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Saturday, 11 September 2010

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From Sea To Shining Sea by Ron Ewart

Monday, 16 August 2010

From Sea To Shining Sea

A YouTube Video By Ron Ewart, President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.

© Copyright August 16, 2010 – All Rights Reserved

Several years ago, we wrote an article entitled “From Sea To Shining Sea” that emphasized the positive attributes of America and her people.

Rather than re-publish the article, we decided to set it to a YouTube video. There are so many in America who speak openly about how bad America is, including our president.  They apologize for her and berate her for her mistakes, instead of trumpeting her great accomplishments and what she has given to the rest of the world.     Right at this very moment, our military is ferrying in relief supplies to the people of flood-ravaged Pakistan, this in spite of the vicious and brutal Taliban that kill our troops, which Pakistan tends to shield and provide refuge.  What other nation would do this?  America has freed over a billion people from brutal regimes at great human cost to our men and women in uniform and we provide assistance to the people of nations around the world, in times of natural disaster.  We conquered Japan and Germany in World War II and then set about to rebuild them.   Who else but America would make such an act of restitution?   No, America is not perfect and sometimes we flaunt our greatness in the face of other nations.  Some of us are arrogant and think we are better than others, when in fact, we aren’t better, we just found a better way to live, under the umbrella of freedom, that is if the current gaggle of progressive geese that now occupy Washington DC, don’t destroy her.   In spite of the arrogant among us, America and her people ARE exceptional in all respects and it is high time we started building up America, instead of tearing her down.  It was our intent to reflect on the positive aspects of America in our video.  We hope you find it meaningful and maybe even a little inspirational.   Pass it around if you deem it worthy.

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Ron Ewart