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17 March 2011 OBAMA TREASON COMPLAINT (click here)

Thursday 17 March 2011

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

To: The Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee

SUBJECT: Renewed formal criminal complaint naming Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS in commission of the crime of TREASON against the United States of America.

1.     We are arrived at a point in our Nation’s life where Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS threaten the life of our Nation to the point of death. OBAMA and his CRIMINAL COHORTS install an unconstitutional, rival and competing government that replaces our United States Constitution.

2.     Mr. OBAMA’s unconstitutional government is thriving and growing. Under Mr. OBAMA the United States Constitution no longer operates. Mr. OBAMA and his OUTLAW PARTNERS enforce only their own form of unconstitutional, treasonous government.

3.     Proofs and evidences of OBAMA’s TREASON are manifest. Moreover we have Mr. OBAMA’s two-year silent agreement and consent.

4.     Chillingly we find senior military officials, command racketeers, no more obedient to the United States Constitution than Mr. OBAMA.  I point to the ATTAINDER courts-martial of Army Colonel, Doctor Terrence Lakin and Sergeant of Marines Lawrence Gordon Hutchins, III. I point to the militarization of domestic emergency services and civilian police forces.

5.     Law enforcement officials of every stripe are paralyzed in their unwillingness to do their duty. State and Federal judges accept OBAMA’s TREASON and are derelict in the performance of their duties (enclosures below).

6.      I on the other hand refuse to accept the complicity of cowards. I insist and inspire YOU, the Federal Grand Jury, in the exercise of your Great Commission: The Power of Presentment. You are capable of transforming a collective fear and shame darkening this land in to the peaceful exercise of constitutionally recognized law enforcement.

7.     Be mindful and clear on this point, this point alone: We the People—in one aspect or another—are the final arbiters in this matter. We the People hold in our hands the final appeal our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution command.

Here endth the lesson,


Enclosure (1) 02 July 2009 Royce Lamberth Court Order (click here)

Enclosure (2) 01 April2010 Carroll L. Ross Grand Jury Order of Instruction (click here)


The first criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009 (click here)


The Great Commission – The Power of Presentment! (click here)



Tuesday, 15 March 2011

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Do you think it’s treasonous for Obama to continue his ban on drilling
in light of his contempt citation and the growing crisis in the Mideast ?

SOETORO-OBAMA commits an Act of War–TREASON– against the United States of America forcibly resisting the United States Constitution by successfully installing a rival, unconstitutional competing government. (click here).

Precedent: The Whiskey Rebellion (click here)

  • Obama declares war on the states (Arizona for example) (click here).

  • Obama takes a seat as president of the United Nations Security Council (click here).

  • Leftist Judge Rule ObamaGov can force U.S. Citizens to buy its products (Health care bill outcome – click here).

  • Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s attainder court-martial (click here and click here).

  • The North American Union: Every attempt to erase U.S. boundaries and recant U.S. Sovereignty (click here).

J.B. Williams

Friday, 26 March 2010

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…the American patriots already have a “contract with and for America….” It’s called the US Constitution. It provides certain unalienable rights to states and individuals, along with very specific limited enumerated powers to the federal government, which is to exist and perform at the pleasure of the people and the states.


A Robert Hefner illustration

A Robert Hefner illustration

Are Americans Too Stupid to be Free?    (or just too spineless?)

By JB Williams

It was more than sixty years ago when Americans were told to pass along to future generations, the politically correct but otherwise insane notion that we should avoid at all cost the open discussion of politics, religion and money, for fear of offending someone and upsetting the 24/7 cocktail party.

Sixty years later, few in America know anything about their country, their political system, the religion of freedom or the fiscal policies, which are the difference between the most prosperous free nation on earth and national bankruptcy. I know, shocking results, right…

As if only Nostradamus could predict the outcome of such overtly foolish advice, I attempted to raise the right question in a May 2006 column titled Are Americans Too Stupid to Run Their Own Country?

