TREASON in Tennessee: Update

Monday, 16 May 2011

Citizens of Tennessee: Help Is On The Way


by Sharon Rondeau (link)

“The group is well-connected nationally with individuals and entities specializing in the areas of law enforcement, voter fraud, prosecuting treason against the U.S. Constitution, restoring the nation’s wealth back to the people who have earned it, and teaching others how to bring about change in order to force public officials to adhere to their oaths of office.

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by Post & Email Managing Editor Sharon Rondeau (link)

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Have the Perpetrators of Jim Miller’s Murder Been Identified?

“HILTON says to his jail audience that Mr. Miller was killed because of what Mr. Miller knew regarding the obscenely corrupt Monroe County government. HILTON reported that Mr. Miller’s specific information about incumbent Sheriff Bill Bivins (taken together with additional information regarding the massive corruption within the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department)—in days prior to the 2010 County Sheriff’s election—was particularly dangerous to local office holders and other Monroe County officials.”

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“At issue is whether or not Blackwood was compromised for in the past having appointed a foreman to the grand jury in Roane County, where Blackwood had presided prior to his formal retirement in 2004. There is no provision in Tennessee state law for a judge to make such an appointment, although the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts has admitted that it is done routinely throughout the state, citing the Rules of Criminal Procedure as justification.”



Q. What are your impressions of how the legal profession has changed in Fayette County during your lifetime (since you were born and raised there)?

 “The legal profession in Fayette County is much more hectic and fast-paced than when I started. The business side of the legal profession plays a more prominent role today.” (link)

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I’m on my way to the FBI office in the Atlanta area to make sure that they are aware of what’s going on here because this needs to be pushed to the federal level for prosecution. These judges need to be arrested. The district attorneys who are doing this need to be arrested, and the court clerk, Martha Cook, needs to be arrested for jury-tampering. They are completely eliminating our Fifth Amendment rights in Tennessee. I am entitled to a fair trial. They took an oath to uphold and defend that very same constitution and the state of Tennessee’s constitution, and they are working in direct defiance of those documents when they do what they’re doing with these juries…

And now they’ve been caught!

Carl’s written report from yesterday:

Just left the office of the FBI after presenting them with all the evidence you provided. The Duty agent, who steadfastly refused to give his name, asked if this information had been given to the TN branch and when I said it had, he said there is no need to duplicate. Gave him a blow by blow of our talk with Jeanne and again, he seemed un concerned as it was in TN. Only when I told him that I am concerned for your safety because they would be coming after you again and you are not the type to go willingly did his ears perk up and he then said “of all the information you gave me, this concerns me the most”.

There is much work to do…


by Sharon Rondeau

If We the People do not have the benefit of an objective grand jury, the rights guaranteed to us by the Fifth Amendment have been taken away.

Full report…

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A William Davis collage

Can you hear their silence?

“U.S. Citizens do not have direct access to any federal Grand Jury!  Our federal Grand Juries are held under the total control of the federal government. Demoted to the status of some kind of federal administrative agency. Called to work at the discretion of a U.S. Attorney…Few options remain to use before Citizens are forced to make operative our last appeal.”



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by Brandon Gee (

“State bar association officials said the revisions weren’t developed in response to any specific abuses in Tennessee, but the rules would address a number of situations that have given rise to questions locally.”

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The way that the government conducted itself on the third of June is every evidence that this government has been operating out of control and they don’t want to get caught in the act.  So the attack is against the grand jury.  We never get to the merits of this case until we get a legitimate grand jury.  You don’t argue the merits.  We’re not there yet. Of course, if we were to argue the merits, then there is no case, and the government knows that.   A trial at this point is a distraction from the real issue, which is the grand jury.  It’s not about the arrest of Gary Pettway; it’s about the grand jury.

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