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by Sharon Rondeau (link)

“The complaint did not specifically raise the constitutional eligibility question on which many bloggers and news agencies had begun to report since mid-2008, but rather, named Obama as a “foreign born domestic enemy.”  Fitzpatrick renewed the complaint on March 17 of this year with the new Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney for his district, William C. Killian, who has the ability to place it in front of two federal grand juries sitting in Knoxville, TN.”

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OBAMA’s TREASON: A discussion with Pastor James David Manning (link)



America in extremis!

Government isn’t the solution.

Government is the problem.

It’s up to We the People to act.

Large numbers of people must act for themselves naming OBAMA in commission of the crime of TREASON.

Or a state or federal Grand Jury must exercise it’s Power of Presentment.

Or both.

Here endth the lesson…

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17 March 2011 OBAMA TREASON COMPLAINT (click here)

Thursday 17 March 2011

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

To: The Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee

SUBJECT: Renewed formal criminal complaint naming Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS in commission of the crime of TREASON against the United States of America.

1.     We are arrived at a point in our Nation’s life where Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS threaten the life of our Nation to the point of death. OBAMA and his CRIMINAL COHORTS install an unconstitutional, rival and competing government that replaces our United States Constitution.

2.     Mr. OBAMA’s unconstitutional government is thriving and growing. Under Mr. OBAMA the United States Constitution no longer operates. Mr. OBAMA and his OUTLAW PARTNERS enforce only their own form of unconstitutional, treasonous government.

3.     Proofs and evidences of OBAMA’s TREASON are manifest. Moreover we have Mr. OBAMA’s two-year silent agreement and consent.

4.     Chillingly we find senior military officials, command racketeers, no more obedient to the United States Constitution than Mr. OBAMA.  I point to the ATTAINDER courts-martial of Army Colonel, Doctor Terrence Lakin and Sergeant of Marines Lawrence Gordon Hutchins, III. I point to the militarization of domestic emergency services and civilian police forces.

5.     Law enforcement officials of every stripe are paralyzed in their unwillingness to do their duty. State and Federal judges accept OBAMA’s TREASON and are derelict in the performance of their duties (enclosures below).

6.      I on the other hand refuse to accept the complicity of cowards. I insist and inspire YOU, the Federal Grand Jury, in the exercise of your Great Commission: The Power of Presentment. You are capable of transforming a collective fear and shame darkening this land in to the peaceful exercise of constitutionally recognized law enforcement.

7.     Be mindful and clear on this point, this point alone: We the People—in one aspect or another—are the final arbiters in this matter. We the People hold in our hands the final appeal our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution command.

Here endth the lesson,


Enclosure (1) 02 July 2009 Royce Lamberth Court Order (click here)

Enclosure (2) 01 April2010 Carroll L. Ross Grand Jury Order of Instruction (click here)


The first criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009 (click here)


The Great Commission – The Power of Presentment! (click here)


The Season for Treason (click here)

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Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Federal Grand Juries #1 and #2 sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee

c/o Jury Administrator Helen Spears

800 Market Street; Suite 130

Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

To the Foreman and Jurors:

Accept this as a call to action in the exercise of your Great Commission!

Our Founding Fathers commissioned you as the most powerful law enforcement agency known in human history. In your Great Commission the Founders invest in you the Power of Presentment. Your Power of Presentment and Great Commission authority are reduced to writing in this day still as found in our United States Constitution.

We are arrived at a point in our Nation’s life where the life of that Nation is threatened to the very the point of death. Dictatorial and tyrannical government oppressions are intolerable. Another unconstitutional, rival and competing government is installed and thriving in the place of our United States Constitution.

Our present system of government is unsound and unconstitutional. Our laws are unstable. Government functionaries appropriate your Great Commissioned using the Power Presentment against We the People. We all of us are besieged and betrayed by a terrible affliction. We all of us smell the rotten order in our Country while the judges refuse to sniff their own robes.

Reclaim your appropriated and abused Great Commission. Renew the purpose and design of your Power of Presentment.

