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Culture of Arrogance, Corruption Mars U.S. Navy Officers for Decades

Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Saturday, September 21, 2013 @ 3:34 PM In National 


by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 21, 2013) — An open letter sent as an email to Adm. Ronald J. Zlatoper containing allegations of criminality made by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III regarding his court-martial of 1989-1990 has not received a response.

The message, sent on September 17, also went to other former members of the Navy JAG Corps and to Fitzpatrick’s former defense attorney, Kevin Anderson.  “I haven’t gotten a single response from anybody,” Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email later that day.

“I sent it out to a lot of reporters as well.  We’re doing this in the public with witnesses.  I put Zlatoper on the spot.  I said to him, ‘I’m doing this in the open and public, as opposed to what you did back in 1994, which was to put this memo together in the dark of night, behind closed doors.  You didn’t send me a copy of that; you didn’t call me to ask for my participation in that memo so that you could have gotten it straight.’”

Fitzpatrick has named Anderson as the person who forged his name to the false “Response to Letter of Reprimand Letter” in 1990 without Fitzpatrick’s knowledge.  Anderson’s coworkers and supervisor were copied on the emails.

As of this writing, Fitzpatrick has received no response from any of the addressees other than from a JAG officer who generously gave of his time to relate his recollections of the JAG Corps during the 1990s.  His interview unwittingly elucidated some aspects of Fitzpatrick’s case, and he recalled that Fitzpatrick’s main complaint had been of “undue command influence.”

The Post & Email has spoken with Anderson and Adm. John Bitoff, who was Fitzpatrick’s commanding officer and accuser;  however, neither Anderson nor Bitoff would consent to go on the record.  In the near future, The Post & Email will be contacting all of those to whom Fitzpatrick has communicated in an attempt to obtain statements on the allegations made against them.

Anderson has been working as a deputy prosecutor in Kitsap County, WA, for more than 15 years.  When questioned in his office by the NCIS in 1998 about the forgery, Anderson said he did not know how the confession letter came to be in Fitzpatrick’s file.  However, in 2003, while speaking to a police detective on a complaint he lodged against Fitzpatrick for allegedly “stalking his family,” Anderson told the detective that he created and produced the letter but did not sign it.

Fitzpatrick inadvertently learned of the complaint against him more than a year later, in 2004.  After obtaining a copy of the report, he went to the NCIS again to relate Anderson’s contradictory statements on the forgery.  The NCIS refused to reopen the investigation and instead threatened Fitzpatrick’s life if he were to continue seeking justice for the forgery and rigged court-martial.

In an initial email to Zlatoper which Fitzpatrick sent four days before the open letter, Zlatoper responded, “I don’t know who you are.” Fitzpatrick then sent Zlatoper an electronic file of an April 28, 1994 memorandum which Zlatoper had signed and sent to then-Chief of Naval Operations Mike Boorda, assuring him that there was nothing amiss about Fitzpatrick’s court-martial.

Boorda had questioned Zlatoper after an article was published in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on issues surrounding Fitzpatrick’s court-martial entitled, “Navy Officer Fights Exile from Service.”  SEATTLE P-I ED OFFLEY – 21 APRIL 1994

Zlatoper’s letter quoted from the fraudulent “Response to Letter of Reprimand” which bore Fitzpatrick’s forged and misspelled signature without verifying any of the truths or untruths behind it.

An editorial dated April 27, 1994 opined that Fitzpatrick was the victim of a vendetta by his commander, Adm. John Bitoff,  for voicing criticism over a support issue and that Fitzpatrick deserved a new trial.  SEATTLE P-I EDITORIAL – 27 APRIL 1994

Fitzpatrick has maintained his innocence to this day and named a myriad of officers, both retired and active, as participants in the crimes committed against him.

“They can still be held to criminal accountability today,” Fitzpatrick said. “The forgery is still being used to hold an illegal federal conviction against me.  Even if they do not prosecute anybody for the crimes they committed against me, they still are under an obligation to lift this federal conviction off of my back and to provide me with as much remedy and relief as they are physically able for what they’ve done to me by way of maltreatment, harassment, and financial harm.”

