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Friday, 1 April 2011

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17 March 2011 OBAMA TREASON COMPLAINT (click here)

Thursday 17 March 2011

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

To: The Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee

SUBJECT: Renewed formal criminal complaint naming Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS in commission of the crime of TREASON against the United States of America.

1.     We are arrived at a point in our Nation’s life where Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS threaten the life of our Nation to the point of death. OBAMA and his CRIMINAL COHORTS install an unconstitutional, rival and competing government that replaces our United States Constitution.

2.     Mr. OBAMA’s unconstitutional government is thriving and growing. Under Mr. OBAMA the United States Constitution no longer operates. Mr. OBAMA and his OUTLAW PARTNERS enforce only their own form of unconstitutional, treasonous government.

3.     Proofs and evidences of OBAMA’s TREASON are manifest. Moreover we have Mr. OBAMA’s two-year silent agreement and consent.

4.     Chillingly we find senior military officials, command racketeers, no more obedient to the United States Constitution than Mr. OBAMA.  I point to the ATTAINDER courts-martial of Army Colonel, Doctor Terrence Lakin and Sergeant of Marines Lawrence Gordon Hutchins, III. I point to the militarization of domestic emergency services and civilian police forces.

5.     Law enforcement officials of every stripe are paralyzed in their unwillingness to do their duty. State and Federal judges accept OBAMA’s TREASON and are derelict in the performance of their duties (enclosures below).

6.      I on the other hand refuse to accept the complicity of cowards. I insist and inspire YOU, the Federal Grand Jury, in the exercise of your Great Commission: The Power of Presentment. You are capable of transforming a collective fear and shame darkening this land in to the peaceful exercise of constitutionally recognized law enforcement.

7.     Be mindful and clear on this point, this point alone: We the People—in one aspect or another—are the final arbiters in this matter. We the People hold in our hands the final appeal our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution command.

Here endth the lesson,


Enclosure (1) 02 July 2009 Royce Lamberth Court Order (click here)

Enclosure (2) 01 April2010 Carroll L. Ross Grand Jury Order of Instruction (click here)


The first criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009 (click here)


The Great Commission – The Power of Presentment! (click here)



Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Post & Email (click here)

Sharon Rondeau Post & Email managing editor radio interview archive (click here)

CLICK HERE to give voice in answer to Dave Weinbaum’s question regarding OBAMA’s TREASON!

Do you think it’s treasonous for Obama to continue his ban on drilling
in light of his contempt citation and the growing crisis in the Mideast ?

SOETORO-OBAMA commits an Act of War–TREASON– against the United States of America forcibly resisting the United States Constitution by successfully installing a rival, unconstitutional competing government. (click here).

Precedent: The Whiskey Rebellion (click here)

  • Obama declares war on the states (Arizona for example) (click here).

  • Obama takes a seat as president of the United Nations Security Council (click here).

  • Leftist Judge Rule ObamaGov can force U.S. Citizens to buy its products (Health care bill outcome – click here).

  • Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s attainder court-martial (click here and click here).

  • The North American Union: Every attempt to erase U.S. boundaries and recant U.S. Sovereignty (click here).

JAG HUNTER here with Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington:

Major General Carla G. Hawley Bowland and Colonel Denise R. Lind are behind a ruling in the Lakin attainder Court-martial handed down last Thursday (2 September).

Bowland and Lind–both staff corps officers–report to us that the United States military doesn’t need a civilian president as commander in chief in the exercise of military force.

Ruling on Motions – LTC Lakin (click here – save to file – then open from your computer)

Boiled down to its essential aspect Hawley-Bowland and  Lind are prepared to act on their own authority to incarcerate Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, if for no other reason, so as not to embarrass the thug, punk criminal occupying the White House.

This represents a counter-argument to the Hawley-Bowland/Lind writing.


Infiltrator Soetoro-Obama’s Treason against the United States Constitution manifests a clear and present danger.

