eighteen (18) more lying black female accusers.

Davis believed Ligons based on a gut instinct. Davis was aware, on 18 June 2014, when Davis interview Ligons, one of her colleagues, another OCPD detective, was investigating a report of a police officer’s assault on someone other than Jannie Ligons.

Daniel Holtzclaw was not suspected as the police officer assailant before 18 June 2014.

But once Daniel’s name came up, no other officer in the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD), or in any other law enforcement agency was suspect in or around the metropolitan Oklahoma City area.

OCPD Lt. Muzny, Detectives Davis and Gregory, zeroed in on Daniel only. The trio eliminated every other cop on the force from consideration as a possible perpetrator and every other law enforcement tied to Oklahoma City. They aggressively sought to find information incriminating Daniel Holtzclaw only.

Fatally compromising the integrity of their sideways investigation, Muzny, Davis and Gregory, targeting Daniel only, went looking for possible “victims.” During follow-on interviews Davis and Gregory tantalized and impeached potential witnesses leaking choice tale tail tidbits of investigative work product specifically implicating Daniel Holtzclaw.

Davis and Gregory, in their own minds, had determined Daniel was a “psychopath,” and a “really bad guy.”

In her gut lead investigator Kim Davis believed Ligons.

The investigative method used against Daniel was for Muzny, Davis and Gregory to solicit cooperating black females, suggest and obtain their participation as accusers, then call them in one by one to identify Daniel in what was effectively a one man line-up.

Who do you think the invited and coached accusers picked?

No person can survive such outrageous government tactics.

In lead investigator Davis’ “through the looking glass,” Alice in Wonderland world, Daniel was guilty:

‘No, no!’ said the Queen [Davis].

‘Sentence first – verdict afterwards.’

‘Stuff and nonsense!’ said Alice loudly.

‘The idea of having the sentence first!’

‘Hold your tongue!’ said the Queen, turning purple.

‘I won’t!’ said Alice.

‘Off with her head!’ the Queen shouted at the top of her voice.

Nobody moved. (Link)

Davis and Gregory came to rely most heavily on the youngest woman, Adaira Gardner, as their star witness and who was the last of the invited, lying accusers to pledge her allegiance.

The jury wrongly convicted based on a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) match prosecutors asserted connected Officer Holtzclaw to Adaira Gardner, seventeen (17) years on the day Davis and Gregory said Daniel carried out a make believe attack.

Detectives collected genetic material from Daniel’s uniform trousers on June 2014. In November 2014 they asserted DNA test results incriminated Daniel respecting teenager Gardner.

However, no incriminating DNA match was ever made between Officer Holtzclaw and Adaira Gardner.

No incriminating DNA match was ever made between Daniel Holtzclaw and any of his lying black female accusers.

In a frenzied, racially charged Ferguson, Missouri like mob attack on a police officer, twenty (20) people eventually accused Daniel of committing thirty-six (36) purported crimes at seventeen (17) different purported crimes scenes.

All part of a hoax.

There were nineteen (19) lying black female accusers. There was one (1) man who lied.

There are no witnesses.

There is no forensic evidence.

Officer Holtzclaw’s DNA was not found on any of his nineteen (19) lying black female accusers. Officer Holtzclaw’s DNA was not recovered from any of the 17 purported crime scenes.

The DNA sample profile found on Daniel’s uniform is evidence of nothing. It’s meaningless.

Dan E. Krane, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, and professor of Biological Sciences at Wright State University. Professor Krane is also chief executive officer of Forensic Bioinformatics (link).

Michelle Malkin interviewed Dr. Krane for her exposé on the Holtzclaw case: “Daniel in the Den.”

Respecting the DNA found on Daniel’s uniform Dr. Krane said: “The presence of a DNA profile doesn’t tell us anything about the timeframe or the circumstances under which that DNA came to be on the evidence sample.”

Dr. Krane said: “The sky is literally the limit in terms of coming up with a hypothesis about how those other people’s DNA could have come to be associated with that evidence sample” (on Daniel’s uniform trousers).

During Daniel’s trial the state’s forensic expert testified there was nothing suspicious about the DNA profile sample found on Daniel’s uniform pants.

The following narrative illustrates how a criminal investigation involving the use of DNA evidence works. Criminal investigators recover DNA evidence from real victims and real crime scenes. Then use the biological material to go in search of a perpetrator.

In September 1993 the body of a two-year-old toddler, the daughter of a U.S. Army Sergeant stationed in Babenhausen, Germany was found, brutally abused, near a gravel quarry. The child was the victim of sexual assault (link).

Genetic material fluid traces were recovered from the dead girl’s body allowing molecular biologists to isolate DNA of the presumed killer.

A massive blood collection campaign was launched “the biggest [DNA] case in the world in terms of the number of people screened. Over eighteen hundred (1,800) blood samples were collected (link).”

Most of the blood samples were collected from active duty soldiers.

Civil libertarians in the day were aghast. “You had units that were directed to go to the police station. Fingerprints were taken from the soldiers, other information was taken and then they were placed in a position of being asked to cooperate by giving a blood sample (link).”

An attorney warned: “You can see the possibility of law enforcement agents in the United States rounding up a town, marching the citizens to a police station and asking if they’re willing to give a blood sample…[the] specter is horrifying.”

German police and Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID) authorities caught the small child’s murderer through a DNA match to a soldier.

Repeating for emphasis: This is how a criminal investigation involving the use of DNA evidence works. Recover DNA evidence from real victims and real crime scenes; then use the biological material to go in search of a real perpetrator.

Then, only then, can any DNA “match” be achieved. DNA found on a victim or at the scene of a crime is “matched” to the suspect.

There can be no “match” when no genetic material is recovered from the victim or from the crime scene.

However, this is not how OCPD’s Lt. Muzny, Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory used genetic material in the Daniel Holtzclaw investigation.

Davis and Gregory zoomed in on Officer Holtzclaw; a man who by law they were required to presume innocent. They presumed Daniel guilty instead (timeline here).

You can see the possibility of OCPD Detectives Davis and Gregory scouring Oklahoma City, marching citizens to the police station and asking if they’re willing to give a blood sample. The specter is chilling.

An OCPD lieutenant, first name unknown, using Det. Davis’ profile, constructed a catalog of people to interview.

