UPDATE: This morning (5 September 2011 – Labor Day), Mr. Jim Walker, The “ORB” of ORBUSMAX.COM, posted Representative Accornero’s courageous act under the Hope & Change column of ORBUSMAX.COM. Pass the word!

Mr. Walker’s ORBUSMAX.COM is an internationally recognized news source!

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New Hampshire Radio Host Niel Young

interviews Representative Accornero Tuesday morning 6 September 2011 in the 9:00 o’clock a.m.  hour (EDT – 6:00 o’clock a.m. PDT) on Young’s “The Advocates” program.

 You can call in between 9am and 10am (EDT).


CALL-IN numbers: 603-524-6288 or 1 800-830-8469.

You can also send in your comments to nyoung@wezs.com. Listen live online clicking here:  WEZS 1350 AM (Link)

New Hampshire State Representative Harry Accornero (from the 4th District) is the first elected official in America to publicly declare OBAMA in commission of TREASON!

When will the GOP have the COURAGE to call out the RINO’S…NEVER! That’s why we will never get anything of substance done. Why the hell do we keep fighting, when the party we are fighting for does not have the guts to stand up to the very people who take our fund-raising money and then vote against us…..We have an anti-American President who is selling out our country and where is the outrage? The press won’t cover his treason, and the public could care less. There are only a few left that still love America, and fewer still who will stand up and shout about the selling out of our country….In only 2 1/2 years we have seen one man and his administration turn our country into a third world socialist government, what kind of country are we leaving our next generation???? When will the GOP have the…LINK


Harry  Accornero

State Representative

Laconia, NH

A Robert Hefner click on illustration

A JAG HUNTER reader writes:

Dear Friends:

You must hear this.  This is VERY VERY IMPORTANT AND SIGNIFICANT, in my opinion, and has a direct bearing on Obama’s illegitimacy due to the total media propaganda for the last three years that has been trying to convince everyone that Obama is a lawful President, which you and I know he cannot possibly be.

The media conglomerates owned by Rupert Murdock and Saudi Royalty have been involved in an ongoing conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and the legally protected political rights of the American People to be free, and to have a representative form of government, since the election of 2008. 

This is what LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick properly refers to as TREASON. 

Apparently there is a direct link to Saudi Arabia.

This video by my a man whom I consider to be my friend and associate, Reverend Doctor James David Manning, proves in my mind that there are civilian news organizations of the U.S. and foreign countries, and individuals who can be sued under Title 42 and other Rico statutes, that would include both government persons, and ordinary civilians who are working in concert with government, to aid the government in defrauding the American sovereign citizens of their Constitution, constitutionally protected rights, and from their from of representative government, and are also involved in election fraud racketeering.

  • Counselor Devvy Kidd writes:

“Obama/Soetoro’s legal day of reckoning is coming and his downfall could come by his own signature.” (click here)


  • Nancy Battle’s letter to FBI Director Mueller:

Mr. Robert S. Mueller III

Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

J. Edger Hoover Building

Washington, DC  20234-3000

Sir, need I remind you of the FBI MISSION STATEMENT

“Our mission is to protect you, and your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation-from international and domestic terrorists and spies on U.S. soil….”

Given this in your ‘mission statement’, I want to tell you that the most dangerous threats facing our nation is BARACK OBAMA!              

He has posed as our President but in fact he is nothing but a foreign-born, alien, Imposter !


2.1.11 of the Constitution

‘To be eligible for the office of President, a person must be a ‘natural-born citizen’

(Both parents need to have been born on U.S. soil and citizens of the U.S.) His father was born in Kenya and a British subject . Obama has produced a long form birth certificate that was a ‘proven forgery’.  Testimonies and evidence has been produced confirming this, in Jerome Corsi’s book that Obama was also born in Kenya therefore was NEVER ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

I charge Obama with FRAUD as well as TREASON!




(Also see Nancy’s  letter published at The Post & Email – click here)


Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration to “#Tweet the Leaders!”

Dictator Carroll L. Ross during a 28 June 2010 arraignment hearing in the Monroe County Courthouse!

Something wicked this way comes (click here)

Tennessee Judges J. Reed Dixon, Amy Armstrong Reedy, Carroll L. Ross and Jon Kerry Blackwood are criminals.

The crimes of J. Reed Dixon, Amy Armstrong Reedy, Carroll L. Ross and Jon Kerry Blackwood are actionable in Tennessee State only by an independent and lawful Grand Jury.

No independent and lawful Grand Juries exist in Tennessee State.

J. Reed Dixon, Amy Armstrong Reedy, Carroll L. Ross and Jon Kerry Blackwood along with other Tennessee State judges and government officials murdered Tennessee’s Grand Juries decades ago.

I have reason to believe it was K(C)athy Pendleton who told me yesterday no Tennessee law enforcement agencies can on their own authority open even a homicide investigation when the murderer is  suspected to be a Tennessee judge.

Special Agent Pendleton works out of the Chattanooga office of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation – Criminal Investigation Division. Yesterday’s phone conversation is recorded and distributed publicly elsewhere.

Tennessee judges like J. Reed Dixon, Amy Armstrong Reedy, Carroll L. Ross and Jon Kerry Blackwood can commit any crime against you or your family they wish from the bench, and walk away cleanly.

I’ll leave it to the readers’ imagination what else judges can do from the bench in an environment wherein there is no law enforcement to stop the judge or to protect you.

People in my Tennessee community are scared to death!

In our human history we’ve come to describe the state of affairs in Tennessee as a Dictatorship. We’ve identified people like Tennessee State judges as Dictators.



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