Americans answered that question in the following two election cycles, also warned against in my October 2006 column, When 51-49 becomes 49-51. My hit rate is better than that of Nostradamus at this point. But frankly, I was only predicting the inescapable outcome which every American should have been able to predict.

By November 2008, our nation had indeed become a nation in which the fools outnumbered the well-informed, at least in terms of active voters. Those who know nothing of history have doomed the rest of us to relive it.

End of discussion – the results are in – many Americans are indeed too stupid to remain free.

Thomas Jefferson warned more than 200 years ago, “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”

He was right, and the “New Deal” America of increasing federal dependency has created a society of immoral, unethical, self-centered fools fit only for the designs of ambition. In other words, a nation which could be relied upon to elect corrupt elitists who would one day squander the resources of the wealthiest nation on earth, in the false promise of a “greater communal good,” – in an attempt to vote themselves more gifts from the public trough.

In 2008, over 69 million Americans voted for “hope” without even asking what kinds of “change” a Messiah with a blank résumé had in mind for the once free republic. They gave up their future of freedom in “hopes” of more “free stuff.”

But almost 60 million other Americans voted against a rush into unbridled Marxism under the rule of the Democratic Socialists of America and their two congressional leadership councils, the Congressional Progressive Caucus established in 1991 by Representatives Ron DellumsLane Evans (D-IL), Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Bernie SandersCongressional Black Caucus, formed by card carrying Communist John Conyers in 1971. (D-CA), (I-VT). – And the

Additional House representatives have joined the ranks, including Major Owens (D-NY), Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), David Bonior (D-MI), Bob Filner (D-CA), Barney Frank (D-MA), Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), Jim McDermott (D-WA), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Patsy Mink (D-HI), George Miller (D-CA), Pete Stark (D-CA), John Olver (D-MA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Today, our nation is run by these folks and most Americans are just too stupid to connect the dots. They fail to recognize that communism and socialism are NOT “progressive” ideas. They are “totalitarian” concepts intended to enslave societies, not liberate them.

These are the concepts of people like Karl Marx, not Thomas Jefferson or James Madison and as such they are wholly anti-American and even unconstitutional. Still, 69 million Americans voted these third world thinkers into unbridled power in 2008 and now many are trying to figure out what to do about it.

Almost 60 million voters saw it coming and voted against it. Nearly a year into unbridled Marxist policies later, over 70% of American’s now say they are “angry” with what the federal government is doing to their free republic, 46% identifying themselves as “VERY ANGRY!” – According to Rasmussen Reports

So not every American is too stupid to be free. But are the Americans smart enough to oppose Marxism too spineless to stop it?

They gathered at Tea Parties, Town Halls and 912 events to protest the utter destruction of their nation. They wrote letters, emails and blogged, signing petitions and demanding to be heard. But nobody in DC is listening and they can’t figure out why…

The American people are in charge of their government, but even the angry ones don’t remember how. They think they are limited to their vote, protests, letter writing and petitions that nobody bothers to read.

Seventy years after being told never to discuss politics, religion or money, they find that they know nothing about politics, little about our nation’s religious foundation, or how to manage money or the people who have made a career of mismanaging their money.

Even they angry Americans may be too ill-informed or too spineless to live free in the 21 Century.

For this reason, I remind my fellow Americans that the future of their nation does NOT depend upon what a handful of Marxists in Washington DC do, but rather what millions of patriotic Americans choose to do about it.

I remind you that “all politics are local…” as in, your power exists at the local precinct, and together with other patriotic Americans, we have launched www.NationalPrecinctAlliance.org in order to place that powerful tool back in the hands of the American people, so that they can directly engage in the eleventh hour effort to reclaim control of their country.

I remind you that National Precinct Alliance is only the first of several targeted tangible strategies rolling out of www.FreedomForce.US for the grand purpose of returning America to its rightful place in the world, as the freest most prosperous nation ever known to mankind, and the true beacon of hope for a world under leftist siege.