Soetoro-Obama’s armed opposition to the Constitution works at installing a competing, rival and totalitarian regime. Soetoro-Obama’s decapitation of a civilian commander in chief represents a constitutional emergency.

SOBama’s war on the Constitution, his open rebellion against the United States–his Treason threatens our American way of life.

Soetoro-Obama was in residence in the White House only forty-nine days when SOBama issued “palpably” illegal orders deploying 23 U.S. Army military policemen  into the small Alabama town of Samson (click here).

SObama’s Alabama adventure issuing illegal orders actively “pervaded the activities of civilian law enforcement officials” and “subjected [American Citizens] to the exercise of military power that was regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.”

Under SOBama’s orders Army troops forcibly restricted “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

SOBama hourly commits Treasonous acts against the United States enjoying extraordinary success in the destruction of our American way of life.

Last September SOBama the infiltrator assumed the title and duties of the principal officer of a principal “organ” of the United Nations (click here).

In discussions with Marine Sergeant Timothy Joseph Harrington, Tim pointed out that SOBama’s accepting a foreign government position under the United Nations flag perfectly demonstrates an act of TREASON.

A legitimate president of the United States can not during term of office collaterally hold any other government position under the constitution of a foreign sovereign state.

SObama can not be at the same time president of the United Nations Security Council and president as commander in chief of the United States of America.

SOBama’s September 2009 swearing in as president of the U.N. Security Council set an international precedent. SObama proclaimed the United States chief executive and commander in chief can be a citizen of any county. In this act of Treason SObama reduced America (and its armed forces) to state status under the U.N. secretary general and U.N. constitution (its charter).


SOBama and his treasonous partners are subjecting Americans and the United States Constitution to death by a thousand cuts.

SOBama and his treasonous partners are all about the wholesale extermination of United States Sovereignty.

There are military governors in SOBams’s wild bunch–COMMAND RACKETEERS–like Army Major-General Carla G. Hawley-Bowland and Colonel Denise Lind who are no more obedient to the United States Constitution than the Traitor-Infiltrator SOBama.

Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s Defense More Completely Constructed

You must comprehend, as it stands, we citizens of the United States must know SOBama is a Treasonous foreign-born Domestic Enemy.

No one can credibly claim ignorance.

Our silence as an American people–manifested in our impotence to oust SOBama as a treasonous infiltrator–is our agreement before the international community that the United States Constitution is formally abandoned.

In was in the environment of SOBama’s war against the Constitution described above that U.S. Army Doctor Terrence Lakin stood up and spoke out.

Last week Convening Authority Major-General Carla G. Hawley-Bowland and military hearing officer Denise R. Lind acted together in aiding and abetting SOBama in his treasonous war on America.

In ruling upon Colonel Lakin’s defense Lind and Bowland betrayed Doctor Lakin, they betrayed themselves, they betrayed us, they betrayed the Constitution, and they betrayed our Country.

(Ruling on Motions – LTC Lakin (click here – save to file – then open from your computer)

We shall here more completely construct Colonel Lakin’s defense (his defense of America) while exploiting an opportunity to eviscerate the Bowland-Lind’s ruling.

Doctor Lakin challenged SOBama at a point in time when SOBama was a confirmed and self-confessed Traitor.

The magnitude of SoBama’s Treason had become legendary.

Colonel Lakin enjoys the protection of criminal complaints filed by other commissioned officers of the United States armed forces signed under oath  naming SOBama a Traitor.

Military officers holding standing acted against SOBama naming the infiltrator a Traitor before Colonel Lakin acted.

SObama’s silent admission taken together with SOBama’s written confession in Treason protects Colonel Lakin in further naming SOBama an illegitimate commander in chief.

Said differently: SOBama’s near total silence regarding questions going to his legitimate command of the Unites States Armed forces invited, maybe even emboldened Colonel Lakin to act.

It was in any event Colonel Lakin’s duty!

