JAG HUNTER HERE on the Daniel K. Holtzclaw HOAX:


This posting is for those close to Daniel’s case. This report augments the outstanding work of Investigator Brian Bates and Investigative Reporter Michelle Malkin (CRTV – Michael Malkin Investigates (MMI)).

For others coming new to yet another outrage in the nightmare that has become America’s criminal justice system, you are well served to inform yourselves respecting Daniel’s rigged prosecution and unlawful detention.

No one knows the meaning of innocence except those who are. Daniel K. Holtzclaw’s life matters!

I say to you here and now Oklahoma Police Officer Daniel K. Holtzclaw is an innocent man!

It’s time for decent black women to step up, speak out, and condemn the nineteen (19) lying black females falsely accusing Daniel Holtzclaw.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw is the target / victim of yet another government malicious deception. Another government manufactured fairy tale. And Daniel is the target of a seditious, subversive “social justice” and growing black cultural movement.

Oklahoma City Police set Daniel up in a “let’s pretend” hoax to appease blacks threatening riots in the streets.

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw committed no crime.

No evidence exists Daniel committed physical assault by any description, against anybody.

Daniel was wrongly convicted on 10 December2014 of committing serial, physical assaults against thirteen (13) black females. Oklahoma City Police (OCPD) Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory and Lt. Muzny set Daniel up, building a bogus, make-believe criminal case against him.

Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Prater and Gayland Gieger sealed the deal.

Det. Davis opened a criminal investigation against Daniel Holtzclaw taking an unbelievable report from a fifty-seven year old black female grandmother named Jannie Ligons. Ligons lied to Det. Davis saying Daniel had sexually assaulted Ligons at the point of a gun during an early morning traffic stop. The alleged assault and Ligons report both happened on 18 June 2014.

Ligons told Det. Davis Officer Holtzclaw had “stopped her for no reason.” Ligons: “I wasn’t a criminal. I have no record. I didn’t do anything wrong. Ligons exaggerated she was “violated” (sexual assault). Ligons said: Daniel “took advantage.”

Officer Holtzclaw pulled Ligons over observing her erratic vehicle handling. On 18 June 2014 Daniel discovered Ligons’ drivers license had been suspended for thirty (30) years and a hydrocodone bottle in her purse.

Ligons said she feared for her life. Ligons thought Daniel “was going to shoot her.” She continued to tell Det. Davis: “The only thing I could see was my life flashing before my eyes.”

Ligons agreed to a three-part Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) examination. The first part is an interview.

Step two is essentially a “well woman” physical examination which must be performed within one-hundred-twenty (120) hours of an assault. Cotton swabs are used to recover body fluid genetic material. Interview results reveal high interest areas of the body worthy of focused scrutiny. A special light is also used to find areas where to swab. Nail clippings, hair samples and photographs are typically collected.

Completing the evidence kit, blood and urine samples are taken during part three of the SANE exam.

No evidence of physical assault against Jannie Ligons was found.    

Nothing of Jannie Ligons account holds up to independent scrutiny.

Nowadays Ligons brags about her ability to lie: “[Daniel] just picked the wrong lady to stop that night.”

Daniel Holtzclaw’s uniform was seized as evidence on the other side of Det. Davis criminal investigation.

Preliminary test results came back on 13 August 2014, clearing Daniel of involvement with any accuser then existing.

Nothing definitive was found. Not respecting  Ligons; not respecting any of what would become eighteen (18) more lying black female accusers.

Davis believed Ligons based on a gut instinct. Davis was aware, on 18 June 2014, when Davis interview Ligons, one of her colleagues, another OCPD detective, was investigating a report of a police officer’s assault on someone other than Jannie Ligons.

Daniel Holtzclaw was not suspected as the police officer assailant before 18 June 2014.

But once Daniel’s name came up, no other officer in the Oklahoma City Police Department (OCPD), or in any other law enforcement agency was suspect in or around the metropolitan Oklahoma City area.

OCPD Lt. Muzny, Detectives Davis and Gregory, zeroed in on Daniel only. The trio eliminated every other cop on the force from consideration as a possible perpetrator and every other law enforcement tied to Oklahoma City. They aggressively sought to find information incriminating Daniel Holtzclaw only.