OCPD Lieutenant Munzy then did a search using only Daniel’s name to build a list of only black females with a history of drug addiction and prostitution who Daniel had encountered in the line of duty.

Muzny’s search methodology was upside down and sinisterly prejudiced.

It would have been best for investigators to build a case based upon information from unsolicited sources, rather than proactively data mining.

Muzny, Davis and Gregory were mandated to assume Daniel’s innocence. Operating aggressively as they did, taking from whatever demographic of known victims which made investigative sense, Muzny needed to run a search, using only names of real victims coming from the constructed demographic, checking for any contact with that group of police officers, from any police agency in the area (federal and state), under any circumstance, over a reasonably established time period. Real victims connected to a group of possible assailants.

Then you start looking at the group of potential perpetrators.

Not at the “real” victims.

With this freshly in mind, please carefully consider this “FACTOID: 01” citizen investigator Brian Bates reports: “Accuser Sherry Ellis, a convicted felon prostitute, claimed she was raped by a ‘short, black’ police officer that often patrolled her area. Holtzclaw, at 6’ 2” tall & pale, was convicted in Dec. of 2015 of Ellis’ accusations, despite her description or her attacker & her inability to pick Holtzclaw out as her attacker in the [courtroom].

“In Oct. of 2016, OKC police officer Alexander Edwards was arrested for soliciting prostitution & tipping off a prostitute to a national undercover sting targeting sex trafficking. Officer Edwards is both ‘short’ & ‘black.’

“According to page 3094 of Holtzclaw’s trial transcript, Edwards was on patrol only a few blocks away the night of Ellis’ alleged rape. Ellis was never shown a mugshot lineup containing Holtzclaw’s or Edward’s photos.” (Link)

Davis and Gregory went trolling for and outright created, like Frankenstein monsters, eighteen (18) of the nineteen (19) lying black female victims.

There was a total of twenty (20) accusers.

One of Daniel’s twenty (20) lying accusers was a man who appeared as a “walk-on” after Daniel was no longer on active duty as a policeman.

Nineteen (19) lying black females are left.

Of the nineteen (19) lying black females, only one, Jannie Ligons, came forward unsolicited.

Thus leaving eighteen (18) Frankensteins.

What I describe here is a time-tested lying black female (LBF) syndrome.

In 2006-2007, the last name of a North Carolina county district attorney prosecutor was transformed into a verb.

The disgraced prosecutor, resulting from his criminal adventure in the conduct of the Duke lacrosse team rape case, was disbarred, forced to resign and jailed.

The name of the evil, former elected Durham County North Carolina prosecutor is Michael Byron “Mike” Nifong.

In a case precisely mirroring Daniel Holtzclaw’s dark experience, a black female “escort” and stripper maliciously accused members of the Duke lacrosse team of sexual assault.

The charges were false. Nifong knew it, but proceeded full speed ahead to prosecute innocent college students. Nifong withheld results of exculpatory DNA evidence test results from the defense attorneys.

No physical evidence was produced incriminating the student athletes. (Link) (Another link)

Prosecutors David Prater and Gayland Gieger Nifonged” Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw!

There’s more. Nifong took his cue from a scandal that erupted in 1988, twenty (20) years before Nifong pulled his stunt in 2007.

A lying black fifteen (15) year old female, Tawana Glenda Brawley, ran off from her home, dressed up in costume of torn and burned clothing, used charcoal to write racial slurs on her body, then covered herself with smeared feces before climbing into a trash bag and depositing herself, after four days among the missing, a few feet away from an apartment where she’d once lived.

Brawley played possum.

Tawana Brawley acted as if she were unresponsive and unconscious when found, after intending to deceive first responders and follow-on investigators into believing she’d been abducted.

When Brawley decided to “come around,” the black female teenager declaimed three white men; two police officers and a prosecuting attorney, had raped her repeatedly! (Link)

Medical professionals examined the teenager and assembled a rape kit.

Surprise: Results of follow-on forensic tests came up negative. They were benign. No evidence whatsoever was found respecting sexual assault by any description.

No physical evidence of sexual assault was found.

There were no witnesses.

Brawley’s histrionics were nothing more than a hoax.

Brawley lied.

Physical evidence police did collect eventually betrayed Brawley’s dissembling.

But not before recently disgraced actor Bill Cosby, civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason pledged their support, orchestrated public demonstration rallies marching through the streets condemning the what was to be found out a fake attack reported by a lying black female.

In Daniel Holtzclaw’s case Artists for Justice leaders Candace Liger and Grace Franklin, civil law suit attorney Benjamin Crump and UCLA / COLUMBIA professor Kimberlé Crenshaw take up the subversive, seditionist mantle.

Motives are laid bare and common sense obvious. They are left to serious investigators to sort out.

I point this audience again to the superlative investigative work product of Brian Bates and Michelle Malkin.

 The lesson learned here is from the Duke lacrosse and Tawana Brawley cases is this: When a black female claims to be the victim of sexual assault, and no physical evidence exists to support the accusation, it’s reasonable to suspect the black female is lying.

When confronted with the LBF syndrome, law enforcement officials must tread very carefully.  

Daniel must be released immediately!

I dismiss the need for a new trial. There’s no physical evidence. There’s no biological evidence. No incriminating DNA sample was recovered from the alleged crime scenes or from any of Daniel’s accusers.

Detectives gathered genetic material (DNA samples) from Daniels girlfriend, from Ligons (SANE), and from other accusers to compare to the DNA sample profile found on Daniel’s uniform trousers in June 2014.

Daniel Holtzclaw’s DNA was not found on any of the nineteen (19) lying black females.

No incriminating DNA was found at any of the purported seventeen (17) crime scenes.

No incriminating DNA was connected to any of the thirty-six (36) purported crimes for which Daniel was accused.

No incriminating DNA “match” was ever made in Daniel Holtzclaw’s prosecution.

No incriminating DNA “match” in the Daniel Holtzclaw case exists.

Only after several months of trolling for potential victims did a coached, seventeen (17) year old lying black female “victim,” report to Davis and Gregory accusing Officer Holtzclaw of attacking her on 17 June 2014.

One of the DNA samples Davis and Gregory recovered from the fly of Officer Holtzclaw’s uniform trousers, the pants he was wearing on 17-18 June 2014, turned out being DNA of the seventeen-year-old girl.

