From Sea To Shining Sea by Ron Ewart

Monday, 16 August 2010

From Sea To Shining Sea

A YouTube Video By Ron Ewart, President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.

© Copyright August 16, 2010 – All Rights Reserved

Several years ago, we wrote an article entitled “From Sea To Shining Sea” that emphasized the positive attributes of America and her people.

Rather than re-publish the article, we decided to set it to a YouTube video. There are so many in America who speak openly about how bad America is, including our president.  They apologize for her and berate her for her mistakes, instead of trumpeting her great accomplishments and what she has given to the rest of the world.     Right at this very moment, our military is ferrying in relief supplies to the people of flood-ravaged Pakistan, this in spite of the vicious and brutal Taliban that kill our troops, which Pakistan tends to shield and provide refuge.  What other nation would do this?  America has freed over a billion people from brutal regimes at great human cost to our men and women in uniform and we provide assistance to the people of nations around the world, in times of natural disaster.  We conquered Japan and Germany in World War II and then set about to rebuild them.   Who else but America would make such an act of restitution?   No, America is not perfect and sometimes we flaunt our greatness in the face of other nations.  Some of us are arrogant and think we are better than others, when in fact, we aren’t better, we just found a better way to live, under the umbrella of freedom, that is if the current gaggle of progressive geese that now occupy Washington DC, don’t destroy her.   In spite of the arrogant among us, America and her people ARE exceptional in all respects and it is high time we started building up America, instead of tearing her down.  It was our intent to reflect on the positive aspects of America in our video.  We hope you find it meaningful and maybe even a little inspirational.   Pass it around if you deem it worthy.

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Ron Ewart

“Multi-Culturalism and Rising Dependency Spell The Death of Liberty!”

By Ron Ewart, President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues. © Copyright July 12, 2010 – All Rights Reserved

“Deluded are those who cannot see,

What’s going to happen to you and me,

When multi-culturalism and rising dependency,

Snuff out the life of our precious liberty.”

Ron Ewart

About 40 years ago I was an insurance agent located in Chicago where my territory consisted of approximately 2 square miles on the north side, around North Avenue.  Within that 2 square miles there existed what was estimated to be 18 national identities, 18 languages and 18 different cultures, with there own dedicated territories and borders.  Most of these cultural enclaves were of European descent.  A melting pot it was not.  It was and still is a hot bed of ethnic strife created by religious, cultural and language differences.  It is the epitome of multi-culturalism in America, where each ethnic population holds on to the ways of the “old country” and assimilation into American culture and its foundation of freedom is inhibited.  Even in Seattle, where I grew up, there are ethnic communities and like all borders between peoples, cultural clashes are inevitable.  It is no different in any city in America and even more so where there are large populations of illegal aliens and blacks.

Big cities not only produce multi-culturalism and ethnic strife, they also produce pandemic dependency ….. not on each other, but on the government.  In our article entitled, “Big Cities Are Hazardous to Your Health“, we wrote this: “During the industrial revolution jobs would dry up in the ever-changing world of technology, markets and fortunes made or lost.   Sometimes large segments of the city populations would be out of work when a large manufacturer closed down. [Detroit is a prime example]  The Great Depression came along in the late 1920’s and early 30’s and large percentages of city populations could not find a job.  City folk had no way to produce the food, clothing and shelter they needed to survive.  In contrast, their country cousins could grow what they needed, had a roof over their heads and could live off of the land, no matter how primitive it might be.  If they had a little extra, they would help out their neighbors, who by circumstances may have been a little less well off.  Civility and mutual respect were the rural landowner’s creed and still are for the most part today.”

“Not so in big cities.  The fact is, a hungry belly has nothing to lose by petitioning (or protesting) their government for a handout and civility is the last thing on their minds.  Where else can they go but the government?  If people are hungry enough, they have nothing to lose by resorting to violence. [need we mention present-day Greece] The government was all-too-willing to provide that handout for votes and thus socialism was born and socialism is where we are today because way too many people live in big cities and are incapable of helping themselves when times get tough.  Katrina/New Orleans showed us that in spades.  Over the last 100 years government thrived and grew on big city dependency.”

“But the other consequence of high-dense living is the steady lowering of the bar of civility, respect and trust.  Human behavior changes under the conditions of living closer together.  It does so because of a basic human fact.  No matter what the government, socialists, or the environmentalists will tell you, people like and need “their” space and the space does not come in a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment in a 25-story building, surrounded by concrete on all sides, in a big city.  Suburbs became a partial answer to the human need for space.  But then the suburbs began to increase in density as governments got into the act of “planning” where we live and work.”