Fatally compromising the integrity of their sideways investigation, Muzny, Davis and Gregory, targeting Daniel only, went looking for possible “victims.” During follow-on interviews Davis and Gregory tantalized and impeached potential witnesses leaking choice tale tail tidbits of investigative work product specifically implicating Daniel Holtzclaw.

Davis and Gregory, in their own minds, had determined Daniel was a “psychopath,” and a “really bad guy.”

In her gut lead investigator Kim Davis believed Ligons.

The investigative method used against Daniel was for Muzny, Davis and Gregory to solicit cooperating black females, suggest and obtain their participation as accusers, then call them in one by one to identify Daniel in what was effectively a one man line-up.

Who do you think the invited and coached accusers picked?

No person can survive such outrageous government tactics.

In lead investigator Davis’ “through the looking glass,” Alice in Wonderland world, Daniel was guilty:

‘No, no!’ said the Queen [Davis].

‘Sentence first – verdict afterwards.’

‘Stuff and nonsense!’ said Alice loudly.

‘The idea of having the sentence first!’

‘Hold your tongue!’ said the Queen, turning purple.

‘I won’t!’ said Alice.

‘Off with her head!’ the Queen shouted at the top of her voice.

Nobody moved. (Link)

Davis and Gregory came to rely most heavily on the youngest woman, Adaira Gardner, as their star witness and who was the last of the invited, lying accusers to pledge her allegiance.

The jury wrongly convicted based on a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) match prosecutors asserted connected Officer Holtzclaw to Adaira Gardner, seventeen (17) years on the day Davis and Gregory said Daniel carried out a make believe attack.

Detectives collected genetic material from Daniel’s uniform trousers on June 2014. In November 2014 they asserted DNA test results incriminated Daniel respecting teenager Gardner.

However, no incriminating DNA match was ever made between Officer Holtzclaw and Adaira Gardner.

No incriminating DNA match was ever made between Daniel Holtzclaw and any of his lying black female accusers.

In a frenzied, racially charged Ferguson, Missouri like mob attack on a police officer, twenty (20) people eventually accused Daniel of committing thirty-six (36) purported crimes at seventeen (17) different purported crimes scenes.

All part of a hoax.

There were nineteen (19) lying black female accusers. There was one (1) man who lied.

There are no witnesses.

There is no forensic evidence.

Officer Holtzclaw’s DNA was not found on any of his nineteen (19) lying black female accusers. Officer Holtzclaw’s DNA was not recovered from any of the 17 purported crime scenes.

The DNA sample profile found on Daniel’s uniform is evidence of nothing. It’s meaningless.

Dan E. Krane, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, and professor of Biological Sciences at Wright State University. Professor Krane is also chief executive officer of Forensic Bioinformatics (link).

Michelle Malkin interviewed Dr. Krane for her exposé on the Holtzclaw case: “Daniel in the Den.”

Respecting the DNA found on Daniel’s uniform Dr. Krane said: “The presence of a DNA profile doesn’t tell us anything about the timeframe or the circumstances under which that DNA came to be on the evidence sample.”

Dr. Krane said: “The sky is literally the limit in terms of coming up with a hypothesis about how those other people’s DNA could have come to be associated with that evidence sample” (on Daniel’s uniform trousers).

During Daniel’s trial the state’s forensic expert testified there was nothing suspicious about the DNA profile sample found on Daniel’s uniform pants.

The following narrative illustrates how a criminal investigation involving the use of DNA evidence works. Criminal investigators recover DNA evidence from real victims and real crime scenes. Then use the biological material to go in search of a perpetrator.

In September 1993 the body of a two-year-old toddler, the daughter of a U.S. Army Sergeant stationed in Babenhausen, Germany was found, brutally abused, near a gravel quarry. The child was the victim of sexual assault (link).

Genetic material fluid traces were recovered from the dead girl’s body allowing molecular biologists to isolate DNA of the presumed killer.

A massive blood collection campaign was launched “the biggest [DNA] case in the world in terms of the number of people screened. Over eighteen hundred (1,800) blood samples were collected (link).”

Most of the blood samples were collected from active duty soldiers.

Civil libertarians in the day were aghast. “You had units that were directed to go to the police station. Fingerprints were taken from the soldiers, other information was taken and then they were placed in a position of being asked to cooperate by giving a blood sample (link).”