The billionth of gram sample DNA sample recovered from Daniel’s trousers identified the female teen and two other individuals, one of whom was male.

Take note: This November 2014 finding differed from the August 2014 genetic material report which indicated only one unknown female in the DNA profile sample.

Daniel’s DNA was not found on the seventeen-year-old or at the scene of the alleged assault.

I say again: No Daniel Ken Holtzclaw DNA was found on the teen girl. No Daniel Holtzclaw DNA was found on any of her belongings, or at the scene of the alleged crime.

It’s not yet publicly reported what of the girl’s clothing or property OCPD police detectives took into their chain of custody and subjected to scientific examination.

The identity two other individuals revealed in the DNA profile sample recovered from Daniel’s uniform remains unknown.

But the DNA profile sample found on Daniel’s clothing is much ado about nothing.

It’s meaningless because: “The presence of a DNA profile doesn’t tell us anything about the timeframe or the circumstances under which that DNA came to be on the evidence sample.”


“The sky is literally the limit in terms of coming up with a hypothesis about how those other people’s DNA could have come to be associated with that evidence sample.”

None of Daniel’s accusers are credible.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater (link), Assistant DA Gayland Gieger, Police Chief William City, OCPD Lt. Muzny, Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory need to suffer the same defenestration, the same professional and criminal consequences as “Mike” Nifong.

Judge Timothy Henderson needs to go too. Allowing this case to be tried in Oklahoma City in the incendiary racial setting was the act of an arrogant, ignorant, incompetent fool. His extrajudicial conduct supports tossing this clown off the bench.

Civil rights attorney Bejamin L. Crump represents many of Daniel’s accusers in a civil law suit against the state. Crump is quoted as saying Daniel’s wrongful conviction represents: “…a statement for 400 years of racism, oppression, and sexual assault of black women.”

WRONG attorney Crump! This is all about nineteen (19) lying black females, some of whom you represent in a LBF syndrome extortion scheme. Nothing more.

A federal civil rights investigation is in order. Independent investigation is in order.

State and federal Grand Jury investigations are in order.

One track of inquiry for Oklahoma State and Federal Grand Juries can be to inspect the timeline sequence of events respecting the discovery of genetic material on Daniel Holtzclaw’s uniform and later identification of Adaira Gardner, the youngest of Daniel’s accusers, who prosecutors deceitfully, perniciously and prejudicially identified as one donor out of three.

Like Mike Nifong, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater and his assistant Gieger abused DNA evidence to Daniel’s destruction.

Spring boarding off the Tawana Brawley case, to drive home the corrosiveness, harmful and injurious effects respecting the nature of Muzny’s, Davis’ and Gregory’s investigation and show how Muzny, Davis, Gregory Prater and Gieger played the hoax, I return to the interaction between the OCPD sex crimes detectives and Adaira Gardner, the seventeen (17) year old final female accuser because it is so powerfully instructive.

Earlier on 17 June 2014, Adaira’s mother, Amanda Gates, called police reporting daughter Adaira for assault and battery against the mother.

Gates further declared her daughter a “missing person.”

While on patrol, Officer Holtzclaw encountered Adaira on the street two (2) times after mother Gates called in her missing person report and criminal complaint.

Daniel’s first stop of daughter Gardner was when Daniel’s attention was randomly called to daughter Gardner who was involved in a “heated public argument” with one other person.

Daniel encountered the same two individuals once more that night, on the street, this time for suspicion of prostitution. Daniel thought Adaira’s companion was her pimp.

Daniel ran a computer check on Amanda Gates to recover mother Gates’ phone number. Daniel called at 23:42 hours (11:42 PM local) to tell mother Gates he’d found daughter Adaira.

Mother Gates hung up on Daniel.

Mother Gates did not press her criminal assault and battery complaint against daughter Adaira.

Three days later, on 20 June 2014, after Daniel had come under suspicion, Lt. Muzny’s constructed and distributed a victim profile wherein Daniel was believed to be the assailant, clearly targeting Daniel. Lt. Muzny vectored Detectives Davis and Gregory to search for black females who Officer Holtzclaw had approached in the line of duty and who had a history of drug addiction and prostitution.

The seventeen (17) year old Adaira Gardner fit Muzny’s profile perfectly.

What a surprise!

One-hundred-six days (106) passed.

On 3 October 2014 police go to mother Gates’ home. They leave a business card.

Mother Gates responds.

Detectives interview mother Gates.

During the interview sex crimes detectives tell mother Gates they think daughter Adaira may be a victim of a sexual assault (rape) by an Oklahoma City police officer.

Detectives reveal to mother Gates the precise date the alleged “rape” occurred.

Mother Gates tells detectives that on 17 June 2014, mother and daughter had had a conversation about a police officer. Adaira told mom she had met a policeman whom Adaira wanted to date.

According to mother Gates, there was no talk of “rape.”

The detectives leave.

This 3 October 2014 interview is audio recorded.

Now what could possibly go wrong from here?

Well…mother Gates contacted daughter Adaira (then located in Detroit, Michigan). Gates communicates to daughter Adaira what information detectives had supplied during their intelligence-briefing visit. Mother Gates sent daughter Gardner an article published on Facebook about other black females who’d come forward naming Daniel Holtzclaw as their assailant.

On 10 October 2014, where by this time Daniel Holtzclaw’s name has achieved criminal celebrity status, had been plastered throughout uncounted news media outlets, and while “Artists for Justice” had publicly tired and convicted Daniel outright, promising Ferguson, Missouri level of violence should anyone disagree with them, Adaira Gardner called Oklahoma City police detectives from Detroit to report Officer Daniel Holtzclaw, by name, raped her on 17 June 2014.

No surprise here.

There was only one guy in the line-up.

Adaira Gardner returned to Oklahoma City on 24 October 2014. OCPD sex crimes detectives interviewed accuser Gardner and took DNA samples.

Detectives delivered Gardner’s DNA sample to the lab on 4 November 2014.

Test results were benign. Harmless.

Where on 13 August 2014 test results from the DNA profile sample recovered from Daniel’s uniform revealed an unidentified female, the November 2014 report indicated Adaira Gardner was a donor along with two other unknown personalities.

