In Sgt. Hutchins’ case…About that autopsy report


“A major Iraq War crimes case was upended Wednesday when the military’s highest court dismissed the conviction of a former Camp Pendleton Marine accused of murdering an unarmed man in Hamdaniya, Iraq, in 2006.

“The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces ruled in Hutchins’ favor because a confession obtained by naval investigators in Iraq violated his Fifth Amendment rights, according to the opinion posted on the court’s website.

“Hutchins has been confined for about 6.5 years since he was detained in Iraq in May 2006. He was imprisoned for four years at Fort Leavenworth, until his conviction was dismissed by the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Appeals. The court determined he did not receive a fair trial because a lawyer was improperly excused from his defense.”

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus - GUILTY OF ATTAINDER!


Ray Mabus is a criminal! Ray Mabus is a liar! Mabus must be forced from office just as OBAMA!

The narrative behind the circumstances of the Camp Pendleton Eight is long reported.

NCIS Special Agent James H. Connolly–the special agent in charge of the Camp Pendleton Eight–is a proven liar and accused criminal. Connolly’s investigation into the CP8 is a ghost story. Connolly’s case is a product of his imagination. Connolly and his NCIS buddies made the entire episode up!

Ray Mabus is now criminally complicit!

Mabus’ action to administratively discharge those Marines and Navy personnel still on active duty is just one more outrage defining the scope and operation of the military discipline system.

Worth noting is that the monster terrorists residing in New York City awaiting federal civilian criminal trials enjoy more protection under our Constitution than do the CP8, and every other military man or woman actively defending the Constitution with their lives.

What is it going to take for you–the American people–to stand up to defend our defenders?

As it stands, you don’t deserve their sacrifice

Shame on you! Shame on you all!