An attorney warned: “You can see the possibility of law enforcement agents in the United States rounding up a town, marching the citizens to a police station and asking if they’re willing to give a blood sample…[the] specter is horrifying.”

German police and Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID) authorities caught the small child’s murderer through a DNA match to a soldier.

Repeating for emphasis: This is how a criminal investigation involving the use of DNA evidence works. Recover DNA evidence from real victims and real crime scenes; then use the biological material to go in search of a real perpetrator.

Then, only then, can any DNA “match” be achieved. DNA found on a victim or at the scene of a crime is “matched” to the suspect.

There can be no “match” when no genetic material is recovered from the victim or from the crime scene.

However, this is not how OCPD’s Lt. Muzny, Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory used genetic material in the Daniel Holtzclaw investigation.

Davis and Gregory zoomed in on Officer Holtzclaw; a man who by law they were required to presume innocent. They presumed Daniel guilty instead (timeline here).

You can see the possibility of OCPD Detectives Davis and Gregory scouring Oklahoma City, marching citizens to the police station and asking if they’re willing to give a blood sample. The specter is chilling.

An OCPD lieutenant, first name unknown, using Det. Davis’ profile, constructed a catalog of people to interview.

OCPD Lieutenant Munzy then did a search using only Daniel’s name to build a list of only black females with a history of drug addiction and prostitution who Daniel had encountered in the line of duty.

Muzny’s search methodology was upside down and sinisterly prejudiced.

It would have been best for investigators to build a case based upon information from unsolicited sources, rather than proactively data mining.

Muzny, Davis and Gregory were mandated to assume Daniel’s innocence. Operating aggressively as they did, taking from whatever demographic of known victims which made investigative sense, Muzny needed to run a search, using only names of real victims coming from the constructed demographic, checking for any contact with that group of police officers, from any police agency in the area (federal and state), under any circumstance, over a reasonably established time period. Real victims connected to a group of possible assailants.

Then you start looking at the group of potential perpetrators.

Not at the “real” victims.

With this freshly in mind, please carefully consider this “FACTOID: 01” citizen investigator Brian Bates reports: “Accuser Sherry Ellis, a convicted felon prostitute, claimed she was raped by a ‘short, black’ police officer that often patrolled her area. Holtzclaw, at 6’ 2” tall & pale, was convicted in Dec. of 2015 of Ellis’ accusations, despite her description or her attacker & her inability to pick Holtzclaw out as her attacker in the [courtroom].

“In Oct. of 2016, OKC police officer Alexander Edwards was arrested for soliciting prostitution & tipping off a prostitute to a national undercover sting targeting sex trafficking. Officer Edwards is both ‘short’ & ‘black.’

“According to page 3094 of Holtzclaw’s trial transcript, Edwards was on patrol only a few blocks away the night of Ellis’ alleged rape. Ellis was never shown a mugshot lineup containing Holtzclaw’s or Edward’s photos.” (Link)

Davis and Gregory went trolling for and outright created, like Frankenstein monsters, eighteen (18) of the nineteen (19) lying black female victims.

There was a total of twenty (20) accusers.

One of Daniel’s twenty (20) lying accusers was a man who appeared as a “walk-on” after Daniel was no longer on active duty as a policeman.

Nineteen (19) lying black females are left.

Of the nineteen (19) lying black females, only one, Jannie Ligons, came forward unsolicited.

Thus leaving eighteen (18) Frankensteins.

What I describe here is a time-tested lying black female (LBF) syndrome.

In 2006-2007, the last name of a North Carolina county district attorney prosecutor was transformed into a verb.

The disgraced prosecutor, resulting from his criminal adventure in the conduct of the Duke lacrosse team rape case, was disbarred, forced to resign and jailed.

The name of the evil, former elected Durham County North Carolina prosecutor is Michael Byron “Mike” Nifong.

In a case precisely mirroring Daniel Holtzclaw’s dark experience, a black female “escort” and stripper maliciously accused members of the Duke lacrosse team of sexual assault.

The charges were false. Nifong knew it, but proceeded full speed ahead to prosecute innocent college students. Nifong withheld results of exculpatory DNA evidence test results from the defense attorneys.

No physical evidence was produced incriminating the student athletes. (Link) (Another link)

Prosecutors David Prater and Gayland Gieger Nifonged” Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw!

There’s more. Nifong took his cue from a scandal that erupted in 1988, twenty (20) years before Nifong pulled his stunt in 2007.