The two additional DNA markers found on the pants remain unidentified.

Police made no attempt to find Daniel’s DNA on Gardner’s person, on any of her belongings, or from the purported crime scene.

Consequently police did not find any.

Still, in his closing argument to Daniel’s jury (link), Assistant Prosecutor Gayland Gieger said: “…the important thing about Adaira Gardner is the FACT that DNA from the walls of her vagina was transferred in vaginal fluids onto the outside and the inside—not of his pockets, not of his cuff, not where he sits, but on the exact location [Adaira Gardner] says his penis came in contact.” (My emphasis) (link)

State forensic examiners made no attempt to test any other area of Daniel’s uniform trousers except the fly. Examiners did not test his pockets. They did not check for DNA on the cuffs or the seat.

Then there’s this pesky, irritating detail: According to two news reports Adaira Gardner testified on the witness stand at trial Daniel took daughter Gardner to mother Gates home on the night of 17-18 June 2014 and raped Gardner there. (Link #1) (Link #2)

Gardner identified the same home Officer Holtzclaw called late on 17 June 2014, to speak to mother Gates, mother Gates answered, then abruptly hung up. This makes out mother Gates a potential witness to the purported sexual assault of her daughter and yet, police never questioned Gates respecting daughter Gardner’s version of events.

When sex crimes detectives interviewed mother Gates in early October 2014, Gates said nothing about daughter Gardner returning home with a police officer on the night of 17-18 June 2014.

Police did not search mother Gates’ home.


Paul Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister in Nazi Germany. Goebbels said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”

Goebbels also said: “A lie once told remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

To “Artist for Justice” Grace Franklin and gold digger Crump: Daniel Holtzclaw’s case isn’t about black lives matter.

Rather, it’s about black females lying! Again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again…

Ya follow?

To the folks in Enid, Oklahoma I gently suggest police and prosecutor’s big lie and the big lies uttered by the nineteen (19) LBFs can be maintained only for such time as the LBFs, Muzny, Davis, Gregory, Prater, Gieger, City and Crump can shield you from the consequences of their lies. Repeating Daniel’s warning: This can happen to you!

And it will should you allow Daniel’s wrongful conviction stand.

Consider yourselves informed.

These government monsters must be despised, defenestrated and deposed!

There’s good news for all of you. From what I hear there’s a guy in the White House who wants to make small-town America great again and eviscerate entrenched, big city, corrupt government flunkies. I think federal officials will be very receptive to what you have to tell them. I should think a federal Grand Jury would lap this up like a kitten in warm milk.

This report was made possible only because of the outstanding investigative work of Brian Bates and Michelle Malkin. 

This work only augments troubling information reported elsewhere. I strongly commend the videos below to assist you in appreciating the larger outrages.

Now, wanna know what I’m waitin’ for? I’m waitin’ for the first decent black woman to step forward to stridently condemn the nineteen (19) LBFs. That’s what I’m waitin’ for. Decent black women have got to be aware of the terrible injury and harm these LBFs bring upon the good and respected black women in America who contribute mightily to making America great.

Oh, do I need to mention the injury and harm these monsters bring upon us all?

This is a truth-to-power moment!

Hey, just me from the bleacher seats.







Postscript: Anyone know if Ligons is still driving around on a thirty-year suspended license? Then this: How about her 18 June 2014 “tox screen” report? How about it be made public huh? How about that?

 Debra Lee Davidson’s presentation below is gripping and profound! Davidson is dead on target! BRAVO ZULU (Navyeze for WELL DONE!!)





I just learned that oral arguments in Darren Wesley Huff’s case are to be heard before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on Thursday, 30 January 2014: CASE # 125581 ~ United States v. Darren Wesley Huff. The Courthouse for Darren’s hearing is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Darren’s case is presently and singularly the most important case in United States history (CLICK HERE)!

I’m reaching out in an effort to find an attorney who can intervene and intercede on Darren’s cause. The stakes here are epic in that Darren’s case stands to set precedent giving license to future and fruitful federal “thought crime” arrests and prosecutions (CLICK HERE)




(Note: Why Cincinnati, Ohio?  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th federal district, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is responsible for appellate review of cases emanating out of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. Darren’s federal trial ran from 18 – 25 October 2011 in Knoxville, Tennessee ~ Judge Thomas A. Varlan presiding)

The appellate “REVIEW” is very narrowly restricted as it was explained to me yesterday afternoon. The court will not hear any newly discovered evidence. The court will only consider Darren’s Record of Trial and briefs that were filed afterwards (more about those filings below).

As things stand, the court will not entertain, for instance, former Sergeant of Marines William Looman’s sworn eye-witness account statement attesting to Darren’s physical presence on 20 April 2010. The court will not hear Sgt. Looman’s  first hand, sworn factual statement that Darren was unarmed.

The court will not entertain proof of perjury as it relates to the testimony of 10th Judicial District Attorney Robert Steven Bebb, the perjury of any of Bebb’s subordinates, or the perjury of Mr. Gary Pettway who testified against Darren as a prosecution witness on behalf of Tennessee State and the federal government representing himself under oath as a “juror” and foreman of the Monroe County Tennessee grand jury.

The court will not hear of any of the uncounted attempts to bring the criminal adventures of Tennessee State and federal officials in their conspiracy against Darren to the attention of both state and federal grand juries such as the MADISONVILLE HOAX or the murder of  JIM MILLER. The court will not hear or read about any of the unceasing, relentless and continuing reports to state and federal law enforcement.

The court will not learn of Tennessee State Assistant Attorney General Kyle Hixson’s 20 September 2013 state filing and and statement against self-interest admitting that grand jury foremen in Tennessee State are not jurors! Had this information been disclosed in 2009 or 2010 Navy Veteran Darren Wesley Huff would not be wasting away in a Texarkana, Texas federal prison during this Christmas season! Nor would have Gary Pettway been passed off as a “real juror” back during Darren’s October 2011 federal hearing.

It’s confirmed that Counselor Gerald Gulley is Darren’s attorney of record. So you better believe the court will not hear of any of Gulley’s obstructions injuring Darren’s case or of the criminal conduct of Darren’s trial attorney, G. Scott Green.