Now, with 13 to 30 million (no one knows for sure) illegal aliens being absorbed into the American culture, due to government’s abject failure to secure our border, the cultural gap between the peoples of poorer, socialist countries comes up against a large segment of the American population that is educated and productive, with a history of individual freedom and liberty burned into their DNA.  It is estimated that the illegal alien population increases by a half to one million new souls every year.  Babies born to illegal aliens increase their numbers almost exponentially.

Cultural clashes over language, religion, political mindsets and the soaring cost of social services, education and medial care are not only inevitable, they are occurring with greater frequency.  Granting amnesty to those 13 to 30 million will only increase the animosity towards, not only those who break our laws and suck on the teat of legal American’s generosity, but anger at a government who would thumb their collective noses in our faces and make legal Americans pay for their negligence, stupidity and treason.  Violence erupting from that anger and those clashes, is all but assured.

But the real issue is how the massive influx of Hispanic illegal immigration will affect the politics of an America, caught up in an avalanche of multi-culturalism and epidemic dependency.  The U. S. Census Bureau is forecasting for the year 2050 a White population of 52.5%, a black population of 15.7 percent and a Hispanic Population of 22.5% with a few percentage points thrown in for all other races.  The Census Bureau’s forecast we were able to find is considerably dated and we believe that the black and Hispanic numbers will be much larger, primarily due to unchecked illegal immigration and illegal alien birth rates.   Fertility rates for Whites has declined below replacement levels, but fertility rates for blacks and Hispanics are rising well above replacement levels.  For all intense and purposes, by 2050, America will be brown, as many in the black and Hispanic races have predicted.

Add to this mix federally mandated curriculums for our public schools that indoctrinate our children with multi-culturalism, globalism and collectivism, along with the virtues of dependency.

Politically, the White population is split fairly evenly between liberal and conservative, but the black and Hispanic populations are essentially liberal, with blacks being over 90% liberal and Hispanics being well over 60%.  This socialist, multi-cultural voting block will put the liberal stamp on American politics well into the next century and beyond.  We will be Europe on steroids.  American politics, by sheer population demographics, has no other future than socialism, that is until the politicians finally acknowledge that they have run out of other people’s money to pay for their promises to a multi-cultural population that is wholly dependent on a government, a government that is headed for the deep chasm of national bankruptcy.  At that point, America will descend into chaos and anarchy.  None of what we have described here includes the world-wide rising tide of Islamo-Fascism and its effect on politics, fertility rates, freedom and war.

If conservatives and other productive members of America seriously want to preserve, protect and defend the vision of individual freedom and liberty under our Constitutional Republic, they have only two choices.  Convince a skeptical black, Hispanic and other dense urban populations that individual freedom, responsibility and self-reliance are the only path for America, or be prepared to go to war.  Otherwise they have no choice but to capitulate to the inevitability of perpetual socialism.

As multi-culturalism and dependency on government increases, so too will mediocrity, apathy, sloven behavior and self-loathing.  The shining city on the hill will be extinguished forever.  As the Sun has come up in the East for the last 4.5 billion years over planet Earth, so will the moon of socialism rise over America in the coming decades.   If population demographics holds on its present course, nothing will stop the rise to a socialist America, without massive upheaval of our way of life.  The ghost of Karl Marx will smile at the fact that his vision for the world’s people has finally come to pass.  But his smile will be fleeting because socialism always leads to revolution immediately after government runs out of their ability to redistribute the wealth of a nation that finds itself in declining productivity and morality.


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Ron Ewart on Obama’s TREASON!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

“The U. S. Government – Lilly-Livered, Weak-Kneed & Hopelessly Corrupt”

By Ron Ewart, President National Association of Rural Landowners and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues. © Copyright July 6, 2010 – All Rights Reserved

“The budget should be balanced. Public debt should be reduced. The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered, and assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt.” (Marcus Tullius Cicero, philosopher and statesman of Rome – 106 BC to 43 BC)

The most powerful nation on Earth?  Hardly!  With our apologies to the fairer sex, America is ruled by the pink-panty crowd, afraid to offend, afraid to portray strength and afraid to win, but not afraid to deceive, lie, cheat and steal.  It apologizes when no apology is warranted.  It skirts around victory with our sworn enemies but refuses to close the deal in the hopes that our friends and enemies will “like” us and think we are being magnanimous and compassionate. The true reality is, our enemies look upon us as weak.  Brave men and women have died and sacrificed needlessly for wars we didn’t have the stomach to win.   That should be a treasonous act.

We cut one-sided deals with dictators in countries with nuclear ambitions, who purposely ignore their promises, then take our “goodies” and continue their nuclear programs in the dark of night and in secret.. Our stupidity gives them the time to harden their nuclear operations underground, where our bombs can’t reach them.

We negotiate in weakness with our enemies, who then stab us in the back at every opportunity.  Instead of holding them accountable for not honoring their contracts or treaties, we enter into more worthless contracts and treaties and provide more goodies.  It’s a shakedown at best and the American taxpayer gets to pay for the egregious mistakes made at the hands of their corrupt and negligent government.