A lying black fifteen (15) year old female, Tawana Glenda Brawley, ran off from her home, dressed up in costume of torn and burned clothing, used charcoal to write racial slurs on her body, then covered herself with smeared feces before climbing into a trash bag and depositing herself, after four days among the missing, a few feet away from an apartment where she’d once lived.

Brawley played possum.

Tawana Brawley acted as if she were unresponsive and unconscious when found, after intending to deceive first responders and follow-on investigators into believing she’d been abducted.

When Brawley decided to “come around,” the black female teenager declaimed three white men; two police officers and a prosecuting attorney, had raped her repeatedly! (Link)

Medical professionals examined the teenager and assembled a rape kit.

Surprise: Results of follow-on forensic tests came up negative. They were benign. No evidence whatsoever was found respecting sexual assault by any description.

No physical evidence of sexual assault was found.

There were no witnesses.

Brawley’s histrionics were nothing more than a hoax.

Brawley lied.

Physical evidence police did collect eventually betrayed Brawley’s dissembling.

But not before recently disgraced actor Bill Cosby, civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason pledged their support, orchestrated public demonstration rallies marching through the streets condemning the what was to be found out a fake attack reported by a lying black female.

In Daniel Holtzclaw’s case Artists for Justice leaders Candace Liger and Grace Franklin, civil law suit attorney Benjamin Crump and UCLA / COLUMBIA professor Kimberlé Crenshaw take up the subversive, seditionist mantle.

Motives are laid bare and common sense obvious. They are left to serious investigators to sort out.

I point this audience again to the superlative investigative work product of Brian Bates and Michelle Malkin.

 The lesson learned here is from the Duke lacrosse and Tawana Brawley cases is this: When a black female claims to be the victim of sexual assault, and no physical evidence exists to support the accusation, it’s reasonable to suspect the black female is lying.

When confronted with the LBF syndrome, law enforcement officials must tread very carefully.  

Daniel must be released immediately!

I dismiss the need for a new trial. There’s no physical evidence. There’s no biological evidence. No incriminating DNA sample was recovered from the alleged crime scenes or from any of Daniel’s accusers.

Detectives gathered genetic material (DNA samples) from Daniels girlfriend, from Ligons (SANE), and from other accusers to compare to the DNA sample profile found on Daniel’s uniform trousers in June 2014.

Daniel Holtzclaw’s DNA was not found on any of the nineteen (19) lying black females.

No incriminating DNA was found at any of the purported seventeen (17) crime scenes.

No incriminating DNA was connected to any of the thirty-six (36) purported crimes for which Daniel was accused.

No incriminating DNA “match” was ever made in Daniel Holtzclaw’s prosecution.

No incriminating DNA “match” in the Daniel Holtzclaw case exists.

Only after several months of trolling for potential victims did a coached, seventeen (17) year old lying black female “victim,” report to Davis and Gregory accusing Officer Holtzclaw of attacking her on 17 June 2014.

One of the DNA samples Davis and Gregory recovered from the fly of Officer Holtzclaw’s uniform trousers, the pants he was wearing on 17-18 June 2014, turned out being DNA of the seventeen-year-old girl.

The billionth of gram sample DNA sample recovered from Daniel’s trousers identified the female teen and two other individuals, one of whom was male.

Take note: This November 2014 finding differed from the August 2014 genetic material report which indicated only one unknown female in the DNA profile sample.

Daniel’s DNA was not found on the seventeen-year-old or at the scene of the alleged assault.

I say again: No Daniel Ken Holtzclaw DNA was found on the teen girl. No Daniel Holtzclaw DNA was found on any of her belongings, or at the scene of the alleged crime.

It’s not yet publicly reported what of the girl’s clothing or property OCPD police detectives took into their chain of custody and subjected to scientific examination.

The identity two other individuals revealed in the DNA profile sample recovered from Daniel’s uniform remains unknown.

But the DNA profile sample found on Daniel’s clothing is much ado about nothing.

It’s meaningless because: “The presence of a DNA profile doesn’t tell us anything about the timeframe or the circumstances under which that DNA came to be on the evidence sample.”


“The sky is literally the limit in terms of coming up with a hypothesis about how those other people’s DNA could have come to be associated with that evidence sample.”