The court-martial took place a year before the Tailhook scandal was made public, after which none of the officers involved was court-martialed.  Some, however, were not promoted as a result of their irresponsible actions at the conference; others received letters of reprimand.

James Webb is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran who served as Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan. He served one term in the U.S. Senate from 2006-2012, representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that a culture of arrogance and corruption prevailed in the U.S. Navy in the years before and after his court-martial.  “In the early ’90s, there was an extraordinary condemnation of leadership even from within their own ranks.  James Webb came to Alumni Hall at the Naval Academy in April 1996 and gave a speech, then two or three weeks later, Adm. Boorda took his own life.  Adm. Boorda didn’t commit suicide because of a “V” on his uniform; there were a lot of things on his mind at that point.  One of them was that he had participated in a crime, which is the forgery of my name onto a fake confession, and he tried to cover-up a court-martial that was completely rigged.  There has never been a court-martial in the history of the country which has been shown to have been as rigged as mine,” Fitzpatrick said.

On October 15, 1996, The New York Times reported that “the post-Tailhook spirit may have contributed to the suicide this year of Adm. Jeremy M. Boorda, the Chief of Naval Operations.”

Fitzpatrick has observed on numerous occasions that military officers “are running their own type of government.”  He referenced the incident in Samson, AL on March 10, 2009, after which U.S. Army troops were dispatched from Ft. Rucker to perform law enforcement activity under the leadership of Gen. Martin Dempsey, who Obama promoted in 2011 to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Following an investigation, the Army Inspector General determined that the Posse Comitatus Act was violated by the Samson deployment.

Andy Griffith is turning into “Col. Griffith.”  One day we will have military officers walking the streets. Samson, AL happened on Obama and Dempsey’s watch.  We predicted that Dempsey would promote to four stars, and sure enough, two years later, he’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

The email to Zlatoper copied in Navy Judge Advocate GeneraNanette DeRenzi, current Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert, and numerous JAG Corps officers who were serving in 1997, when the NCIS was first commissioned to conduct an investigation into Fitzpatrick’s claim of the forgery of his name.

“If there was anything they could hang their hat on saying that Fitzpatrick’s court-martial was legit, they ought to speak up,” Fitzpatrick told us.  “If they can prove that the signature on that document was really mine – which they can’t – we should be hearing from them right now.”

“They never in their wildest imaginations ever thought that I would ever acquire the kind of document record that I have now,” he added.  “There are people who want this information to be known.”

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“On March 17, 2009, the first criminal complaint accusing Barack Hussein Obama of treason was filed by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III with the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Tennessee, Russell Dedrick.  The complaint cited the events of March 10, 2009, wherein U.S. Army troops were sent to the town of Samson, AL to act as law enforcement officers in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.” (Link)


Army General Dempsey is no more obedient to the United States Constitution than is Mr. Obama! Dempsey had to perjure his oath to the United States Constitution to be favorably anointed by…

“The ONE.” 

It’s the compromise military officers must concede to promote in OBAMA’s military. General Dempsey perfectly demonstrates how his avarice for rank and position trumps Dempsey’s oath to the Constitution.

OBAMA and Dempsey are co-conspirators in TREASON!  (Link)

Obama tapped Martin Dempsey as the next Chairman to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Link)

General Dempsey is reported in the top echelon of the chain-of-command responsible for sending army troops into the small Alabama town of Sampson back on 10 March 2010. (Link)

Written exactly two-years ago this date (4 June 2009) these words regarding the Samson, Alabama escapade take on a whole new significance this day: (Link)

“Army officials will never publicly assume their criminal liability. It will be up to civilian law enforcement officials to effect criminal consequences upon military criminals (command racketeers) for their violent breech of black letter constitutional law!

“The civilian investigation is published!

“The Army’s investigation was completed, signed, and forwarded to four-star General Martin E. Dempsey two months ago. The investigation was conduced by an unnamed Lieutenant General (three stars) from the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) headquartered out of Fort Monroe, Virginia.”

The TRADOC report was forwarded to the Pentagon in April 2009 for burial with full military honors.

Make no mistake: Dempsey’s reward for laying to rest the report regarding the militarization of the civilian police force in Samson, Alabama two years ago is his promotion to the Chair of the Joint Chiefs.