Lawlessness begets lawlessness. Your clear and compelling duty is to see to the great work We the People bring to you. Cometh the hour cometh the man!

Born fighting,



Tuesday, 15 March 2011

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Sharon Rondeau Post & Email managing editor radio interview archive (click here)

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Do you think it’s treasonous for Obama to continue his ban on drilling
in light of his contempt citation and the growing crisis in the Mideast ?

SOETORO-OBAMA commits an Act of War–TREASON– against the United States of America forcibly resisting the United States Constitution by successfully installing a rival, unconstitutional competing government. (click here).

Precedent: The Whiskey Rebellion (click here)

  • Obama declares war on the states (Arizona for example) (click here).

  • Obama takes a seat as president of the United Nations Security Council (click here).

  • Leftist Judge Rule ObamaGov can force U.S. Citizens to buy its products (Health care bill outcome – click here).

  • Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s attainder court-martial (click here and click here).

  • The North American Union: Every attempt to erase U.S. boundaries and recant U.S. Sovereignty (click here).

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by Sharon Rondeau – Managing Editor for The Post & Email

“Why have the thousands of treason complaints not been answered?  How many more will it take for our public servants to respond to the allegations?  Does America have the numbers (click here)?”

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“Posing as an impostor president and commander in chief you have stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors—command racketeers—are now free in the exercise of military government intent upon destruction of America’s constitutional government (click here).”

“While the rationale for using the US military domestically had been debated for years, President Barack Obama appears intent on using our military at least until he can create his promised ‘Civilian Security Force’ which he promised would be as big and powerful as the military…(from Jim Kouri – click here)”

“Is this a first step towards Martial Law, or a tie to the InterPol, RAND National Police Force stuff we’ve been hearing about,” asked a Texas patriot… Is this a sort of Homeland Security Politburo (from Judi McLeod – click here)?”

For help on filing you criminal complaint naming government officials in commission of TREASON CLICK HERE!

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“Now Ms. Cook’s comments are profound in that she has been a court clerk for a quarter of a century as an elected official, and she has just admitted that she knows that the judges have been doing this throughout her entire career, and before that, that the judges were doing it when she was an under-clerk.  The authority for it doesn’t exist.” (click here)

Tennessee the 3rd State to introduce United States Patriots Union Nullification ACT

Meanwhile, in Bradley County Tennessee (one of four counties in Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District – Bradley/Polk/McMinn/Monroe) District Attorney General Steve Bebe–joined by several other local government officials argue:

The constitutional protection regarding “LIBERTY” does not extend to one’s “PHYSICAL LIBERTY!” (click here)


Friday, 17 September 2010


Two years of planning, almost a year after launching the exploratory organization Freedom Force USA and a year of carefully vetting our strategies on the ground in real-time, The United States Patriots Union is LIVE TODAY!

Many of you have been with us from the beginning, having pledged financial and other support to the cause for almost a year now. Some of you wondered if we were ever going to go LIVE.

We never hesitated for even a moment in moving forward with tangible strategies over the last two years, moving tens of thousands of patriots into precinct delegate positions across the country, confronting legal matters in numerous high and low profile cases, and vetting all of our strategies for a full scale launch.

We were never focused on the 2010 elections. We have NO faith in a new crop of politicians, no matter which party they belong to. We believe in the American patriot, the American spirit and the power of the PEOPLE!

From day one, we have stayed the proper course. We didn’t ask for money first and then see what to do next. We figured out what to do first, vetted it in real-time on the ground, planned carefully, designed with security and productivity as our primary goal and NOW, we are ready for all patriots to join!

Most people think of our Founding Fathers as extraordinary men because they achieved such extraordinary things. But the truth is most of them were just average men doing extraordinary things. We wouldn’t know any of their names today had they not come together to achieve the creation of the freest most prosperous nation ever known to mankind. Patriots Union hopes to recreate that magical era of greatness, by bringing average American patriots together to do extraordinary things once again, in the re-birth of freedom and liberty in America!


Today, you can JOIN and become a vital part of something real and tangible!


May God continue to bless all of our united efforts!