I’m told the court will not hear anything about witnesses who were prepared to testify on Darren’s behalf as to the best of their knowledge during trial in Knoxville, TN between 18 – 25 October 2011, and who G. Scott Green turned away.

The court further will not consider any information as far as is known today regarding connections between Darren’s rigged federal trial, the interference’s and involvements of members of William Bryan’s FOGBOW gang, A SPECIAL REPORT ON THE CASE OF DARREN WESLEY HUFF!or about the MADISONVILLE HOAX, or about connections to the Saturday night, 17 July 2010 mob-style murder of JIM MILLER!


The case manager for Darren’s case is Mr. Brian Crutcher. I spoke with a member of Mr. Crutcher’s case management team late yesterday afternoon.

Information I pass out here is preliminary based upon yesterday’s telephone exchange. It’s also the product of Mr. Huff’s plea for help which also came in over the transom just hours ago.

I’m told Gulley filed a brief on Darren’s behalf on 17 May 2012. The federal government filed a response thereafter.

Copies of these filings may be available off of PACER.

I’ve not seen the briefs. Nor do I know anyone who has.

Gerald Gulley’s Knoxville office closed down last Monday afternoon. It won’t reopen until Monday, 6 January 2014 according to the phone message currently playing (865.934.0754). No email address is available.


Editor Sharon Rondeau: editor@thepostemail.com 

The JAG HUNTER: jaghunter1@gmail.com

Either Sharon or I can give vectors after initial contact with first responders.

Here endth the lesson!

Darren Donna's Cafe

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Corrupt Federal Judges and Tennessee Officials Commit Obstruction of Justice, Go Unpunished

Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Sunday, December 29, 2013 @ 12:05 PM In National |


by CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) and Post & Email Editor Sharon Rondeau 

(Dec. 29, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  On Thursday, federal prisoner Darren Wesley Huff informed The Post & Email and others that an appeal in his case has been filed and will be heard on January 30, 2014, at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, OH.

The attorney who will be representing Huff is Gerald Gulley of Knoxville.

Huff was convicted in October 2011 of “transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to cause a civil disorder” after false reports were made to local authorities in Monroe County, TN that he planned to take over the courthouse” on April 20, 2010.

Initially, the trial jury produced a verdict of “not guilty” on one count and was hung on the second count, but Judge Thomas Varlan instructed them to “try again,” after which the jury pronounced Huff guilty on the one count.

An eyewitness, Bill Looman, who spent all of April 20, 2010 with Huff, provided a sworn affidavit affirming that Huff was not armed after he parked and exited his truck in Madisonville, TN.  Looman stated that because would-be observers arriving for the hearing for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III that day were barred from entering the courthouse, he and Huff went to a restaurant across the street to have breakfast. Looman maintained that Huff was not where the government claimed he was in order to effect the alleged “courthouse takeover.”

Looman and other eyewitnesses were not called to Huff’s trial, where Tennessee Tenth Judicial District officials perjured themselves, including Gary Pettway, who had served as grand jury foreman for 28 straight years under Judge Carroll Lee Ross.  Huff’s public defender, H. Scott Green, did not call Fitzpatrick, Looman or any other eyewitness in Huff’s defense even though Fitzpatrick was physically at the courthouse waiting to be called to testify.

Ross had orchestrated Fitzpatrick’s arrest after Fitzpatrick attempted a citizen’s arrest on Pettway on April 1, 2010 for over-serving his term as a juror according to Tennessee state code.  The April 20 hearing was an assignment hearing which Fitzpatrick understood would take only a few minutes.

Following the April 1 incident, Fitzpatrick was indicted by the Monroe County grand jury for having intimidated Gary Pettway, who was identified as “a juror.”  Fitzpatrick was also charged with riot, intimidating a juror, and disrupting a meeting.  In September of this year, the state of Tennessee clarified that the foreman of a Tennessee grand jury is not a juror, but rather, a court-appointed public employee.  However, the foreman routinely votes with the grand jurors as the 13th person, thereby infusing state influence into a process which is expected to be driven by citizens acting as a buffer between government and the people in accordance with the Fifth Amendment.

Tennessee state code requires that 13 randomly-selected individuals comprise a grand jury, not 12 plus a representative of the state’s interests.

Huff was also charged by the Monroe County with intimidating “a juror” for having video-taped the citizen’s arrest carried out by Fitzpatrick.  Now, the state of Tennessee maintains that Pettway was not a juror.

In Monroe County, Huff took a plea of “no contest” to the charges, but a federal case was brought against him based on a faulty FBI affidavit signed by Special Agent Mark Van Balen which stated that Huff and Fitzpatrick were armed and had planned to “take over” the Monroe County courthouse on April 20.  Van Balen cited unnamed “officials” upon whose statements he relied to produce the affidavit, which served as probable cause for Huff’s arrest and jailing by federal authorities.

Over the last two years, Fitzpatrick has gathered sworn and unsworn statements from eyewitnesses which say that no one in Madisonville was armed on April 20, 2010 and that no clashes with law enforcement were observed, despite the heavy presence of local police, FBI and TBI agents, a SWAT team, bomb-sniffing dogs and Tennessee Highway Patrolmen throughout the area.

Some who attended the hearing but were not allowed in to the courtroom reported being audited by the IRS afterward.  This past spring, the IRS admitted to having targeted groups perceived as politically opposed to the regime’s policies.  Within the last several weeks, two men who have voiced their objections to Obamacare and the fallout of insurance policies’ cancellation have reported that they are being audited by the IRS.

The Post & Email attempted to obtain documentation on the massive deployment of law enforcement on April 20, 2010 but was denied on several levels in which the government cited “privacy” concerns.  The Obama regime had promised “the toughest ethics rules and toughest transparency rules of any administration in history.”

Obama has not explained why the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 is a forgery.  On March 17, 2009, Fitzpatrick had filed a criminal complaint of treason against Obama, naming him as a foreign-born domestic enemy.  A criminal investigation has revealed that the image is a forgery, that Obama may be foreign-born and that it is likely that he was not born in Hawaii, as he claims.  According to lead investigator Mike Zullo, the fraudulent image was posted “with the intent to deceive.”

Mainstream media have consistently reported that Huff was pursuing a treason complaint or removal of office against Obama, which was false.  In a taped interview with The Post & Email in 2011, Huff stated, “That is not my issue.”

