In December 2016, just days after Donald Trump was elected president, [then] Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko awarded Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain separate medals to each “for their significant contributions to the enhancement of relations between Ukraine and the United States.”

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In December 2016  both Graham and McCain were in strident resistance and opposition to President-elect Trump. 

In December 2016 Marie Yovanovitch, [then] Obama appointee, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, fluent in Russian, was an aggressive behind the scenes detractor of President Trump. More about Yovanovitch’s resistance and obstruction is here and elsewhere ubiquitous.

Widely reported since is that “everybody” in the senior U.S. diplomatic corps knew about widespread corruption in Ukrainian senior government. Yovanovitch knew with certainty.

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That’s Yovanovitch standing far-left, next to Senator Amy Klobuchar above. This photo taken during a combat front lines visit to Ukraine also in December 2016 when McCain and Graham received their “awards.”

Yovanovitch took her ambassadorial post to Ukraine in August 2016. Hunter Biden was on the board of directors for the Ukrainian oil concern Burisma in August 2016. Obama officials briefed Yovanovitch about Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian suspect employment while preparing her for a senate confirmation hearing.

Yovanovitch was well briefed that Hunter Biden, before and while employed at Burisma, was a drug addict, discharged from the Navy for cocaine use, a regular of strip bars, and in so many other ways a person of ill repute (more about Hunter Biden here and here).

I add it’s not publicly known how the Navy characterized Hunter Biden’s military discharge. Was it Honorable? General? Other than honorable? Bad conduct discharge? Dishonorable discharge?

Anyone in the military, or who was in the military, will be quick to confirm just how important a persons military discharge papers are while seeking civilian employment. The question regarding one’s military characterization of discharge tops the list for employers considering veterans.

Not reported nearly enough is that McCain was a retired Navy Captain and Graham is a retired Air Force Colonel (both O-6s);  senior U.S. military officers, when they each accepted the Ukrainian medals.

Oh yeah…also both sitting U.S. senators.


On their own authority, and in the positions they held at the time, Senators Klobuchar, McCain and Graham knew of Hunter malignant resume prior to boy Biden’s Ukrainian job and of Biden junior’s miscreant behavior as it was known in December 2016.

Captain McCain and Colonel Graham were certainly in the loop to be advised regarding the details of little Biden’s military separation.

No matter. In December 2016, Yovanovitch was duty bound to repeat what she knew of baby Biden before Captain McCain and Colonel Graham met with Poroshenko to receive their “ restigious” Ukrainian medals.

It’s not a reach for the notion now advanced that Klobuchar, McCain, Graham, Yovanovitch and scores of others were in a position to ask Poroshenko what in the world was Hunter Biden doing on the Burisma board with such a malignant and disreputable background.

It’s certainly appropriate for two senior U.S. military officers to put the question to the Ukraine president, why was junior Biden, a U.S. citizen, doing working in Ukraine having received a less than honorable U.S. military discharge? (Note: I recognize junior Biden may have been granted a honorable discharge in the political landscape we are in, one reason why Navy officials have not made Bidens Navy discharge characterization public. Wouldn’t that be something’?).

Moving on: I do not know what the following words mean:

“for their significant contributions to the enhancement of relations between Ukraine and the United States.”

What did Captain McCain and Colonel Graham DO to earn Poroshenko’s Ukrainian special recognition? Better question: Why did these two senior U.S. military officers ACCEPT the Ukraine medals?

In the military, we subscribe to the belief that words mean things. We narrate the reason awards are made in the written citation. Please indulge the notion that the narrative Poroshenko handed out to McCain and Graham means nothing. (For more on the subject of political double speak I present Mr. George Carlin).

If the reason Poroshenko gave Captain McCain and Colonel Graham medals for not asking questions about Hunter Biden, I would have understood that.

Poroshenko should have said so.  And it sure would have avoided a great deal of recent upset here in the United States.

And should anyone out there know, how was Hunter Biden’s Navy discharge characterized? And who is Hunter Biden working for now?

Here endth the lesson…