SOBama’s intransigence has certainly emboldened others to do their duty.

It remains a basic military duty, designed in part for the benefit of subordinates, to challenge the authority of superior officers when that authority is in question.

The “superior officer” must be one authorized to give the order; else indeed his command would not be a lawful one. (Winthrop’s Military Law and Precedents, p. 577)

It is of no consequence that Colonel Lakin advances a different theory in charging SOBama criminally than those criminal charges naming SOBama advanced by other commissioned officers.

Timely and uncounted challenges to the constitutional validity of the SOBama’s standing as commander in chief were in place fully a year before Colonel Lakin’s.

Most challenges go unanswered. But one criminal charge of Treason is conceded (unlawful deployment of Army troops into Samson, Alabama – click here).

Many criminal complaints naming SOBama, no matter their status, pre-date Colonel Lakin’s actions.

De facto commander in chief?

Lind’s and Bowland’s assertion that SOBama is a de facto commander in chief is  unsustainable and deadly.

Bowland and Lind report to us that the United States military doesn’t need a civilian president as commander in chief in the exercise of military force!

But for the soldier, sailor or Marine there can be no question, no doubt whatsoever regarding the legitimacy of the commander in chief.

All the duties of his life (the soldier’s) are according to the theory of military obedience, absorbed in that one duty of obeying the command of the officer set over him…” (Winthrop and others p. 571).

Lind and Bowland’s dangerous assertion–trotting out the government position that SOBama may be in fact an illegitimate commander in chief–only works to excite the full fury and focus of military subordinates.

Lind and Bowland dig deeper as they opine it is “impossible” for Lakin’s court-martial assembly to “undertake independent resolution of whether [SOBama]…is qualified under the Constitution” to command American forces.

In fact, resolving SOBama’s Treason stands as Bowland’s and Lind’s first duty.

An “order” is an Executive mandate. (Winthrop, p. 576)

“…All military authority and discipline are derived from one source—the Sovereign, so in our army every superior, in giving a lawful command, acts for and represents the President as the Commander-in-chief and Executive power of the Nation, and the source from which [the senior officers’] appointment and authority proceed. Hence the dignity and significance of a formal military order and hence the gravity of the obligation which it imposes upon the inferior to whom it is addressed.” (Winthrop on page 572)

An illegal order emanating from the president can confer no authority. A command not lawful may be disobeyed, no matter from what source it proceeds. (Winthrop, p.  575)

And with that “there is nothing better settled, as well by the civil and military laws, that neither officers nor soldiers are bound to obey any illegal order of their superior officers, but on the contrary it is their bounden duty to disobey them”…no illegal act can be justified, no matter how high the source from which it emanates, by an order from a superior authority. The soldier is still a citizen, and as such is always amenable to the civil authority. (Winthrop with others, p. 575)

Bowland and Lind admit even they don’t know whether SOBama is legitimate! But they’re going to Court-martial Colonel Lakin anyway.

Huh? How can this be?

Courts-martial are creatures of orders! (Winthrop, pg. 49)

Bowland and Lind don’t know for themselves whether SOBama’s orders are legal in a situation where both officers are duty-bound to KNOW from where their authority flows.

Bowland and Lind treasonously evade their duty by describing the dilemma on the table as a “political” or “policy” question when–in reality–the question regarding the source and nature of orders is supremely military in concept and concern!

No other obligation must be put in competition with obedience to orders; neither parental authority, nor religious scruples, nor personal safety, nor pecuniary advantages from other services. All the duties of his life (the soldier’s) are according to the theory of military obedience, absorbed in that one duty of obeying the command of the officer set over him…” (Winthrop and others p. 571).

Detachable Links

Bowland and Lind’s opinion regarding the chain of command is irreconcilable with that of Colonel Winthrop’s.

Colonel Winthrop clearly and repeatedly asserts the authority of military officers to issue orders and the concomitant duty of military service members to obey such lawful orders depends directly upon whether the president as commander in chief is qualified under the Constitution to command.

