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Here’s Steve McGrew’s attack on Mike Lindell:

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Steve McGrew is a TWITTER chameleon. A TWITTER junkie. McGrew is an indecent degenerate. McGrew’s Youtube attack on Mike Lindell link below.


Contact Mike Lindell at Let him know. Contribute to Mike’s work.

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Lee is a 1960 Naval Academy graduate

Work Experience

Hq U S Customs Service / Customs Law Specialist
1970 – 1985
Commerce Clearing House / Labor Law Reporter
1968 – 1969
Atlantic Research Corporation / Subcontracts Buyer
1968 – 1968
U.S. Maritime Administration / Emergency Planning Specialist
1965 – 1968
U S Navy Dept Area Public Works Office Chesapeake Washington Navy Yard / Management Expert
1964 – 1965
48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (ADC0 Langley AFB Hampton VA
1961 – 1964
American University Washington College of Law
Jurid Doctor, Law, 1968
U S Naval Academy
B.S, Engineering/Military Science, 1960
The Bullis School Silver Spring Md
Calvin Coolidge High School Washington D C

Lee’s public profile

New activities driving my sons to distraction
New interests politics, reading, film, sailing, USNA, College football, go…
New favorite music jazz, classical
New favorite TV shows and movies Charlie Rose, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer,Washington Week,…
New favorite books Anything by: Douglas Adams; J.R.R. Tolkin; Umberto Eco; Eric…
New political views Liberal
New religious views Refiorm Jewish agnostic secular humanist
New home town Washington, D.C. (originally)

At is some of lawyer Lee's eloquence (learned it at lawyer school doncha know).


The only “treason” here is yours and your sick rebubbacan, evangelical “amerikan taliban, “tea-baggers”, and assorted brethren who worship at the altars of the limbaughs, becks, malkins, fox spews, etc.

then this…

Y’all are sick ! Hopefully, the next knock on you door will be the Secret Service and the FBI and you will be escorted to a nice quiet rubber room for the rest of your “lives” !

Feel free to say “hi” to Lee (email: