Mr. William Davis adds a few more puzzle pieces ( Click on Mr. Davis’ collage to read more regarding TREASON in America!

The treasonous, impeachable language for the illegal Obama administration’s ‘action’ in Libya is this statement:

…Libya was thoroughly debated and authorized by the international community…

Clinton, Gates, Obama, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff know they are violating the Constitution of the United States and the War Powers Act of 1973, but they don’t care.

“This betrayal at the highest levels of our government is consistent with the other betrayals we have documented across the board,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “The Executive Branch of the federal government has been caught lying about border security, leaving our borders wide open during a time of war, failing to protect states from invasion as required by the US Constitution, and now providing military grade arms to the invaders. We are calling on the Congress today to use all possible remedies including investigations, prosecutions, impeachments, and possible charges of treason.”


by Sharon Rondeau

We can prove that the court-martial system is completely corrupt and that there is no oversight except from the military.  There’s supposed to be a civilian commander-in-chief, and now we don’t even have that.

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Saturday, 18 September 2010

“Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

-Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Thank you Walter Burien

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by Neil Turner

Recently, in a ruling by Army JAG Judge Denise Lind, our worst fears that a military coup has taken place have been confirmed. In a courts-martial pre-hearing concerning the demands of LTC Terry Lakin that the putative Commander- in-Chief must prove that he is a Constitutionally lawful CINC before anyone obeys any military orders, lest they themselves be charged with obeying an unlawful order, Judge Lind stated that any and all orders now originate with the Pentagon and no longer with the Office of the civilian President and Commander-in-Chief.

This must not be allowed to stand, and the nation must be informed – through the defense that is to be mounted at Lt. Col. Lakin’s courts-martial next month.

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Enough with the Profit and Power Driven Patriots!

By JB Williams

A few months ago, I am on-record predicting that it is not possible to hijack the Tea Party or 912 movements. I was wrong – Both have since been hijacked!

In the U.S. political system and within the Tea Party and 912 movements, there are three fundamental sources of power.

1.       Money

2.       Collective Bargaining

3.       Our Votes

The Money

The power of the people is not limited to their single vote. Much of their power is found in their wallet.

When constitutionally grounded conservatives stopped funding the Republican Party because the party stopped representing their core principles and values, they made the right move. But when they started funding RNC PACs instead, they made a huge mistake.

A lion’s share of the patriot capital has been hijacked by only a few national Tea Party, 912 and Freedom Works groups and in all cases, that money is being funneled back into “RINO” candidates that the people are fed up with.

Even World Net Daily, who has been pimping for Palin and others for months now, was recently forced to write about the Tea Party trend of endorsing only RNC blessed RINOs like John McCain and Carly Fiorina.

Times are tough, but people are still giving money in hopes that someone will save their nation for them. But that money has been hijacked and it is being funneled back into RNC candidates that will NOT change anything in DC, even if elected in November.

Collective Bargaining Power

The people can and must speak as one voice in order to confront the massive Democratic Socialist assault on all things American today. They must unite and fight against overwhelming odds if they are to have any hope of taking their nation and government back from the clutches of evil international socialists currently destroying the land of the free and home of the brave.

Only by working together can they hope to put down the dozens of affronts to individual freedom and liberty, and states’ rights – coming at us faster than we can react today.

But they have been united only in name and in false flag mock efforts that are going nowhere.

Thousands of Tea Party groups across the country have been reduced to financial donors for a couple BIG Tea Party lobby groups, or are operating at odds with and under threat from those groups.

Glenn Beck’s 912 operation lost its 9 principles and 12 values the minute Beck tossed his organization behind Dick Armey’s Freedom Works, which is nothing more than a standard RNC lobby group that supports the same amnesty and global economic policies promoted by Obama & Co.

The people’s collective power has been limited to signing useless petitions, attending useless rallies with no tangible purpose, forwarding email nonsense, ranting on blog talk radio shows that nobody listens to and wringing their hands while funneling money into power-brokers that are just as much the enemy of the people as Obama himself.

The people’s collective power has been misdirected into mock activities with no hope of affecting anything.

Your Individual Vote

The money has been hijacked and the collective bargaining power has been misdirected into wasted motions driven by emotion rather than sound strategy.

If you think your individual vote cannot be hijacked, think again. People forced to choose between Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina will feel great pressure to vote for Fiorina, even though Fiorina has a long-term relationship with Obama, his puppet masters and his communist mentors.

If you don’t vote, vote for someone who can’t win or vote for Fiorina, your vote has been hijacked. You will not get to use your vote to change the direction of this nation.

Profit Patriots

The sunshine patriots leading the movement nationally are focused exclusively on ringing the cash register. But they are not alone… Many local operations are trying their best to grab the cash too.

Unless you are willing to pay excessive speaking fees, you will not get any of the TV or Radio patriots to step up on behalf of freedom and liberty.

But even now as the entire free world knows that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a “natural born citizen” eligible for the office he holds, and that his plan for America is not in any way American, try to find just one decent constitutional lawyer anywhere in the country – willing to step up and present the mountain of evidence against Obama and wait to hear how much they are going to charge for this “act of patriotism,” if they will touch the case for any amount of money…

Everyone in DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office. Even Ruth Ginsburg, the most extreme left member of the Supreme Court, has affirmed the proper meaning of “natural born citizen” which further confirms that Obama cannot be president according to the US Constitution.

Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean failed to vet and certify Barack Hussein Obama to forty-nine of the fifty states, and still Obama ended up on the ballot and in the White House.

