UPDATE (1005 hours EDT): Van used by the two suspects is reported stolen out of Clinton, Colorado (click here).

UPDATE (0927 hours EDT): Just spoke with Josh, a photographer at WREG News Channel 3 out of Memphis. Josh tells me Associated Press reports (among others) regarding AK-47s were premature and incorrect.

The two suspects were in possession of a shotgun and pistol.

WREG reporter Scott Noll is traveling en-route to New Vienna, Ohio this morning. Noll intends to report more about the two unidentified men shot dead yesterday afternoon in West Memphis, Arkansas.


“Two men armed with AK-47s ambushed and killed two officers who had stopped them on an Arkansas interstate [40 west]…

“The events started when Evans stopped a minivan with Ohio plates, with Paudert arriving moments later as backup, Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen said. Two men got out of the van with the assault rifles and opened fire on the officers, Shelton said.

“Authorities declined to say why Evans stopped the minivan or what was found inside.

“Traffic stopped as authorities searched vehicles on I-40 looking for the suspects, who were spotted about 90 minutes later in the parking lot of a nearby Walmart, officials said.

“Dozens of officers swarmed the vehicle after a wildlife officer rammed the minivan with his car, and both suspects were shot and killed, authorities said.

“The two suspects haven’t been identified. Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Adler declined to say whether investigators knew anything about the men, but said authorities don’t believe others were involved in the shooting.”




Colonel Brian Prickett, chief deputy with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was quoted below last night in the Wilmington, Ohio News Journal saying:

“The van was registered to the white supremacy church in New Vienna,” Prickett said. “That church has not been open for a long time.”

Wilmington, Ohio News Journal editors scrubbed the report later during the night.

Chief Deputy Prickett’s quote is caught again from the Brown News Service (click here)


Now this morning in a separate report (click here):

Contact Reporter Scott Noll Memphis, TN News Channel 3: scott.noll@wreg.com


From an earlier post…

Courtesy of Robert Hefner

“Muhammad has sent a letter to the judge in his case asking to change his plea to guilty. In the two-page, handwritten letter, Muhammad claims that he is affiliated with al-Qaida.”

Here’s the rest…


Ah-hem…note to Pulaski County Arkansas Prosecutor Larry Jegley: Better backtrack and make sure your Grand Jury was properly constructed. Heed this warning as seriously as it’s advanced then conduct yourself accordingly!

More follows in days on the subject regarding our government’s discarding of the community Grand Jury. The pending report points directly to Tennessee’s state government abandonment of the grand jury process decades ago.

Make note as well that Muhammad’s attack on American soldiers on American soil constitutes not only an act of TREASON, it constitutes an act of War. The crimes we’re dealing with here transcend murder. And it’s time we force our government to get very serious about TREASON.

Laws not enforced aren’t laws at all.