I remind you as we begin what promises to be a very challenging 2010 assault on all who have placed the United States of America on the brink of disaster, that it is YOU who will determine the outcome of the current battle for freedom raging in the freest land on earth.

I remind you that unlike any other nation on earth, if America ceases to be free, then no nation on earth will be free. If America ceases to be safe and secure, then no nation on earth will be safe or secure.

I write this to remind Americans that the future has always been in our hands, but that more than protests and petitions are required to secure that future now.

I write to tell you that we are in the eleventh hour and that only YOU can save this nation from those who intend its total ruin.

I couldn’t care less who might be offended by this column or any other I write. I am fully aware of the sad reality that not all who call themselves “American” are in fact “American” today, starting with our current resident of the people’s White House. The opinions of those who stand against my country are meaningless to me.

But for all who still love and revere the power of freedom, I call upon you to stand as one, united in the common defense of individual freedom and liberty, and DO something tangible to save freedom for future generations here and abroad.

The future is in your hands, and we have gathered many leaders to help place the tools you need to reclaim your country, back into your hands. Join us in this mission at www.FreedomForce.US and join us TODAY!

Further, I call upon ALL constitutionally conservative writers, TV and radio hosts across this country to either publicly support the unifying efforts of Freedom Force, or begin to identify other solutions you like better. Our nation’s problems are well defined at this stage. You have an obligation to direct your readers towards realistic and viable solutions!

If WE don’t save this nation, nobody will!

JB Williams

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By JB Williams

Someone in the Monroe County Court House has been feeding false information to local news reporters in Monroe County Tennessee, leaving an interested public confused about the current status of the Treason Case filed by Ret. Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III, against President Barack Hussein Obama.

Here are the real facts as they currently exist –

  • Fitzpatrick appeared before a four person grand jury panel on December 1, 2009, not before the full grand jury, which is why there is no mention of the case in grand jury documents at this point.

  • Fitzpatrick was only permitted to present evidence of obstruction against former grand jury foremen Gary Pettway and others. The evidence in the Treason Case against Obama has yet to be presented to the Monroe County grand jury.

  • The Monroe County grand jury ended its term shortly after Fitzpatrick’s appearance before the four person panel, leaving the cases in the hands of a newly convened grand jury for 2010.

  • Unlike the 2009 grand jury, which had a certain potential for conflicts of interest concerning charges against former foreman Pettway, the newly convened jury should be free from such conflicts and freshly aware of their oath.

  • As of today, Fitzpatrick has received no updates on the status of his cases before the Monroe County grand jury.

  • All other related public reports offered by local Monroe County news reporters are false and misleading.

So, the charge of Treason against Obama still stands as filed before the Monroe County grand jury, which has yet to schedule any hearing of evidence on the matter. The charges of obstruction against Pettway and other Monroe County officials also remain pending as of this writing.

The new 2010 Monroe County grand jury is due to convene in January and Fitzpatrick is unclear as to the intentions of the new grand jury concerning his pending charges. At present, it is assumed that the newly seated jury will take up all cases left pending from the previous jury.

But Fitzpatrick is prepared to re-file all charges with the new jury if need be.

Ongoing updates will be posted at Fitzpatrick’s blog, The JAG HUNTER.

Last Chance for Republicans to Save Themselves and a Nation Under Siege: WALK OUT! STAY OUT!

Read the rest…then scroll down!

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Now, here is where the real lesson begins…

The 4th branch is the final wall of defense that stands between a future of freedom and a future of tyranny and slavery. When elected officials fail to keep themselves in check and the Supreme Court fails to step in and uphold the US Constitution as the law of this land, only the people, the 4th branch, can derail the destruction of our free republic.

“The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”—Thomas Jefferson

Today, we find ourselves in the presence of a runaway federal government. All three branches are working in concert towards the total destruction of the free republic. Not even the US Supreme Court, which has the power to reach down and take up the constitutionality of the actions taken by the legislative and executive branches, is willing to do so today.

