“I COMMITTED TREASON!” Photo credit: Coeur d’Alene Press. Click on the picture for the story.

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Write a criminal complaint in your own words, or use or tailor examples provided on these JAG HUNTER pages.

After writing/typing out your complaint go to a Notary. Try you bank first. They’ll do it for free or minimal cost.

Para-legals working in nearby attorney’s offices are usually Notaries. They might do it for free or minimal cost.

You may know a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is a Notary who’ll do it for free.

UPS stores or the like will have a Notary. It will cost more at one of these commercial outlets.

Sign the complaint in front of a Notary.

Make copies for your records.

Go to your local Post Office. File your complaints by mailing them certified mail, return receipt requested.

File the original with FBI Director Mueller.

The complaint is “filed” once mailed.

File a copy of the complaint with the Federal Grand Jury where you live via the U.S. Attorney. There may be more than one.

The complaint is “filed” once mailed.

Send the filings certified mail, return receipt requested. Should cost you ’bout eleven bucks (’round $5.50 each).

If you can get others to join you, it’s better to do this as group. The larger the better!

If you need more assistance contact The JAG HUNTER at:


If you’re able to “scan” your work, you can send it to me electronically as a .pdf record. I can then post it up at The JAG HUNTER website. Again, if you need help or have more questions send an email or leave a comment.