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17 March 2011 OBAMA TREASON COMPLAINT (click here)

Thursday 17 March 2011

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

To: The Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee

SUBJECT: Renewed formal criminal complaint naming Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS in commission of the crime of TREASON against the United States of America.

1.     We are arrived at a point in our Nation’s life where Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS threaten the life of our Nation to the point of death. OBAMA and his CRIMINAL COHORTS install an unconstitutional, rival and competing government that replaces our United States Constitution.

2.     Mr. OBAMA’s unconstitutional government is thriving and growing. Under Mr. OBAMA the United States Constitution no longer operates. Mr. OBAMA and his OUTLAW PARTNERS enforce only their own form of unconstitutional, treasonous government.

3.     Proofs and evidences of OBAMA’s TREASON are manifest. Moreover we have Mr. OBAMA’s two-year silent agreement and consent.

4.     Chillingly we find senior military officials, command racketeers, no more obedient to the United States Constitution than Mr. OBAMA.  I point to the ATTAINDER courts-martial of Army Colonel, Doctor Terrence Lakin and Sergeant of Marines Lawrence Gordon Hutchins, III. I point to the militarization of domestic emergency services and civilian police forces.

5.     Law enforcement officials of every stripe are paralyzed in their unwillingness to do their duty. State and Federal judges accept OBAMA’s TREASON and are derelict in the performance of their duties (enclosures below).

6.      I on the other hand refuse to accept the complicity of cowards. I insist and inspire YOU, the Federal Grand Jury, in the exercise of your Great Commission: The Power of Presentment. You are capable of transforming a collective fear and shame darkening this land in to the peaceful exercise of constitutionally recognized law enforcement.

7.     Be mindful and clear on this point, this point alone: We the People—in one aspect or another—are the final arbiters in this matter. We the People hold in our hands the final appeal our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution command.

Here endth the lesson,


Enclosure (1) 02 July 2009 Royce Lamberth Court Order (click here)

Enclosure (2) 01 April2010 Carroll L. Ross Grand Jury Order of Instruction (click here)


The first criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009 (click here)


The Great Commission – The Power of Presentment! (click here)


Hutchins should be released

“I think it is despicable that Sgt. Hutchins is still being held in the brig. This young man did nothing wrong, as far as I am concerned. He was at war. …

“Personally, I smell something rotten and it ain’t in Denmark — it is right here in our own backyard. It is time to release Sgt. Hutchins, return him to his rank and apologize for the wrongdoing done to him in the name of politics in the upper echelon of the Marine Corps.”

Karen Lorimer (In a letter to the editor of the North San Diego County Times)

Oceanside, CA

Timely: Dr. Laurie Roth in yesterday’s Canada Free Press:

Stop treating our troops like terrorists!


For among other reasons because of that pesky autopsy report! (click here)



Army Lieutenant Colonel 30-year JAG defense counsel – junior U.S. senator from Massachusetts SCOTT BROWN – WHY IS SERGEANT OF MARINES LAWRENCE GORDON HUTCHINS, III STILL LOCKED UP?

CONTACT Lt. Colonel – U.S. Senator Scott Brown (click here)

NAVY TJAG – Vice Admiral James W. Houck – One man directly responsible for Marine Sergeant Hutchins ATTAINDER!

Who gives HOUCK the such power as to keep men known innocent imprisoned without a Jury’s permission?

Who gives HOUCK the power to force servitude in the service of government interests?

To Massachusetts Senator JAG Scott Brown: Who takes HOUCK’s power of ATTAINDER away?