Read the rest of J.B.’s lesson…

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Open Call to



By JB Williams

It’s official folks, with the Democrats steamrolling over the GOP filibuster intended to stop another TRILLION in wasteful spending yesterday, Republicans in congress have been handed their hat once again.

Do you republicans not know that you are completely irrelevant? Or do you just not have the spine to take a real stand? Democrats are making asses out of all of you!

This is NOT a game! The future of freedom and liberty hang in the balance and most Americans know it! How did you miss it?

Republican congressional votes have NO meaning today. So what, if you are “on-record” voting against the global socialist leap off the leftist cliff? Unless you find a way to derail that speeding locomotive, you will soon burn in a Marxist hell with the rest of us.

When American freedom and liberty are gone and every American is forced into a financial corner where socialism looks better than starvation, it won’t matter who voted against it!

With the loss of the filibuster, Congressional Republicans have only ONE play left to stop the coming train wreck, when Obamunism runs head-on into millions of increasingly angry American patriots in the streets. Only Congressional Republicans can stop that clash!

Congressional Republicans MUST WALK OUT immediately!

You must pack your bags, close your offices, refuse to enter the congressional chambers for one more pretend vote in which the Democrats will hand you your hat once again.

If Republicans want to harness the power of the Tea Party – 912 – and Town Hall patriots across this land, you can do it in three simple steps…

  • Shut down congress by walking out and refusing to return. Can Democrats even call something to a floor vote without a single republican in the chamber? Would they even dare try it?

  • Return home and spend time listening to angry patriots in as many town hall meetings as you can schedule. You will earn your pay at a town hall, whereas attending another congressional vote is worse than a waste of time. It’s counter-productive. Go home and listen, don’t talk!

  • Grow the backbone to walk away from all of your past mistakes, and line up behind the ONLY people who can put you back in power, the American patriots who stand for a constitutional government and against the current steamroller to socialism.

You have only one other option… to keep doing what you’re doing, which amounts to being a big part of the problem, instead of a part of the solution.


GO HOME! – And set up as many town hall meetings in your home districts as you can fit into your schedule. Earn your paycheck by meeting with the people, so that you can once again begin to represent the will of the people. Don’t talk – LISTEN!

Tell Democrats that if they are determined to lead this country into the toilet, they will have to do it all alone without a single republican in the chamber when they do it, one lousy piece of anti-American legislation after another.

Republicans have a very clear choice to make and you had better make it fast! The nation doesn’t need two parties full of leftist losers. Republicans willing to stay in session should be seen not as “RINOs,” but as Democrats… and they will be.

You can take a stand with the 70% of Americans who DO NOT want any form of Cap & Trade, Global Socialized Medicine, a One World Government, the Copenhagen Climate Scam, Amnesty for Illegal’s, or trillion dollar payoffs to leftist organizations and labor unions which only enrich the leftist juggernaut now running roughshod over the nation. Only 25% “strongly approve” of Obamunism as of today… It’s time for you to strike!

Severe situations demand severe action!

We are out of time for any other option. The Tea Party – 912 and Town Hall people will not – I repeat – WILL NOT line up behind Republicans too spineless to put a stop to the hourly destruction of this nation.

Republicans have ONLY one way to regain any form of power, and that is to toss out the politically correct nonsense of the past and line up behind the millions of patriots begging for action across this country!

Republicans either line-up behind the American right in a hurry, or their party is finished, as is this nation.

WALK OUT IMMEDIATELY! – And DO NOT RETURN until you have control of congress next November!

I call upon EVERY Washington DC Republican to walk out NOW!

This is NOT an issue item! This is NOT a circus stunt sideshow. WALK OUT and STAY OUT! Refuse to participate in the rape of this great nation!

If you continue to sit in that chamber and watch the gang rape of this nation, you are NO BETTER than the rapists! GET OUT of that chamber NOW! Let the American people see the rapists clearly!

God help us all if YOU lack the courage to do what must be done to save this nation!

JB Williams

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” – Jefferson