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“…the day is coming when there will be bloody war, like it or not. Those of us who are committed to the concept of human freedom are not willing to give up another inch of liberty to the progressives. And we are committed to getting back the liberties lost in those dark areas of the country where the babbling, blathering bloviation of progressive buffoons holds sway.” LINK

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A salute to the military

In 1949, the American Armed Forces united under the Department of Defense. A day of appreciation for the Armed Forces was also created. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of May.Today being Armed Forces Day, I would like to thank the brave men and women who serve or have served in our military. They have all sacrificed greatly for our freedom and safety.

I know I am not alone in my appreciation. Take some time to thank the military personnel you know. And be sure to visit Operation Komando. It will help you show your appreciation to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can learn more about Armed Forces Day at the DoD’s Website. Read up on the history of Armed Forces Day. Or, view pictures from past celebrations. These extend back to the 1950’s.

I also have a special site for military members and veterans. It will help you understand your military benefits. You can network with other military personnel. There is also a list of companies offering military discounts.

Finally, take a minute to download my beautiful, free desktop wallpapers. I created them especially for Armed Forces Day. They’re a great way to show your patriotism!

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