Courtesy of Robert Hefner

“Muhammad has sent a letter to the judge in his case asking to change his plea to guilty. In the two-page, handwritten letter, Muhammad claims that he is affiliated with al-Qaida.”

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Ah-hem…note to Pulaski County Arkansas Prosecutor Larry Jegley: Better backtrack and make sure your Grand Jury was properly constructed. Heed this warning as seriously as it’s advanced then conduct yourself accordingly!

More follows in days on the subject regarding our government’s discarding of the community Grand Jury. The pending report points directly to Tennessee’s state government abandonment of the grand jury process decades ago.

Make note as well that Muhammad’s attack on American soldiers on American soil constitutes not only an act of TREASON, it constitutes an act of War. The crimes we’re dealing with here transcend murder. And it’s time we force our government to get very serious about TREASON.

Laws not enforced aren’t laws at all.