None of Daniel’s accusers are credible.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater (link), Assistant DA Gayland Gieger, Police Chief William City, OCPD Lt. Muzny, Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory need to suffer the same defenestration, the same professional and criminal consequences as “Mike” Nifong.

Judge Timothy Henderson needs to go too. Allowing this case to be tried in Oklahoma City in the incendiary racial setting was the act of an arrogant, ignorant, incompetent fool. His extrajudicial conduct supports tossing this clown off the bench.

Civil rights attorney Bejamin L. Crump represents many of Daniel’s accusers in a civil law suit against the state. Crump is quoted as saying Daniel’s wrongful conviction represents: “…a statement for 400 years of racism, oppression, and sexual assault of black women.”

WRONG attorney Crump! This is all about nineteen (19) lying black females, some of whom you represent in a LBF syndrome extortion scheme. Nothing more.

A federal civil rights investigation is in order. Independent investigation is in order.

State and federal Grand Jury investigations are in order.

One track of inquiry for Oklahoma State and Federal Grand Juries can be to inspect the timeline sequence of events respecting the discovery of genetic material on Daniel Holtzclaw’s uniform and later identification of Adaira Gardner, the youngest of Daniel’s accusers, who prosecutors deceitfully, perniciously and prejudicially identified as one donor out of three.

Like Mike Nifong, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater and his assistant Gieger abused DNA evidence to Daniel’s destruction.

Spring boarding off the Tawana Brawley case, to drive home the corrosiveness, harmful and injurious effects respecting the nature of Muzny’s, Davis’ and Gregory’s investigation and show how Muzny, Davis, Gregory Prater and Gieger played the hoax, I return to the interaction between the OCPD sex crimes detectives and Adaira Gardner, the seventeen (17) year old final female accuser because it is so powerfully instructive.

Earlier on 17 June 2014, Adaira’s mother, Amanda Gates, called police reporting daughter Adaira for assault and battery against the mother.

Gates further declared her daughter a “missing person.”

While on patrol, Officer Holtzclaw encountered Adaira on the street two (2) times after mother Gates called in her missing person report and criminal complaint.

Daniel’s first stop of daughter Gardner was when Daniel’s attention was randomly called to daughter Gardner who was involved in a “heated public argument” with one other person.

Daniel encountered the same two individuals once more that night, on the street, this time for suspicion of prostitution. Daniel thought Adaira’s companion was her pimp.

Daniel ran a computer check on Amanda Gates to recover mother Gates’ phone number. Daniel called at 23:42 hours (11:42 PM local) to tell mother Gates he’d found daughter Adaira.

Mother Gates hung up on Daniel.

Mother Gates did not press her criminal assault and battery complaint against daughter Adaira.

Three days later, on 20 June 2014, after Daniel had come under suspicion, Lt. Muzny’s constructed and distributed a victim profile wherein Daniel was believed to be the assailant, clearly targeting Daniel. Lt. Muzny vectored Detectives Davis and Gregory to search for black females who Officer Holtzclaw had approached in the line of duty and who had a history of drug addiction and prostitution.

The seventeen (17) year old Adaira Gardner fit Muzny’s profile perfectly.

What a surprise!

One-hundred-six days (106) passed.

On 3 October 2014 police go to mother Gates’ home. They leave a business card.

Mother Gates responds.

Detectives interview mother Gates.

During the interview sex crimes detectives tell mother Gates they think daughter Adaira may be a victim of a sexual assault (rape) by an Oklahoma City police officer.

Detectives reveal to mother Gates the precise date the alleged “rape” occurred.

Mother Gates tells detectives that on 17 June 2014, mother and daughter had had a conversation about a police officer. Adaira told mom she had met a policeman whom Adaira wanted to date.

According to mother Gates, there was no talk of “rape.”

The detectives leave.

This 3 October 2014 interview is audio recorded.

Now what could possibly go wrong from here?

Well…mother Gates contacted daughter Adaira (then located in Detroit, Michigan). Gates communicates to daughter Adaira what information detectives had supplied during their intelligence-briefing visit. Mother Gates sent daughter Gardner an article published on Facebook about other black females who’d come forward naming Daniel Holtzclaw as their assailant.

