Friday, 5 August 2011 (LINK!)

From:  Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired


  • The Federal Grand Juries sitting in Knoxville, Tennessee via William C. Killian, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee (Above left – no flag – Certified mail #: 7009 2820 0000 7085 8686)

  • Richard L. Lambert, Jr. Special Agent-in-charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Eastern Division, Tennessee (Above right – American flag: Certified mail #: 7009 2820 0000 7085 8693)

SUBJECT:  Formal criminal complaint naming Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS in commission of the crime of TREASON against the United States of America.

1.    We are arrived at a point in our Nation’s life where Barack Hussein OBAMA and OBAMA’s CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS threaten the life of our Nation to the point of death. OBAMA and his CRIMINAL COHORTS install an unconstitutional, rival and competing government that replaces our United States Constitution.

2.    Mr. Obama’s unconstitutional government is thriving and growing. Under Mr. Obama the United States Constitution no longer operates. Mr. Obama and his outlaw partners enforce only their own unconstitutional, treasonous government.

3.    Mr. Obama—exposed a foreign born domestic enemy—infiltrated the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, counterfeit, dissembling, and deceit.

4.    On Tuesday, 2 August 2011 Mr. Barack Hussein Obama put into effect over his signature the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. Mr. Obama places into operation a form of government that is disconnected from the United States Constitution. The creation and operation of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction is neither the product of the amending process for the United States Constitution nor has the creation and operation of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction received the approval by Ratification of any State of the fifty United States. Mr. Obama’s signing into effect the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction is an ACT of TREASON!

5.    Law enforcement officials of every stripe are paralyzed in their unwillingness to do their duty. State and Federal judges are complicit in OBAMA’s TREASON and are derelict in the performance of their duties.

6.     For members of the Federal Grand Juries: I refuse to accept the complicity of cowards. I insist and inspire YOU, the Federal Grand Jury, in the exercise of your Great Commission: The Power of Presentment. You are capable of transforming a collective fear and shame darkening this land into the peaceful exercise of constitutionally recognized law enforcement. 

7.    For FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Richard L. Lambert:  Accept a copy of this writing as a formal criminal complaint. Act upon your own law enforcement authority.

8.    For all: Be mindful and clear on this point, this point alone: We the People—in one aspect or another—are the final arbiters in this matter. We the People hold in our hands the final appeal our Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution command.

Born fighting,

Notarized /s/ (LINK!)

.pdf record: 05 August 2011 OBAMA-TREASON criminal complaint (click here)

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The only peaceful way to stop this traitor is to swear out your own criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON and take your formal criminal complaint to a GRAND JURY. Then file it with the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. Then send it here. I’ll post it up!

This effort requires large numbers. 


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Friday, 25 December 2009

Special Agent Richard L. Lambert, Jr.
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Knoxville
John J. Duncan Building
710 Locust Street – Suite 600
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Special Agent Lambert:

Barry Soetoro, also known as Barack Hussein Obama does not recognize the United States Constitution as American government or American law.

Do you?

16 December 2009: Soetoro-Obama forcibly subjugates United States Citizens to secret police power the United States Constitution prohibits. International criminal “police officers,” freely operate on American soil obedient to international law unknown to the United States Constitution. Soetoro-Obama commits TREASON in his totalitarian imposition of a rival foreign government and foreign laws forced under threat upon U.S. Citizens to destroy United States constitutional government and United States constitutional law. Emboldened from his successful March 10, 2009 test in Samson, Alabama Soetoro-Obama fully exercised his newly received power under Soetoro-Obama’s rule of man. International criminal police are empowered by laws not known in the United States of American to actively and knowingly “pervade the activities of civilian law enforcement officials.” Soetoro-Obama again subjects [American Citizens] “to the exercise of military power that [is] regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.” Soetoro-Obama continues his forced restrictions on “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

10 December 2009: Soetoro-Obama received a payoff and bribe from foreign governors, foreign agents rewarding, celebrating and encouraging Soetoro-Obama’s continuing TREASON against the United States and its Citizens.

24 September 2009: Soetoro-Obama swore his allegiance under a foreign government and a foreign flag. Soetoro-Obama committed TREASON against the United States operating as a principal agent in a foreign government obedient to a foreign constitution having himself successfully infiltrated into U.S. government at its highest level.

11 August 2009: Soetoro-Obama announced an ongoing practice of ex post facto law enforcement in the United States: “We are not going to sit by at the Department of Homeland Security and wait for change in the laws. We’re going to enforce the laws that are, but we can reform what we’re doing as we wait for reform in the law, and that is exactly what is going on.”

27 – 31 August 2009: Soetoro-Obama orders the conduct of National Law Enforcement Exercise 2009 (NLE 09). All U.S. federal military and law enforcement departments and agency’s senior officials, their deputies, staff and key operational elements were forced to participate in stark violation of U.S. constitutional mandates. Violating U.S. Sovereignty and individual State’s Sovereignty state, tribal, local, and private sector departments and agencies were forced to participate. Soetoro-Obama allowed foreign military forces from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom to train shoulder to shoulder with American servicemen on American soil in preparation for the enforced subjugation of American Citizens. NLE 2009’s target enemy were people such as myself who’ve sworn an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution with our lives.

10 March 2009: Soetoro-Obama forcibly and violently imposed military force against U.S. Citizens in Samson, Alabama in a test to measure newly received power under Soetoro-Obama’s rule of man. U.S. Army soldiers actively and knowingly “pervaded the activities of civilian law enforcement officials.” Soetoro-Obama “subjected [American Citizens] to the exercise of military power that was regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.” Soetoro-Obama forcibly restricted “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

Soetoro-Obama levies war on the United States and its Citizens in his use of force to disobey to the United States Constitution. Soetoro-Obama is so far supremely successful in the conduct of a criminal adventure that subjugates Americans to a totalitarian international government.

Soetoro-Obama’s war on American’s, with his war on the Constitution represents open rebellion that truly constitutes a genuine national emergency…a constitutional emergency. Crimes are hourly committed against the Constitution with breathtaking success in destroying America’s form of government. Soetoro-Obama is a threat to national security. Soetoro-Obama is a threat to my life, and the lives of my children, and generations of their children.

Soetoro-Obama is a clear and present danger to us all!

Soetoro-Obama is guilty of TREASON! Soetoro-Obama is a foreign-born domestic enemy, an Infiltrator.

Your duty Mr. FBI Special Agent Lambert is plain!

Our Constitution is not negotiable.
Not one single part!
Not ever!
I will never back down!
I will never surrender!

I’m ordering you Mr. FBI Agent Lambert to cause the arrest of Soetoro-Obama immediately.

Should you fail in your duty sir understand I will not fail in mine.

So many others and I volunteered under an oath that does not expire. In keeping with the History of the English Speaking Peoples, in keeping with the History of the American Peoples, we will find a way to defend our Constitution, or we shall make one.

Beware the fury of Patient Men!

Obedient to my oath to the Constitution, I remain…

Born fighting. May Father God have His hand upon us all,


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy Retired
United States Naval Academy Class of 1975