How much TREASON 1

Frank Englund, Naples, Florida

It’s treason!

My wife, Mary, and I are in Hawaii for a vacation celebrating our wedding anniversary. Every day we spend time on Waikiki Beach enjoying the sun, surfers, waves and other visitors from around the world.

We met a lady from Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, and of course she could not wait to tell a couple of Americans her views on the recent presidential election.

She told us if she could have voted she would have voted for President Barack Obama. We asked why.

She then brought up the fact that a Senate candidate from Missouri said that rape is … (put in the words you have read and heard a hundred times).

Then she mentioned another Senate candidate who said about rape … (again, put in the words you have heard and read a hundred times).

So I then asked the lady from Nelson how she heard these remarks? She said it was all over the news on TV and in all the press. That is why she was all in for Obama.

So here is my point, folks. Was she typical of Obama supporters?

The national press and media were all in for Obama’s election. She had never heard any reports on Obama’s lies and cover-ups or his shredding of our Constitution.

I’ll say it again: our national press and media should be tried and convicted of treason to our nation.

‘Tis a sad, sad day when our self-proclaimers of freedom and liberty are in the bag with the Democratic Party and their minions.