Steve McGrew bio: Desperate, washed-up actor” and comedian (who’s not funny), cruise ship comedy circuit (when the ships are sailing), and infrequently, booked for gigs by lower tier comedy clubs (when the ships are tied to the pier). There, bio fixed.

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Two Steve McGrew competing actors: “Mudflap McGrew” above. “Liberal Larry” below in the Youtube video. Work hard to get this chameleon kicked off TWITTER!!

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Steve McGrew: Opportunist and fraud. Posting on multiple TWITTER accounts. Above posting as “Liberal Larry,” attacking his competing character, “Tucker The Trucker,” as a “Rednecked Nuisance” who needs to pipe down just moments after posting as Tucker The Trucker (below).

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Chameleon Steve McGrew posting as conservative “Tucker The Trucker.” McGrew also publishes a podcast (Remasculate) and sells various product to include a comedy album. Complain to TWITTER that this goof fraud is posting on various accounts as a different actors (male and in drag). Shut him off! Shut him down!

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Steve McGrew in drag as in a new personality and competing actor: “QuaranTina.”

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Steve McGrew’s TWITTER burlesque show…