After Huff’s trial and just before sentencing in May 2012, Varlan was presented with evidence that several government officials’ testimony had been tainted, but that evidence was ignored.  In accordance with the Obama regime’s declaration that Second Amendment supporters are “militia extremists,” U.S. Attorney William C. Killian, an Obama appointee, “commended the verdict and said he hoped it would send a strong message to those who attempt to take the law into their own hands.”

William C. Killian - U.S. Attorney for Tennessee's Eastern District

William C. Killian – U.S. Attorney for Tennessee’s Eastern District

Killian continued, “Under our federal Constitution and statutes Mr. Huff and others like him can talk or write about their anti-government views. They cannot arm themselves and make threats to arrest public officials and takeover government buildings. The core of our democratic system is to allow peaceful protest, but prohibit armed threats to those who serve our government. His conviction is a great achievement by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Theodore and Mackie and several local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Their cooperative efforts resulted in this conviction.”

Since Huff’s conviction, the corruption of public officials in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee has become public:

  • One of the officials named as a criminal by both Huff and Fitzpatrick is District Attorney General R. Steven Bebb, who is reported to under consideration to be removed from his post by the Tennessee General Assembly for professional misconduct and possible criminal behavior after the attorney general failed to find Bebb guilty of crimes.

  • Contrary to the indictments issued against Fitzpatrick and Huff, Pettway has been officially declared by Tennessee Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Justice Division, Kyle Hixson, not to have ever been “a juror.”

  • Judge Carroll Ross is retiring after numerous incidents of misconduct have been exposed by Fitzpatrick, Huff, The Post & Email, and Appellate Judge Thomas M. Tipton, who reversed Ross’s convictions against George Raudenbush on the grounds that Ross denied him his constitutional right to counsel in 2011.

  • The grand juries which have issued indictments against the above defendants and all others over an unknown number of years have been illegally composed of 12 citizens, some of whom were not chosen randomly and served consecutive terms in violation of Tennessee state law.

  • Assistant District Attorney General Paul D. Rush, who prosecuted Fitzpatrick in the case now on appeal, has been cited for ethics violations by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility after Rush specifically identified The Post & Email as lacking in “ethics” and “integrity.”

  • Fitzpatrick’s defense attorney, Van Irion of Knoxville, has just announced that he is running next year for Criminal Court Judge against Amy Armstrong Reedy, who Fitzpatrick named as a criminal for hand-picking jurors for the 2012 term in open court, a fact Irion presented during the appeals hearing for Fitzpatrick on November 20.

Since discovering massive corruption within the Monroe County grand jury in December 2009, Fitzpatrick has attempted to enlist the assistance of the Knoxville FBI, the TBI, local police, sheriff’s department, and district attorney general’s office, but all have proven either corrupt themselves or unwilling to open an investigation.

The McMinn County grand jury is similarly compromised, with a judge-appointed foreman who exerts influence over the 12 grand jurors but denies that he has engaged in obstruction of justice even when he himself is the subject of a criminal complaint.

Fitzpatrick has attempted to bring the exculpatory evidence relating to Huff’s case as well as the corruption of Tenth Judicial District officials to the federal grand juries sitting in Knoxville but has been blocked by Killian, Magistrate H. Bruce Guyton, and Varlan.  Here, Fitzpatrick explains how Guyton was compromised in his actions on Huff’s case and that grand juries at both the state and federal levels have become tools of the government, not of the people.]

Three years ago, I could have walked into a grand jury either at the state level or federal level and talked to some degree about the suspicions we had about the scope and operation of grand juries then, pointing directly at Mr. Pettway and saying “He’s been there for 28 years; there’s something wrong here.  I’m willing to work with you folks in the grand jury to get to the bottom of this.”  And you know what happened.

Almost three years ago, I tried to get in front of the federal grand jury directly.  We knew that that Darren had falsely set up, falsely accused, and falsely arrested.  There were two federal grand juries sitting at that time in Knoxville.  I contacted the jury coordinator, Helen Spears, who sent me a handbook on the federal grand juries.   I sent in a submission on March 16, and I sent a second on April 7.

Jury 1 16 Mar 2011

Jury 2 16 Mar 2011

Jury 1 7 Apr 2011

Jury 2 7 Apr 2011

Jury 1 8 Apr 2011

Jury 2 8 April 2011

These were mailed before I got Guyton’s letter.  These three mailings were blocked.  The 16 March mailing, which was a challenge to the grand juries, was returned unopened three weeks later.  In the meantime, I sent in two more:  the ones from the 7th of April and 8th of April.  Those were not returned; he kept those.

I sent copies of the other mailings to the U.S. attorney and to Richard Lambert, who was the special agent then in charge of the Knoxville FBI.

And the other submission crossed in them mail with his letter back to me saying, “You can’t petition the grand jury directly.  You have to go through me, the judge, the court; or you have to go through the U.S. attorney.  He wrote that in the letter citing the case of New Haven Grand Jury from 1985.

6 April 2011 H.Bruce Guyton ltr

What’s significant is that H. Bruce Guyton – and I didn’t know it at the time; I found out later – was the sitting judge in Darren’s case.  He was making rulings on Darren’s case from the bench.  Later on, I thought Guyton was going to be the trial judge, but it turned out to be Thomas Varlan.  Darren had issues with the court; he was filing submission to the court, and they were all going to H. Bruce Guyton.

Guyton was preventing me from getting information into the grand juries about Darren and which eventually was about Guyton and other people in the federal government to include U.S. Attorney William C. Killian and Richard L. Lambert from the FBI. As time passes, we have learned more about what happened on April 20, 2010, and I’m still collecting information from people who were in Madisonville that day.  It took me a couple of years, frankly.  So we’re still putting together a picture from witnesses as to what happened, but I had enough to start a process for the grand juries to take a look at what was going on in the Tenth Judicial District.  Guyton blocked me from doing that for no reason.  He said, “I’m not going to give you permission; I’m deferring to the U.S. Attorney.”

All these mailings went to Guyton, Lambert and William C. Killian, the U.S. attorney in Knoxville, and they probably just threw all of this information away. Other mailings I sent after that went directly to Killian, and I got nothing back from him.  In fact, the only letter I got from his office said, “Don’t send us anything else; it will be thrown away.”