Generals in our military are sick of playing pussy foot with our enemies when they know they have the power to conquer any country on Earth ….. a power that is denied them by the inept, inexperienced, spineless and pink-panty- wearing leaders of America.  General McCrystal finally had it and laid bare the festering anger and frustration that permeates a military rendered almost impotent by a community organizer and the inmates that have taken control of the asylum known as the U. S. Congress.  Obama is a Lilly-livered, weak-kneed village idiot that should have never become president, if the media had exposed the sordid details of his entire socialist/Marxist life, early on in the campaign, or answered, once and for all, whether Obama is a natural born citizen of America, as required by the Constitution.

Then there is the matter of illegal immigration.  We will prosecute wars in foreign lands at great cost to the taxpayer and the blood and treasure of our young men and women in uniform, but we refuse to protect our national borders against an invasion of people who seek our generous benefits, without having to go through the proper doors and pay the price of admission.   It is so bad that open warfare has erupted all along our Southern border and we shrink from engaging the perpetrators, while tens of thousands of illegal aliens, drugs and white slaves pour into America every month.  Each month America’s national culture is diluted by the poor folk of broken and corrupt countries, who seek not to assimilate but to “steal” our jobs and our safety net generosity.  We send billions to Mexico to fight the border war, at taxpayer expense, but won’t put the resources on our own border to seal it.   That too is treason and a direct violation of the government’s absolute duty to defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Further, government refuses to enforce current law on businesses hiring illegal aliens, thus increasing the power of the magnet that draws them here in the first place.

Every month the cost of this invasion by the hordes from poor countries gets larger and larger, while those who occupy the seats of power in what is America’s Rome, use the chaos at the border as blackmail to pass amnesty legislation.  This amnesty they desire is not for altruistic or compassionate reasons, but is for the sole purpose of adding socialist-minded illegal aliens to the voting rolls, to maintain perpetual liberal-progressive power.

The only thing that will save America from this unprecedented and hostile invasion by a foreign power, is putting troops and unmanned drones on the border with orders to shoot to kill anyone found crossing the border, outside of authorized border crossings.   If this was done, illegal crossings would cease almost immediately.   Irrational compassion will be the death of us.

The only way to win the war in Afghanistan is to use an over-powering force and bring the entire country to its knees with nothing less than unconditional surrender, just as we did in World War II.  This includes the taking down of the current corrupt government.  Anything less is a stab in the hearts of those who are forced to meet this enemy with rules of engagement requiring their hands be tied behind their backs and their guns empty.  More treason!

This author bears no illusions that the Lilly-livered, weak-kneed criminals and cowards in Washington DC will do any such thing.  So be prepared for the all-out invasion of our Southern border to continue and the war in Afghanistan to go on indefinitely, or we will pull out with our tale between our legs just as we did in Vietnam, with the sacrifices of our dead and wounded having been for naught.

On the other hand, there is one area in which the prevailing power in Washington DC shows great courage.  For this deed they have put on their iron jockey shorts and grabbed their swords, spears and body armor.  They are not at all reticent about passing law after law to subjugate the American people and take away their liberties.   They show no cowardice in giving up American sovereignty by ratifying unconstitutional treaties.  They lack no courage when it comes to spending America into bankruptcy, or nationalizing businesses, or destroying the engine that made America the most powerful and generous nation on Earth ….. Capitalism.

Their arrogance and elitism is open and notorious.  They cannot tolerate criticism and look down on the people from their ivory towers of corruption.  It has been reported that they have sent copies of the Constitution to be used in all of Washington DC’s restrooms, but not for reading.  They thumb their collective noses at those who oppose them.  They demean the tea party movement as being nothing more than a bunch of rabble-rousers who seek to overthrow the American government and are just a hair’s breath away from violent acts to do just that, in the spirit of Timothy McVeigh.

They seek to pass legislation to silence their critics by controlling the print  and electronic media in a scheme called the “Fairness” Doctrine.  They pass legislation to further the brainwashing of our impressionable and gullible school children, who are forced to attend our public schools of indoctrination.  They pass legislation to lock up all of our resources and confiscate private property, with reckless disregard of constitutional protections.

These Lilly-livered, weak-kneed apologists, partner with national and international money changers, power brokers,  socialists and radical environmentalists to lock up America in the distorted image of Europe and the United Nations and further their goal towards global government.   These internationalists are intent upon stealing America’s wealth, its resources, its freedom and its very sovereignty.

The people and the states that gave the federal government its limited power, as codified in Article I, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution, need to rein in that government, or this Lilly-livered, weak-kneed, cowardice and corrupt government will usurp all power and render the states and the people impotent and slaves of the realm.

Ron Ewart, President NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027 425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848 (Fax No. 425 222-4743) Website:

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