JAG HUNTER here with a civics lesson: It’s about our Constitution!

It’s about Attainder. Let’s begin right now right here to resurrect and to restore the grand jury to is proper place and prominence in United States government.

See “Steele’s March” in five parts to read what the press refused to print regarding the ATTAINDTER COURTS-MARTIAL of Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Raymond Lee Girouard and his men http://jaghunters.blogspot.com/2008/12/jag-hunter-here-posting-from-sweetwater_18.html

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Irony is described as the collision of two contradictory or competing truths.

In the collision there is the making out of a new truth—a third truth—that emotes a laugh or a smile either happy or sad.

During the past five weeks there has been such a collision.

In the first truth we find that Tennessee state law commands all jurors be selected in a way that prohibits the possibility of human intervention.

In the second truth there is Judge Carroll L. Ross’ installment a few weeks ago of Mr. Gary D. Pettway as Foreman to the Monroe County Tennessee Grand Jury for a twenty-seventh consecutive year.

In the collision emerged our third truth that Monroe County prosecutors and judges dispensed with the use of grand juries decades ago.

Judges and prosecutors trashed our grand juries in favor manufacturing a dark, secret machine few know about or know how to operate. The state designed and manufactured the machine to take direct action against people the state criminally accuses.

The machine and its operation are necessarily cloaked and hidden in order to keep the machine running smoothing without outside interference. Secrecy further gives cover to government criminals self-absorbed in protecting themselves and government criminal cohorts operating similar machines throughout Tennessee State and throughout America.

Regarding criminal complaints against SOETORO-OBAMA we were being willfully deceived into believing a legitimate grand jury was considering our pleas. Instead it’s been the operation of the state’s secret machine impeding us, confusing and confounding us all along since August 2009.

Pettway and Judge Ross remain at work as chief engineers of the Monroe County machine, Pettway now into his TWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR!

For the moment, in Monroe County Tennessee, this results in an abrupt suspension to efforts to advance charges naming Soetoro-Obama in commission of Treason. Collateral criminal charges are held in suspense as well.

A constitutionally lawful grand jury must be assembled and placed in operation before we can proceed. It’s unknowable at this writing how long the restoration will take.

Relentless outside public pressure is sure to force expedited corrective action. Immediate arrests of Ross and Pettway for instance effectively works as a damage control response to righting our sinking ship of state.

Visiting criminal consequences upon those who have so maliciously perpetrated fraud on our courts will have a bracing effect upon government functionaries everywhere.

Destruction and restoration of the community grand jury is the news of the day. It will be widely covered by commentators and analysts like J.B. Williams in the days ahead. Reporting on “The Third Truth” will command enormous attention.

Defendants Tennessee State officials have locked up for tens of years have a voice sure to be heard soon. Imagine the jailhouse chatter escalate as awareness washes over these people that they’ve been punished without the order or permission of a grand jury.

I wouldn’t want to be a state or federal legislator right now…or a governor or state or district attorney general or an official holding any county office

Note to state and county government budgeteers: Sharpen you pencils!

Messrs. Mack Ellis, Mac McDougall and Tim Harrington are lead investigators from the U.S. Grand Jury organization in possession of evidence that Tennessee criminal grand juries have been done away with altogether statewide. It’s expected these men will expose similar conditions nationwide.

The folks at U.S. Grand Jury will need help in further exposing the criminal business that killed our grand juries. They will need help in resurrecting those grand juries. Contact Mack and Mac and put a shoulder to the wheel.

The first grand jury we need to bring back to life is the one in Monroe County Tennessee.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

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A Robert Hefner illustration


Soetoro-Obama-Dunham (SOD), we’ll just call him “Steve” signed an Executive Order on 12 January 2009. Steve’s newest Executive Order is described here as but one more act of TREASON. Former Air Force Captain Mac McDougall read the unconstitutional directive and then:

“…added a segment from paragraph 2 to a segment from paragraph 4 and amazingly it looks just like the mission statement for an operations order. This is really bad juju.”

(mission) “synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in the United States”


(forces) “U.S. Northern Command commander, the commandant of the Coast Guard, and the chief of the National Guard Bureau.”

Now let’s take a look in pictures at the sorts of activities the federal government wants to “synchronize and integrate” with state governments using “Steve the SOD’s” board of state governors as a transition team bent on complete elimination of your state’s sovereignty. Pay close attention!