On 10 October 2014, where by this time Daniel Holtzclaw’s name has achieved criminal celebrity status, had been plastered throughout uncounted news media outlets, and while “Artists for Justice” had publicly tired and convicted Daniel outright, promising Ferguson, Missouri level of violence should anyone disagree with them, Adaira Gardner called Oklahoma City police detectives from Detroit to report Officer Daniel Holtzclaw, by name, raped her on 17 June 2014.

No surprise here.

There was only one guy in the line-up.

Adaira Gardner returned to Oklahoma City on 24 October 2014. OCPD sex crimes detectives interviewed accuser Gardner and took DNA samples.

Detectives delivered Gardner’s DNA sample to the lab on 4 November 2014.

Test results were benign. Harmless.

Where on 13 August 2014 test results from the DNA profile sample recovered from Daniel’s uniform revealed an unidentified female, the November 2014 report indicated Adaira Gardner was a donor along with two other unknown personalities.

The two additional DNA markers found on the pants remain unidentified.

Police made no attempt to find Daniel’s DNA on Gardner’s person, on any of her belongings, or from the purported crime scene.

Consequently police did not find any.

Still, in his closing argument to Daniel’s jury (link), Assistant Prosecutor Gayland Gieger said: “…the important thing about Adaira Gardner is the FACT that DNA from the walls of her vagina was transferred in vaginal fluids onto the outside and the inside—not of his pockets, not of his cuff, not where he sits, but on the exact location [Adaira Gardner] says his penis came in contact.” (My emphasis) (link)

State forensic examiners made no attempt to test any other area of Daniel’s uniform trousers except the fly. Examiners did not test his pockets. They did not check for DNA on the cuffs or the seat.

Then there’s this pesky, irritating detail: According to two news reports Adaira Gardner testified on the witness stand at trial Daniel took daughter Gardner to mother Gates home on the night of 17-18 June 2014 and raped Gardner there. (Link #1) (Link #2)

Gardner identified the same home Officer Holtzclaw called late on 17 June 2014, to speak to mother Gates, mother Gates answered, then abruptly hung up. This makes out mother Gates a potential witness to the purported sexual assault of her daughter and yet, police never questioned Gates respecting daughter Gardner’s version of events.

When sex crimes detectives interviewed mother Gates in early October 2014, Gates said nothing about daughter Gardner returning home with a police officer on the night of 17-18 June 2014.

Police did not search mother Gates’ home.


Paul Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister in Nazi Germany. Goebbels said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”

Goebbels also said: “A lie once told remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

To “Artist for Justice” Grace Franklin and gold digger Crump: Daniel Holtzclaw’s case isn’t about black lives matter.

Rather, it’s about black females lying! Again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And again…

Ya follow?

To the folks in Enid, Oklahoma I gently suggest police and prosecutor’s big lie and the big lies uttered by the nineteen (19) LBFs can be maintained only for such time as the LBFs, Muzny, Davis, Gregory, Prater, Gieger, City and Crump can shield you from the consequences of their lies. Repeating Daniel’s warning: This can happen to you!

And it will should you allow Daniel’s wrongful conviction stand.

Consider yourselves informed.

These government monsters must be despised, defenestrated and deposed!

There’s good news for all of you. From what I hear there’s a guy in the White House who wants to make small-town America great again and eviscerate entrenched, big city, corrupt government flunkies. I think federal officials will be very receptive to what you have to tell them. I should think a federal Grand Jury would lap this up like a kitten in warm milk.

This report was made possible only because of the outstanding investigative work of Brian Bates and Michelle Malkin. 

This work only augments troubling information reported elsewhere. I strongly commend the videos below to assist you in appreciating the larger outrages.

Now, wanna know what I’m waitin’ for? I’m waitin’ for the first decent black woman to step forward to stridently condemn the nineteen (19) LBFs. That’s what I’m waitin’ for. Decent black women have got to be aware of the terrible injury and harm these LBFs bring upon the good and respected black women in America who contribute mightily to making America great.

Oh, do I need to mention the injury and harm these monsters bring upon us all?

This is a truth-to-power moment!

Hey, just me from the bleacher seats.







Postscript: Anyone know if Ligons is still driving around on a thirty-year suspended license? Then this: How about her 18 June 2014 “tox screen” report? How about it be made public huh? How about that?

 Debra Lee Davidson’s presentation below is gripping and profound! Davidson is dead on target! BRAVO ZULU (Navyeze for WELL DONE!!)