Thomas Wictor

KRAKEN is a Cyber-warfare military operation. “We are at war!”


Me from the bleacher seats:

President Trump is going to prevail. Biden could very well end up in a federal, possibly a military prison (with friends and family). Biden confessed to his crimes for goodness sakes. Biden is toast:

There are two paths forward:

1) The Congress will decide the presidential contest:


2) The election is voided as a matter of national security:

Both of the above will act in synergy. 

Whatever happens in the U.S. Supreme Court, or in lower courts is of little consequence.

Court rulings will merely influence congressional action. That is, court rulings will supply representatives and senators with information so as to justify rejection of state submissions certifying their process and results. Put another way, the courts will variously rule that the election was rigged and is fatally compromised, requiring the Congress to act on its own.

Meanwhile, there is the military component which will act.
We’ll find out together with how the government machinery is going to proceed and on what timeline.

My suspicion is that military personnel will act before the Congress forcing the Congress to maintain President Trump in the White House. One government component informing the other continuously.
Military authorities could wait, briefing Congress behind the scenes in secret meetings, forcing the Congress to act to persevere President Trump’s win, and afterwards (after 6 January 2021) take national security action against the bad guys.

DOJ, FBI and Homeland Security: Useless: They may weigh in at some point, embarrassed and forced to do their job, but don’t put any money on it. These three federal agencies are completely corrupt and require scuttling after President Trump’s 20 January 2021 inauguration. This will happen.

Blessed and prayerful Thanksgiving.
Pray Psalm 91 often
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