Rep. Sestak, D-Penn., who defeated Specter in the primary last week, told Comcast’s Larry Kane in February that the White House had offered him a position in exchange for not challenging Specter. White House senior adviser David Axelrod said on Monday that White House lawyers had looked into it and judged everything “perfectly appropriate.”


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By now, you have that Arlen Specter was defeated in the Pennsylvania primary. (Cheers!) But how did this party switching weasel ever get to be a US Senator?  Read on…..

Arlen Specter rose, overnight, from a Secret Service agent to U.S. Senator.  Ever wonder how a low grade civil service employee accomplished such a feat?  Google Arlen Specter magic bullet and you and you will gain a little insight.  What you may not discover is the fact that Arlen “the Weasel” Specter was part of the Secret Service platoon that was responsible for JFK’s safety that day in Dallas.

He was also part of the cover-up of “what really happened”.  Specter, as part of the Warren Commission, posed the “theory” that “a single bullet” caused all of the non-fatal damage to  Kennedy and to Connally.

This was later supported by ballistics and trajectory experts.

But there is a fly in the ointment.  There were THREE shots fired and the head-shot that killed Kennedy performed much differently than the one that struck Kennedy in the back and travelled in a downward direction to strike Governor Connally.  This poses a couple of necessary questions:  1.) Where did the first bullet go?  and 2.) Why did Kennedy’s head explode while nether his throat wound nor Connally’s wounds in his chest, wrist and thigh suffered anywhere near the damage as Kennedy’s head?  Herein lies the cover-up.

Specter was covering-up for the Secret Service and as a favor to the Kennedy family… the same Kennedy family who helped Specter’s career to meteorically rise.

To make a long story short, Oswald’s first shot missed.  It hit the curb, ricocheted, and struck the inside windshield frame of the presidential limo (this frame later disappeared).  Oswald corrected his aim and fired a second shot which struck Kennedy in the back, exited his throat and continued on it’s downward course to strike Connally.

As this was a full metal jacked military round the wounds incurred were similar to puncture wounds and did little destructive damage to the surrounding flesh (military bullets are not designed to be destructive as are hunting rounds).

Oswald DID NOT fire the third and fatal shot that caused Kennedy’s head to explode, resulting in his immediate death.

The fatal bullet came from a different weapon and was of a different caliber and construction.

The shot was fired from relatively close range from a government issued M-16.

In 1963 there were only TWO government entities issued M-16s…. the US Air Force and the Secret Service.  Soft point (destructive) ammunition was issued to only ONE of these government entities… the Secret Service.

Riding behind the President’s open limo was another limo carrying four Secret Service agents.  ONE was sitting high on the rear deck holding a M-16.  At the sound of the first two gunshots, both limos accelerated to escape the gunfire.

Secret Service Special Agent George Warren Hickey, Jr., sitting on the rear deck with his safety off and finger on the trigger of his government issued M-16, was thrown backwards.

Falling backwards unbalanced Hickey discharged his M-16 rifle striking and killing the President.

How embarrassing!  Embarrassing for the Secret Service and embarrassing for the Kennedy family.

VOILA,  Secret Service Special Agent Arlen Specter gets his wish to become Senator Specter.

Robert Hefner

“The Pennsylvania Democrat had been suffering complications from gallbladder surgery. He died at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va., spokesman Matthew Mazonkey said.”


A Robert Hefner illustration