“Let’s pretend for a moment that we’re not all being treated like mentally challenged six-year-olds, and that it’s out on the table that the current POTUS has been blatantly hiding his past from the American electorate. Let’s also pretend that neither the media, nor our judicial system, find it laughably funny when “we the people” insist on knowing the REAL history of the person running America’s economy, military, and domestic/foreign policies.

“Let’s pretend as well, that America is still a republic, ruled by law as filtered through the U.S. Constitution.

“If we pretend all those things, then it makes perfect sense to question Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, and expect our concerns to be treated as legitimate, vitally important issues .

“Unfortunately, in all too many cases, our legal system has been so twisted and perverted over the years, it no longer represents a republic ruled by law, and “we the people” are being treated like dim-witted, unruly six-year-olds, and mocked and ridiculed by the media, pundits, the judicial system, and politicians.”

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Colonel Lakin to be charged with missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer.

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Crisp salutes to Netty Wisbaum and J.B. Williams for their JAG HUNTER submissions.


Indecent and disgraceful use of the Medal of Honor to give a counterfeit appearance of integrity to an otherwise clearly outrageous military disciplinary proceeding finds its historical precursor in the Attainder Court-martial of Navy Captain Charles Butler McVay, III – commanding officer in USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA – 35).

Command racketeers selected Navy Captain Thomas J. Ryan–Medal of Honor recipient–to prosecute Captain McVay as it related to the July 1945 Japanese torpedo attack and sinking of USS INDIANAPOLIS.

A judge has ordered the release of a Guantanamo Bay detainee described in the 9/11 commission report as a significant al-Qaida operative who provided advice to three of the Sept. 11 hijackers.

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REASON # 21: Norman Mattoon Thomas

From The End of the World

Thanks you both Leslie O and Marie Woods.



Investigative Report On

Grand Jury Conduct

Monroe County, Tennessee

February 11, 2010


Contact Mack Ellis: mack@usgrandjury.org

Contact Mac McDougall: mac@usgrandjury.org


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ATTAINDER as U.S. Policy!

The United States has extended authority beyond its shores to track American citizens and assassinate them, in the official word of U.S. Director of National Intelligence, “whether that American is involved in a group that is trying to attack us, (or) whether that American is a threat to other Americans.”

If an American citizen domiciled in another country professes sentiments that help or assist a U.S. designated terrorist organization he will be targeted for assassination despite that American citizen is not involved in a group that is trying to attack the United States.


JAG HUNTER here with a civics lesson: It’s about our Constitution!

It’s about Attainder. Let’s begin right now right here to resurrect and to restore the grand jury to is proper place and prominence in United States government.

See “Steele’s March” in five parts to read what the press refused to print regarding the ATTAINDTER COURTS-MARTIAL of Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Raymond Lee Girouard and his men http://jaghunters.blogspot.com/2008/12/jag-hunter-here-posting-from-sweetwater_18.html

Contact U.S. Grand Jury: http://usgrandjury.org/wordpress2/

Mr. Mack Ellis: mack@usgrandjury.org

Mr. Mac McDougall: mac@usgrandjury.org


Beware the Fury of Patient Men!

The JAG HUNTER https://thejaghunter.wordpress.com

Celebrating 100 years of Scouting – Character counts!

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“This is a military plan that’s designed to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act that traditionally prohibited the US military from operating within the borders of the United States. Not only will American soldiers be deployed at the discretion of whoever is sitting in the Oval Office, but foreign soldiers will also be deployed in American cities,” warns Lt. Steven Rodgers, commander of the Nutley, NJ Police Department’s detective bureau.

“While the rationale for using the US military domestically had been debated for years, President Barack Obama appears intent on using our military at least until he can create his promised ‘Civilian Security Force’ which he said would be as big and powerful as the military,” said political strategist Mike Baker.


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Friday, 1 January 2010

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JOAN SWIRSKY sent this report regarding SOETORO-OBAMA’S aiding and abetting his terrorist friends and our American’s enemies…click here. By the way SOETORO-OBAMA is simultaneously pushing for our NAVY SEALS’ attainder courts-martial!

Five Jihad Terrorist Attacks

Freedomphobe blog points out that there have been at least five Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil In the 8 months since Obama bowed to the Saudi king in London, in April, 2009.

1.  Binghamton, New York — May, 2009 — Taliban chief claims responsibility for N.Y. shooting massacre.

2.  Bronx, New York — May, 2009 — FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane

3.  Little Rock, Arkansas — June, 2009 — Shooting at military recruiting center; 1 dead, 1 wounded; suspect is anti-military Muslim convert

4.  Fort Hood, Texas — November, 2009 — Fort Hood massacre:  gunman linked to al-Qaeda as he awakes from coma.

5.  Detroit, Michigan – December, 2009 — Northwest 253 passengers tell of thwarted Detroit terror attack.


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