14 JUNE 2013 WILLIAM C. KILLIAN letter

This has been the attitude of the federal government from day one.  As time has passed, you know how much information we have come into possession of regarding the Madisonville Hoax, who did what, the perjury at Darren’s trial, the revelation here that is just days old that the grand jury foreman is not a juror.  If we had known then what we know now, Darren would not be in a federal prison. One of the ways that we could have known back in the spring of 2011 is if a federal grand jury had picked this up and started asking questions of the people in the local community about “How is it that the law says that a juror can’t be in the jury for more than one term, but the foreman serves multiple terms?”  The grand jury could have started asking questions which the appellate court now has asked in my case since.  And the state has now come in and they’ve been forced into a position where they have to admit that the grand jury foreman is not a juror.

I believe that if Guyton had allowed me to go forward with what we knew then, the grand jury could have discovered this on their own before Darren’s case ever came to trial.  It wouldn’t have taken them long to start calling people into the federal jury room in Knoxville and start putting these people under oath and having people such as Gary Pettway explain under oath how he had been in that job for 28 years in a row.  But that didn’t happen, and the reason it didn’t happen was because of Bruce Guyton’s obstruction and that of the FBI and William C. Killian.

The reason we’re talking about this now is that I just learned that Darren Huff has a hearing on 30 January 2014, and we can’t seem to get any of this information into the court that is hearing the case.  We’re being obstructed in the same way that Bruce Guyton obstructed me almost three years ago.  One of the reasons they want Darren in prison is that they successfully prosecuted him for a “thought crime.”

An article written by Jamie Satterfield three years ago on Friday and updated three years yesterday discusses the rulings that H. Bruce Guyton handed down in the case of Darren Wesley Huff, and they went to whether or not he should be locked up or wear an ankle bracelet. Bruce Guyton is the guy who blocked me from getting in front of a grand jury and talking about the case over which he was presiding.

He didn’t know what I was going to bring to the grand jury, but after follow-on submissions to the U.S attorney, which I made and were not answered, I went to the FBI and met with Special Agent Roxane West for three hours.  I met with her, and nothing happened.

If nothing else, it’s important that we get this information out publicly.

Bruce Guyton could have been responsible for Darren’s being released.  There was a federal judge obstructing justice.

We had a lot back in the day, and the juries should have called me in, but they did not.

The Post & Email asked Fitzpatrick if he believes there is anyone else who could be approached with the information he tried to present to the federal grand juries, to which he responded:

Darren Huff has an eyewitness to his whereabouts all day long on April 20, 2010 who was not called to the stand in Darren’s defense.  Darren was set up by his own defense attorney.   I was there to testify on Darren’s behalf.  Nobody who could have squared away this jury would have been able to convict Darren, because he was not physically ever at the place where the FBI said he committed a crime that day.  If all we have is Bill Looman’s sworn statement, then we have all that we need to get Darren released.  We have so much more.

How do we get this in front of a judge for January 30?  That is a question I can’t answer.

In going back over this information, I’ve come up with this other fact that a federal judge, H. Bruce Guyton, obstructed Darren’s getting a fair hearing.  He could have prevented all of this from happening to Darren then.  That’s another dynamic here that the appeals judges need to know about:  that a federal judge has committed a crime.

Darren has been locked up as a political prisoner as we’ve said before.

We have this battery of information; it’s a lot, and it’s powerful.  We can prove that we knew enough back in the day to exonerate Darren and that we were physically obstructed by the FBI, the U.S. attorney’s office, and by a federal judge who was hearing Darren’s case at the time.  That’s pretty big.

We have it in writing that anything I might send to Killian is going to be thrown away.  So I tried to go to a state grand jury here about ten days ago to raise up the issue that way, and I was turned away again.  You remember my telling you about waiting hours to get in and then having McMinn County grand jury foreman Jeff Cunningham be the one who blocked me from getting in when he’s named in the complaint.

It reminds me of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany…it’s the government that I was trained to fight against.  It is the government that all military personnel are trained to fight against.  When they taken an oath to the Constitution, this is the domestic enemy from within.  We’re seeing it firsthand.  I can’t make it any more plain to people that grand juries have been taken over by the government than to demonstrate to them what happened at the federal level which is the letter that says, “You can’t get in here by any means.”  The fact that Bruce Guyton obstructed this and it has never come to the fore to correct the mistake; we’ve tried to get in front of Thomas Varlan to get me in front of a grand jury; Varlan hasn’t cooperated.  And now you see where at the state level, the people are not able to critically think through what it is they’re supposed to be doing.  Frankly, I don’t know that they know what they’re supposed to be doing.  They see a guy like Cunningham and say, “Hey, Jeff, now what?”

That’s the problem we face.  We need juries that we can depend upon to stand up and to take back our government. Look at all of the efforts that have been made to get this information in front of a grand jury, and to have done that would have completely cleared Darren a long time.  It would have blocked Darren from ever being prosecuted in the first place.  This is all being done with purposeful intent.

This information was provided to Scott Green, who did not defend Darren.

The judge who was hearing Darren’s case blocked me from coming in to talk to the grand jury about the case.  Darren could have been exonerated.  It was as if Guyton was preventing Darren from defending himself.

If all we had was Bill Looman’s eyewitness testimony about Darren’s physical presence that day and the fact that Darren was not armed in Madisvonville, TN, that should have been enough.  Nobody who testified that Darren was there that day had to prove that he was there that day.  It was all cops who said that, and they committed perjury.  They also had Gary Pettway come in and commit perjury by representing himself as a “real grand jury foreman juror.”

Darren’s release is just the first of thousands of dominoes which start to fall when you take a look at the larger picture, and the federal government is doing everything it can do to block Darren from proving his innocence.  The people who are involved in the obstruction involves the federal judge who was hearing Darren’s case at the time, who had a conflict of interest in Darren’s case and was ruling on the case after the submissions were sent by me to Guyton, who was involved in this all the way up until Darren’s trial.

Guyton could have let me in.  Why didn’t he?  Killian could have let me in, and he didn’t.  It’s because they need this conviction to stand.

© 2013, The Post & Email. All rights reserved.

