The precedent set in U.S. v. Darren Wesley Huff underpins the federal grand jury indictment handed down last week against Mr. Guy Wesley Reffitt (Wylie, Texas) respecting events of 6 January 2021 in DC.



Saturday, 30 May 2020

Robert Mueller’s Federal Bureau of Investigation ran a false flag operation in East Tennessee in 2010 known as “The Madisonville Hoax.” Mueller’s operation targeted veterans and citizens as “Sovereign Citizens” (In the pejorative: Translation Far-right extremists) who were, as peaceful protesters, outraged in the discovery respecting Tennessee’s rigged grand jury system.

Mueller’s operation was a street theatre, staged and manufactured domestic terrorism masquerade.

One result of Mueller’s manufactured domestic terrorism hoax was the set-up, false arrest, false conviction, and unlawful imprisonment of Navy Veteran Darren Huff. Darren served 3 1/2 years in federal prison for having breakfast biscuits and coffee with a group of folks in a local restaurant in Madisonville, Tennessee on Tuesday morning, 20 April 2010.

Mueller’s arrest of Darren Huff was America’s first Minority Report” arrest of Howard Marks,” America’s first thought crime arrest. FBI agents said they knew what Darren was thinking as Mr. Huff drove across the state line between Georgia and Tennessee headed for his breakfast gathering.

Ten days later, FBI officials arrested Mr. Huff stating what they thought Mr. Huff was going to do ten days earlier. An FBI agent stated in a sworn affidavit (.pdf MARK VAN BALEN STATEMENT) Mr. Huff had presented himself at a local courthouse, armed and dangerous, intending to carry out “civil disorder” joined by at least twelve (12) other armed men intent upon the same conduct of “civil disorder.”

The fly in the ointment is that Mueller’s FBI rogue agents made the entire event up. All of it. Mr. Huff never appeared at the courthouse and the 12 other men the FBI recognize are ghosts. They are phantoms!

The FBI affidavit of complaint is perjured (click here).

Mueller’s FBI spokesmen and special agent bragged about the precedent-setting arrest and conviction in 2012.

Earlier today Attorney General Barr stated:

Barr pledged: “To take all action necessary to enforce federal law.”

Bob Mueller’s manufactured domestic terrorism hoax spawned what is part of the federal law Barr promises to enforce.

If for no other cause than to more deeply entrench and fortify an unconstitutional precedent which is of great facility to federal law enforcement. In other words: To make Mueller’s criminal past disappear and transform Mueller’s criminal adventure into what is to be admired as solid law enforcement.

Mueller’s outlawry is well reported to AG Bill Barr. And ignored. Mueller’s rogue criminal past is widely reported for nearly a decade.

The call here is for Mueller’s arrest and prosecution aimed at, among other things, the reversal and overturning of the Darren Huff precedent.

Bill Barr must be legally prevented from advancing The Madisonville Hoax, “Arrest of Howard Marks” filthy legal precedent.

The Madisonville Hoax precedent must be thrown out in total: Not used again! And Bob Mueller must be called to face his criminal consequence.

Here endth the lesson.

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by Patrick Howley








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“At issue is whether or not Blackwood was compromised for in the past having appointed a foreman to the grand jury in Roane County, where Blackwood had presided prior to his formal retirement in 2004. There is no provision in Tennessee state law for a judge to make such an appointment, although the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts has admitted that it is done routinely throughout the state, citing the Rules of Criminal Procedure as justification.”



Q. What are your impressions of how the legal profession has changed in Fayette County during your lifetime (since you were born and raised there)?

 “The legal profession in Fayette County is much more hectic and fast-paced than when I started. The business side of the legal profession plays a more prominent role today.” (link)

J.B. Williams reminds us the for the second consecutive year Tennessee shouts out: “We’re number 1” (click here)

Pat Shannan offers a few examples why…(click here)

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Dear Fellow Journalists (if I may use the term so loosely),

Do you fawn at the feet of what every lying government agent and DoJ prosecutor tells you and accept it as Gospel, or are you just too lazy to pursue the facts of a story?  I am speaking of your deceptive reporting regarding the Fitzpatrick, Huff and the Monroe County grand jury story in recent days.

Years ago, I began to look at the “other side” of a case because I had begun to notice that every big headline and following text told only the government’s side of a story. Consequently, I usually was able to uncover the real stories — some of which were often defined by that dreaded “C” word someone has programmed out of your writer’s vocabulary.

My interviews with the Gordon Kahl family, Randy Weaver and his daughters, David Koresh’s mother and surviving Branch Davidians, OKC bombing experts and survivors, the Montana Freemen, and the 9/11 cover-up (not to mention the many political assassinations and failed attempts over the years) have produced evidence of lying and duplicity on the part of governing officials that would curl your hair. Only your own cognitive dissonance bars you from these truths.

I just spoke with Darren Huff this morning, and he said, “My phone has not rung once,” and he wishes so much that any or all of  your would call that he gave me permission to give you his cell number: 404-952-3166. I will be checking with him later because those  of you who do (or don’t) may give me a fodder paragraph or two for my follow-up story. He tells me that he never said anything at all about taking over the courthouse and the other outlandish remarks attributed to him by the “lying FBI agent.”

Please consider these facts about that report: FBI talks to Huff on Monday night. No arrest is indicative of no threats made. On Tuesday, Tennessee cops of three flavors stop Huff’s pickup on the way into town. His .45 is strapped on his hip and an AK-47 is in the locked metal container in the rear. After some interrogation and friendly exchange of information, HE IS RELEASED WITH HIS WEAPONS TO GO TO THE COURTHOUSE! (Did you hear me? I was yelling.) He was not charged with any crime. Would a reporter with half a brain really think that this guy is a terrorist? Or do you believe that the Tennessee cops are half-brained enough to turn this “maniac” loose to go shoot up their own courthouse?

All this was on April 20th, but it wasn’t until April 30th that Huff was arrested with the trumped-up federal charges.

Why don’t you guys turn the page and behave like real newsmen and women for a change? If you look just a little further, you will find a conspiracy reaching from lil’ ol’ Monroe County, Tenn. all the way to the White House. Will you then not report it because you will be ordered not to?


Pat Shannan




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