Lind and Bowland sail a reverse course by claiming officers subordinate to the commander in chief enjoy an  “independent authority” to issue “lawful” orders.

Lind and Bowland manifest their belief in an “independent authority” to issue “lawful” orders by proceeding independently in the Court-martial of Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin based solely upon their own authority

Ruling on Motions – LTC Lakin (click here – save to file – then open from your computer)

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Weil wasn’t acting on his own authority as he led his military policemen into Samson, Alabama back in March 2009.

Lind and Bowland repeatedly claim in their ruling that they themselves are allowed to issue orders on their own authority “whether or not SOBama is a natural born citizen or is qualified under the Constitution” to command U.S. forces.

Bowland and Lind report to us that the United States military doesn’t need a civilian president as commander in chief in the exercise of military force!

As unsettling as their view regarding the American military’s chain of command Lind and Bowland continue to incite even greater fear.

Lind and Bowman tell us we’re not even allowed to explore the question about SOBama’s outlawry in the face of “an unusual need for unquestioning adherence to a political policy decision already made.”

Lind and Bowland explain that the “potential for embarrassment” to the infiltrator SOBama triumphs over very real concerns and questions regarding the outrageously illicit criminal conduct of Barack Obama and SOBama’s criminal assistants.

Recall that in the late 1930’s and into the early 1940’s officers of the German army embraced “an unusual need for unquestioning adherence to a political policy already made.”

Boiled down to its essential aspect Major General Carla G. Hawley Bowland and Colonel Lind are prepared to act on their own authority to incarcerate Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, if for no other reason, so as not to embarrass the thug, punk criminal occupying the White House

We as an American people must not let Colonel Lakin be led to a military prison.

We, just as much as Doctor Lakin, are duty bound to resolve the question regarding Barack Hussein Obama’s TREASON now before us.

Here endth the lesson!

Source note: Military Law and Precedents: A Martial Law Classic

“Written by William Winthrop (1831 – 1899), Colonel, United States Army, this second edition (1895) is the revision and enlargement of the work. This comprehensive treatise details early military law [and martial law], written and unwritten, and explains the intricacies of the courts martial process. It remains the most important historical reference source for military justice practitioners. It is still frequently cited by military appellate courts. It has been called ‘a masterpiece of painstaking scholarship, brilliant erudition, and lucid prose.”

Colonel Winthrop formally held the position of Judge Advocate General, U.S. Army


Sergeant First Class (E-7) Michael Hubbard clicked out the missive below commenting on Army Doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin’s stance regarding the issuance of unlawful orders.

Responsive to so many questions asking whether active duty troops would take up arms against Americans in the Homeland Sergeant Hubbard’s comment is repeated here for emphasis.

Sergeant First Class Hubbard writes:

“Good Day. I have served in the Armed forces for over 20 years. I’m currently deployed in my 3rd tour. For whatever reason’s I never let my public service or my commitment to duty be affected.

Pvt. Lakin* needs to research his “Army Values” and grow some …[language].”

Translated what this represents is an open declaration by an active duty trooper that there are career soldiers on active duty now who will follow SOETORO-OBAMA’s unlawful orders to take to our streets in the exercise of Martial Law when SOETORO-OBAMA issues those orders again (recall the Samson, Alabama troop deployment).

Sergeant Hubbard is okay with detaining you, or taking away you guns, or shooting you.

Hubbard here pledges his duty to Army “values” and his commitment to continued and aggressive dismemberment of Our Constitution.

Sergeant Hubbard gives his email address as:

Let there be no further question.

A Robert Hefner illustration

(*Note: I don’t know why SFC Hubbard thinks Lt.Col. Lakin is an Army Private)

“…6 out of 10 U.S. Soldiers are “pessimistic” or “uncertain” that Barack Obama is eligible to serve as Commander In Chief of America’s armed forces.”

Read the rest…

Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s defense