24 May 2011: Corpus Christi, Texas – Link

“A robot removed the pipe bomb and placed it into a bomb bucket. Police say they will destroy it. Once they do that, they’ll be able to find out if any actual explosive material was inside.”

7 May 2011: Chester, Pennsylvania – Link

24 April 2011: Brownsville, Texas on Resurrection Sunday – Link

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On Resurrection Sunday, near Brownsville, Texas, a grenade-described as an improvised explosive device (IED)-was discovered nearby a state highway (click here).


Today a second IED device was found near Pennsylvania train tracks.

“The bomb was found in Chester, Pennsylvania near Amtrak and Septa train tracks, notes CBS Philly. The bomb was located under the Commodore Barry Bridge. Could the plan have been to try to send a train off the bridge?

“The IED contained two bottles holding a yellow liquid. Wires and a timer were attached to the device. The bomb squad of Delaware County identified the device as having explosive potential.”


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Warning from two-weeks ago:

“Watch now as most assuredly there will follow a rash of reports coming to us variously across America regarding one IED discovery after the next (link).”