A Robert Hefner illustration

Our ‘President’ is either one of the most inept men on earth or using his Office to deliberately mislead any that are so naive as to be blind to truth.

America needs jobs! The highest unemployment rate in 75 years exists and every time a Bill is passed that would correct this situation Obama quickly makes a statement that is deliberately designed to ‘gut’ and positive results. As an example, Congress Passed the Bush Tax Exemption allowing Businesses to feel as if they could resume hiring. Obama wasted no time at all as he reminded everyone, “I will fight to raise taxes on the rich.”

To ensure that there would be no new jobs he immediately ask for Legislation that would rein in the business sector and impose further taxes as well as regulations on the employers!

Now the Unions, a minority in the work force are doing all they can to socialize America. Obama, due to his OWING Unions for their voting shenanigans as well as money contributions to the Left, see Obama cheering them on!

Egypt fell, Libya is falling and the Middle East is on fire. What does Obama do? He says. “I am going to order the DOJ to cease and defense of marriage between homosexuals.”

Sure, that should show the world we mean business and are really on top of International matters!

As Obama does all this he quietly has the ATF overseeing arms sales to Mexican Drug Cartels. He, not so quietly, blasts Arizona for attempting to protect its citizens from the same Drug Cartels he is allowing to be armed! All the while his lackey, Janet Napolitano, a former Governor of Arizona, continues to lie as she says, ” America’s border with Mexico is safer than ever.”

Tell this to the families of dead Border Agents, to the survivors of Mexican death squads, and to the families and friends of Federal Agents killed as they sought to assist Mexico gain some semblance of a Government that can control its citizens with Law!

As all of these things are happening Obama is doing his best to ensure victory to Liberals by appointing men and women to positions of authority to assist him in his endeavors to dismantle the U.S. Constitution and render it meaningless. Listen to the words he spoke in his campaign for Office! He was clear but twisted his words to have them sound flowery. “I intend to change America FUNDAMENTALLY!”

Everyday we see or hear of another atrocious move that is designed to either misdirect our attention from what is actually happening as his ineptness is actually has sneaky way of fooling any that would ever dream of his true intent! Deliver America up to Islam!

America, WAKE UP! He has too many conned!

Conservative Patriot