Article printed from The Post & Email: http://www.thepostemail.com

URL to article: http://www.thepostemail.com/2013/12/29/corrupt-federal-judges-and-tennessee-officials-commit-obstruction-of-justice-go-unpunished/



Darren’s case is presently and singularly the most important case in United States history (CLICK HERE)!

Read more here…




I am demanding the immediate arrests of actively licensed Tennessee Attorney Jeff Cunningham and Sheriff Joe Guy. Both men are responsible for nurturing and provoking ongoing threats against my life in this community of Athens, Tennessee.

McMinn County Tennessee elected Sheriff



I plan to present myself in your office in the Athens Tennessee Municipal Building, 815 North Jackson Street, this morning at 1030 hours local (EST), Monday, 3 February 2014 to file an oral criminal complaint naming Mr. Jeff Cunningham and others to include McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy as responsible for criminal exploitation, criminal facilitation, and criminal participation in the following anti-military, anti-veteran government criminal enterprises:

  • The “Sovereign Citizen,” domestic terrorist training regimen and campaign targeting military veterans as anti-government actors intent upon the overthrow of government. (CLICK HERE ~ taken from a training program Joe Guy is using since about August 2011 to train his McMinn County Sheriff deputies. It’s one of Sheriff Joe Guy’s deputies who publicly leaked these training materials that are contained on a CD in my possession. Scroll down to view, in particular, slides #28 and #29). 

  • The MADISONVILLE HOAX (CLICK HERE). The MADISONVILLE HOAX is an ongoing government manufactured domestic terrorist event maliciously naming myself and others as  “EXTREME MILITIAMEN(CLICK HERE),” “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS (CLICK HERE),” anti-government subversives, anarchists, potential murderers and kidnappers, who are, in part, racially motivated black separatists.



These outrageous campaigns came into existence to defeat and crush military veterans and other concerned citizens discoveries threatening further exposure regarding Tennessee criminal court judges rigging grand juries and trial juries going back scores of years.

These heinous and malicious campaigns have resulted in the first successful “minority report ~ thought crime” prosecution in United States history targeting a Navy veteran, Mr. Darren Wesley Huff, who stood up to and stood expose with other veterans massive government corruption. CLICK HERE!

Mr. Jim Miller was in possession of this information in July 2010 and it got him killed in a government backed gang style hit. 

I’ve been expecting the same fate ever since. 

 Assistant U.S. Attorney for East Tennessee U.S. Attorney Luke A. McLaurin  presentation in open court this past Thursday only confirms my expectation. Mclaurin’s boss is WILLIAM C. KILLIAN (LINK).

Killian’s continued onslaught naming veterans just as myself who are standing up against massive government corruption is best evidence.

I’ll explain more later today.

Here I invite as many witnesses as choose to do so to attend my meeting with you and record my report as their time and interest allow. This may require the use of one of the large conference rooms available in the Municipal Building complex. Heads up.

I will audio record my oral report. Should I be obstructed in recording my report to you or one of your officers, I will leave. If witnesses who choose to show up are turned away I will leave.

I take these actions for my own protection.

My oral report tomorrow extends the life of every other criminal complaint I’ve filed over these past few years regarding the same criminal enterprises.

I will write and file a follow up criminal complaint based upon the audio recording from tomorrow’s meeting.

Last Thursday morning, Thursday, 30 January 2014, during oral arguments in the case of U.S. v. Darren Wesley Huff held in the federal 6th Circuit Appellate Courtroom in Cincinnati  Ohio, Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke A. McLaurin named me, FOR THE FIRST TIME, as an active plotting participant and leader in what continues to be described as a planned courthouse takeover and take down using bombs and guns in a local Tennessee community: MADISONVILLE, Tennessee. 

McLaurin’s words are heard at the end of this hot link recording that runs approximately 40-minutes: CLICK HERE

For a number of years I’ve attempted to report WILLIAM C. KILLIAN to federal grand juries and Tennessee State grand juries. I’ve attempted to report government corruption to various federal and state law enforcement officials and agencies and report that WILLIAM C. KILLIAN (LINK) is one of the main players and perpetrators behind The MADISONVILLE HOAX (CLICK HERE)!

McLaurin’s prevarications from Thursday are Killian’s mendacities repeated going back years.

I am able to report for these many years connections between local Tennessee law enforcement officials and McLaurin under Killian as criminal conspirators who continue to falsely and maliciously accuse me in the present day of planning and attempting a violent domestic terrorist attack against government personnel and property. 

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy has trained his deputies to this effect since 2011. 

McLaurin’s and Killian’s ongoing false pronouncements go to the heart of the government’s manufactured domestic terrorist hoax. 

Their original lies were progeny to the MADISONVILLE HOAX! 

Their depredations and lies spawned the “Sovereign Citizen,” domestic terrorist  campaign targeting military veterans as anti-government anarchists actors intent upon the overthrow of government (CLICK HERE).

Killian has personally and expressly denied me permission to report the results of my investigation into the background and execution of the MADISONVILLE HOAX to include information I possess going to the murder of Mr. Jim Miller in July 2010. 

Licensed Tennessee Attorney Jeff Cunningham posturing as an illicit “non-juror” grand jury foreman personally blocked me from reporting my information to the McMinn County Grand Jury on five separate occasions in each of the past three years: 20 November 2012, 19 February 2013, 19 March 2013, 17 December 2013 and just two weeks ago on 21 January 2014.

On 21 January 2014 attorney and non-juror grand jury illegal foreman Cunningham unilaterally blocked me from presenting my criminal complaint that included his name.

On Friday, 20 September 2013, Tennessee State Attorney General Robert Cooper declared that Tennessee licensed attorney Jeff Cunningham is not a juror as recognized by Tennessee statutes representing that Cunningham’s participation in any grand jury proceeding is illicit and has been since 2012. 

This past Friday, 31 January 2014 I called to arrange an appointment with internal affairs deputies to make my report. I gave until the close of business Friday to respond. There was no response. I recorded the call. 

After my meeting with you tomorrow I will proceed to the McMinn County Courthouse seeking a protection order against Cunningham.

I plan to make another attempt to present the results of my investigation and allied criminal complaints to the McMinn County Grand Jury during its announced 18 February 2014 Term. Cunningham is announced as the foreman. I request here and now a Athens Tennessee police officer escort to ensure my safety, to ensure Cunningham makes no contact with me and to witness the day’s events.