“Not in our borders, you don’t. That law has no effect here.”

“We can make our biggest waves in local politics. Our state governments understand the impact of a vocal and irate minority, and they simply need to hear from us.”


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Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire

A Horrible woman…

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna

A Decent Man!



The ongoing knife fight between an indecent and horrible woman–Christine Gregoire–and a decent and honorable man–Rob McKenna–is particularly instructive regarding where the assorted state’s  CIVIL lawsuits are incompetent and defective.

The multi-state civil actions can’t possibly stop the 2,400 page ObamCare legislation the House unconstitutionally passed last Sunday night and that Obama illegally, unconstitutionally signed the next Tuesday. It’s simply not possible for the combined civil complaints to sink the Dreadnought bill. It’s like “throwing spitballs at a battleship.”

These civil actions will take years to move through the courts and burden taxpayers with avoidable costs.

There is a more effective and expeditious alternative

Stay tuned…(click here)

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I lived and worked in Washington State for fourteen years (Bremerton – Silverdale). The JAG HUNTER website launched from Washington State in August 2002.

Jim Walker, the “ORB” of ORBUSMAX.com lives and works near Seattle. ORBUSMAX is the Drudge Report of the Pacific Northwest. Much of what’s posted here at The JAG HUNTER is found first at ORBUSMAX.com. Take for instance this posting. I have and remain deeply grateful and appreciative for the hard work and dedication Jim sacrifices in hosting ORBUSMAX. You see, Jim works another job.

So once again I extend a hearty WELL DONE to JAG HUNTER Shipmate Jim Walker!

Dori Monson is a decent man and the afternoon host on News Talk 97.3 KIRO FM broadcasting out of Seattle, Washington.

In the linked recording you hear Dave Ross interview Gregoire on KIRO’s morning show. Ross is an indecent man. Ross is also a Democrat (NO..that’s not redundant!). In 2004 Ross ran and lost against Representative Dave Reichert in Washington’s 8th District.

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Lest there be any question that the Constitution is no longer operative. Lest you do not understand or accept that the Second American Revolution is escalating. Lest you do not appreciate the lessons American History teaches that the fight for freedom and liberty is one of mortal combat…allow me to show you the face of our enemy (click here).

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The government take over of the health care industry is unconstitutional! It is a pure manifestation of totalitarianism.

Our Congress is a racketeer influenced and criminal institution. We are all watching them break the law in plain view.

The only way to stop these criminal adventures is to effect law enforcement. The first step in holding these criminals and totalitarians criminally accountable is to remove their totalitarian leader OBAMA for TREASON!

Then we go after OBAMA’S criminal assistants.

Effecting criminal accountability is the only way to stop the congressional criminals. The Totalitarians.

And the time remaining to get back to the Constitution slips away like the sand in an hour-glass.

There is no other path forward.

You have to act now. File your personal criminal complaint naming OBAMA in his TREASON, and do it now!

Click here for directions in the filing of the criminal complaint naming OBAMA in his TREASON!

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Robert Hefner writes:

The House, under Nancy Pelosi can adopt the Senate ObamaCare bill in it’s entirety and pass it thereby eliminating a House/Senate compromise vote.  It would then go to O Bama’s desk for signing into law.  Once a law it’s subject to the reconciliation process. However, should the House vote their acceptance of the 2,000 + page Senate monstrosity, reconciliation would be over taken by events as no longer necessary. Pelosi dosen’t have the votes in the House to pass the Senate version. Her power to strong-arm the needed votes is severely weakened as many House Democrats face the mid-term election. Still it’s not dead ’till the zombie-woman sings.

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A Robert Hefner illustration

“Whatever it takes to get health care done,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said of the president’s schedule.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

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