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In an email Mr. Spencer Rogers writes:

I just called Capt Bomar, the Public Affairs Officer about this.  I told his sergeant that they need to figure out who else was responsible for this equipment and that they need to change their public affairs message ASAP to “We will fix this.  This is wrong.  He will be repaid all of the money.”  I used to be in the Army and when soldiers were evacuated from theater the chain of command by default takes custody of that equipment.  It is called direct responsibility.  You can’t charge a soldier who is not in the same location as his equipment when it is not his fault.  The responsibility to secure that equipment falls on the soldiers around him and the chain of command in charge.  Whoever investigated his equipment loss did a HUGE disservice to him and the United States Army.

Please call these numbers and these emails and tell these guys that they need to fix this ASAP!

Kay Fristad Chief of Public Relations  –  503-584-3917

Capt. Stephen Bomar Public Affairs Officer  – 503-584-3885

Master Sgt. Tom Hovie Visual Information NCO –  503-584-3577

Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy Social Media Manager  –  503-584-3887

Kimberly Lippert Public Affairs Specialist – 503-584-3950

Tech. Sgt. Jeff Thompson Public Affairs Specialist  – 503-584-3885

Staff Sgt. Kevin Hartman Visual Information NCO –  503-584-3577

Sgt. Eric Rutherford Public Affairs Specialist  – 503-584-3807

And sharp salutes to former Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill and Mr. Spencer Rogers