Yet as Obama takes a wrecking ball to America day after day, there is not one legitimate patriot in congress, the courts or the legal profession, who is willing to come forward on behalf of the people and the future of American freedom.

Thousands of attorneys, living in pricey gated communities and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous on private jets and yachts could afford to take this case to the Supreme Court pro-bono. But not ONE of them will risk their high dollar lifestyle or their rich and famous communist friends for the outdated idea of freedom and liberty.

In case you have not figured it out on your own yet, not everyone who calls themselves a Christian is a Christian, not everyone who calls themselves a constitutionalist is a constitutionalist and not everyone who claims the honored name of Patriot, is a true patriot today.

We find our society and the patriot movement full of false prophets and false patriots at an hour in history when we can no longer afford to be fooled by fancy rhetoric and false front organizations that are just as dangerous to the future of this nation as the hardcore leftists in DC working around the clock to forever alter our system of government – bringing an end to individual freedom and liberty for all.

Peaceful Solutions

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. We don’t need good intentions – we need the right tangible actions here.

Peaceful solutions to the dismantling of America are found in congress, the courts and the state legislatures or governors offices.

Name one court – one member of congress – one governor or one state legislature that is ready and willing to challenge the legitimacy of what they all know to be the most illegitimate president in US history?

You can’t do it… they don’t exist.

Many plead – “Where are our Soldiers?”

In Monroe County Tennessee, Retired LT. Commander of the Navy Walter F. Fitzpatrick, III stands trial for bringing Treason charges against Barack Hussein Obama. Where are the hundreds or thousands of local citizens (any citizen of the USA) who want answers to the same questions Fitzpatrick is asking in his home town of Sweetwater?

Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin is standing Courts Martial by the US Military for demanding proof that his Commander-in-Chief is constitutionally eligible to issue military orders at the top of US Military Command. Where are the millions of American patriots who want answers to the same questions?

Here’s two of our soldiers… where are their supporters?

One of the two following statements is true about Glen Beck, Dick Armey, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh…

  • Either they are not aware of the term “natural born citizen” as a constitutional requirement for the office of president and vice president, and are therefore unfit for leadership of any kind…

  • Or, they all do know that Obama cannot hold office constitutionally and have sold out for a few pennies to the highest bidder, and are therefore unfit for leadership of any kind…

Take your pick, but either way, they are unfit for leadership. So, why are so many Americans willing to follow people like this?

The US Supreme Court can reach down and take up any case they want. But even with a 5-4 pro-constitution court, nobody on that court will reach down and answer the most important question in US history – Who the hell is Barack Hussein Obama?

But no matter how many cases have been filed asking this question – no matter how and where those cases have been filed – no matter how many times lower courts have told US citizens that it is essentially none of their business – the high court has done nothing!

July 4th 2010

A few days ago, the nation celebrated Independence Day as though there was nothing wrong in our country. Yet, our government is broken and bankrupt – our Constitution and unalienable rights hang by a thread – we have the most corrupt administration in US history running roughshod over the people and the states and nobody seems to notice…

Or, maybe the people have noticed and have made a calculated decision…

The price of freedom and liberty is just too high!

I am nearly convinced that there are very few American citizens left with the brains and backbone to live free. I am nearly convinced that we have finally raised a generation of wimps too consumed by self-interest to realize that they are losing it all, right in front of their eyes, but lack the sense and will to stop it.

If ten million citizens sign the circulating petition demanding the resignation of Barack Obama, do you think Obama will resign? If not – what is the purpose of that petition?

Two million citizens showed up in DC last year for the 912 event and nobody in DC cared. Even FOX News reported only 70,000 of those 2 million. No matter how many show up this year, what difference do you expect it to make?

Are you happy with your donations to Tea Party groups going to fund candidates like McCain and Fiorina? If not, why are you still funding those PACs?

What are we doing?

There’s a talking thing and a doing thing…. Millions of Americans have opinions about lots of things, some of which they know nothing about.

But the time for cheap talk has long passed… what are we doing to save this country? Are there enough Americans left to even mount a half-hearted defense of freedom and liberty?

For my entire adult life, I have fought to inform and energize the people to take back control of their nation while they still had peaceful means of doing so. At this late date, I see no evidence that the people are ready to do anything real and tangible. Do you?

Somebody tell me why we should bother to fight any further.

Saving my family is much easier than saving my country. Yet I risk my family every day in an effort to save my nation and so does every individual who is willing to take a real stand against the tyranny we are already living under.

Who in his right mind would continue to do that, when all I see is people stuffing their pockets, positioning for power or pretending to fight through meaningless mock initiatives?

Can someone tell me what we are doing here?

Like it or not, the DNC fraudulently elected an unconstitutional president in 2008 and our country has been driven toward ruin every day since. The silver bullet solution is to force Obama & his fraud partners from office on constitutional grounds and it is the right thing to do.

Are there enough decent citizens left who are willing to do the right thing?

If not, tell me what we celebrated this July 4th?


JB Williams “I have come to believe that the one flaw in our framers design is our freedom to destroy ourselves. It may have been a mistake to ask average people (who don’t have the time, the energy, the inclination, the selflessness, the moral foundation or the good sense to run their own lives), to run the greatest nation on earth.” – JB circa 1992

BRAVO ZULU (Well Done) Mr. Maroney!

Congressman Murphy: A case study in feigned ingnorance in service of tyranny (click here)

It's Congressman Scott Murphy to your left! (A Robert Hefner illustration)It’s Congressman Scott Murphy to your left (A Robert Hefner illustration)