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Make no mistake here, or it will be America’s last mistake. The war is with Islam first and foremost. Our ongoing struggle against the illegal invasion from Mexico, the banking cannibalism (eating the depositors wealth), the ongoing communist threat from Washington and the open treason by Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and of course, the Muslim in Chief. It is an eternal slap against veterans, who gave their all to insure victory in defeating communism, and we are once again pitted against the same socialist, communist, one world corrupted, demon inspired legions of people who now are “occupying Washington.” May god forgive us and deliver us from evil—AMEN!


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“…[The rally’s] purpose is twofold: (1) to assemble outside the Georgia state Capitol while a Special Session is in progress, in order to remind the legislative body that ‘we the people’ are watching them, and (2) to provide an opportunity for individuals to sign a Criminal Complaint against Barack Hussein Obama for forgery and treason.”LINK

NEWS ALERT: Navy SEAL JIM O’NEILL sends us this information:

Barack Obama, behind our backs and without his “transparency” as promised, has appointed 3 new members to his White House staff and they are all from…………………. The Muslim Brotherhood.  Contact your Senator or Congressman and ask why this is happening!

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