When two male officers arrived, 51-year-old Lionel Craig Patterson answered the door, armed with a handgun, police said. “As officers were dealing with the male, a female approached the door with a shotgun and ignored officers’ orders to release the weapon. As the female advanced on officers, she continued to point the shotgun at officers in a threatening manner and the two officers fired their service weapons, hitting the female,” the police report said.

An autopsy Friday showed she died of “multiple gunshot wounds,” said Sutter County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Brenda Baker.



This family was just fine living in peace until the Census-taker knocked at their door, was turned away and called police.

Note to Soetoro-Obama’s Census director: Subtract one. Cause: Census murder.

The questions on next week’s form…

The Census pricetag!

CENSUS Protester & fellow Tennessean John Walter writes:

I personalized the letter reprinted below which was first written and crafted by a retired lawyer friend currently lecturing on Constitutional Law.

Most of the questions they ask are an illegal invasion of privacy and done for partisan political reasons (eg, jerrymandering of voting districts, illegal amnesty, etc.). It doesn’t take a lot of smartz to figure out what they are up to.

I hope all of you will personalize your own copy, send it, and pass it along to your directory to help flood DC with a protest over corruption of our Constitution.THE 2 MIN. WARNING HAS SOUNDED AND WE ARE 100 YEARS BEHIND.  ITS TIME TO RING THE LIBERTY BELL AGAIN TO PROTEST CORRUPTION OF OUR CONSTITUTION.


John’s letter:

March 10, 2010


Mr. Robert M. Groves – Director

U. S. Census Bureau

Washington, D. C. 20233-0001

Dear Mr. Groves:

I have received your form notification that I will be receiving the 2010 Census form shortly.  I appreciate your polite request that I fill it out and respond quickly.  I will therefore respond as politely as I can with my criticisms.

First of all, your announced purpose for the Census and how it will be used violates the authority conferred by the United States Constitution.  The authority to conduct a census every ten years was created by the People upon ratifying the Constitution in 1788.  The specific purpose was to provide a count to support the apportionment among the states for authorizing representatives to Congress.  The one other purpose allowed was to support the laying of capitation taxes, in Article 1, Section 9.  There was no other purpose listed, and no other purpose is therefore authorized.

The specific wording is:  “Article 1, § 1, Clause 3: Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States…, according to their respective Numbers… The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

It says “In such manner,” not “for such purposes as they shall by law direct.”

Your list of purposes – “Results from the 2010 Census will be used to help each community gets its fair share of government funds for highways, schools, health facilities and many other programs you and your neighbors need.”

Lord it is hard to remain polite when I see you telling me what I need.  What I need from the federal government is enumerated in Article 1, Section 8.  In every other respect, leave me alone.  Just go away, for God’s sake.  Please.  We did not form this government to take from some of us and hand out to others.

You and your government co-bureaucrats have overstretched your authority in every way imaginable, and it has turned into a tyrannic chaos.  And expensive beyond human comprehension.

Let me tell you what you need.  You need the location for which I am answering.  You need the names and ages of the citizens residing in the identified location.  That is all.

You do not need the names or numbers of aliens.  You do not need the character of the structure, its plumbing, or whether I have an internet connection.  You for sure have no business digging into my finances.  The same goes for all the rest of your questions.

Why are you wasting taxpayer’s money by duplicating mailings and hiring people to go door-to-door for the same purpose? You also need to stop spending my tax dollars on ink and paper, multiplied millions of times, on alien language announcements and services.  If you were interested in serving my pre-American heritage, you blew it anyway – none of your gibberish included French or German instructions.

So – just stick to what the Constitution authorized.  Think of how proud we will all be that you kept your oath to uphold the Constitution.  And how you cut your budget and saved us all that tax money.



John Walter

I’m puttin’ my letter together right now…how’s ’bout you?

A Robert Hefner illustration