Neither OBAMA nor DEMPSEY have ever explained why troops were sent into Samson. (Link)

More about the troops in Samson here (link)

Then this…(link)

Here endth another lesson!


Two episodes reported in recent hours, taken together, offer a view of what portends in the unceasing deconstruction of the United States Constitution (TREASON in America).

Fort Benning, a federal military reservation, abuts Columbus, Georgia. The mayor of Columbus is reported agreed with Fort Benning’s commanding general to team federal military uniformed personnel to patrol the Columbus streets with uniformed civilian policemen (click here).

Click on above for more!

Civilian police officers teamed with federal military personnel were on the streets of Columbus, Georgia on Good Friday night (click here).

On Resurrection Sunday, near Brownsville, Texas, a grenade-described as an improvised explosive device (IED)-was discovered nearby a state highway (click here).

Other information coming in to The JAG HUNTER is that women in full Burka’s are shopping in California stores (Fresno specifically) buying up the entire stock of portable, non-traceable cell phones. State and federal authorities are aware and officially unconcerned.

DEFINITION: Cell-phone: Improvised explosive device trigger!

Federal military response to the shooting rampage that occurred in Sampson, Alabama (click here) in March of 2009 bundled with unending reports over the years of federal military personnel taking up law enforcement civilian traffic assignments nationwide, bundled now with reports of the civilian-military cooperation in Columbus, Georgia are specifically intended to acclimitize Americans too stupid to know better (or pay sufficient attention) to the presence of federal military troops walking the roads of the United States as those federal troops gradually REPLACE state-local-community policemen and emergency service personnel (click here).

Justifications so far offered by civilian government officials and commanding generals are weak and easily dismissed as canards.

Watch now as most assuredly there will follow a rash of reports coming to us variously across America regarding one IED discovery after the next.

On a second assault on the Constitution we find local-community-state government officials joining forces with the federal military taking up watch-station positions next to each other in joint civilian-military command centers to deal with civilian drug crimes (click here).

Separately from all points of the compass we read of how federal government law enforcement personnel blatantly refuse to enforce our U.S. borders (accountable parties – click here).

Gun and drug-running is rampant as federal government functionaries block state government folks from sealing our nation’s borders. Allowing the free-flow of drugs, money, guns and illegals over U.S boundaries north and south is used as justification for American military forces (FEDERAL FORCES) to take over on State after the next.

Federal government outlaws work furiously and unrelentingly to create the need for the military take over local-community-state law enforcement while simultaneously laboring as vigorously to get us Americans too stupid to know better (or pay sufficient attention) used to the notion regarding the new martial-law in town.

The federal government is putting the squeeze on state governments to go-along-to-get-along

Military commanders who know better remain silent, and complicit.

State officials cave in, one after the next.

You are warned – AGAIN!

Samson, Alabama: One year Anniversary!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Still more…

And still more!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Special Agent Richard L. Lambert, Jr.
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Knoxville
John J. Duncan Building
710 Locust Street – Suite 600
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Special Agent Lambert:

Barry Soetoro, also known as Barack Hussein Obama does not recognize the United States Constitution as American government or American law.

Do you?

16 December 2009: Soetoro-Obama forcibly subjugates United States Citizens to secret police power the United States Constitution prohibits. International criminal “police officers,” freely operate on American soil obedient to international law unknown to the United States Constitution. Soetoro-Obama commits TREASON in his totalitarian imposition of a rival foreign government and foreign laws forced under threat upon U.S. Citizens to destroy United States constitutional government and United States constitutional law. Emboldened from his successful March 10, 2009 test in Samson, Alabama Soetoro-Obama fully exercised his newly received power under Soetoro-Obama’s rule of man. International criminal police are empowered by laws not known in the United States of American to actively and knowingly “pervade the activities of civilian law enforcement officials.” Soetoro-Obama again subjects [American Citizens] “to the exercise of military power that [is] regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.” Soetoro-Obama continues his forced restrictions on “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

10 December 2009: Soetoro-Obama received a payoff and bribe from foreign governors, foreign agents rewarding, celebrating and encouraging Soetoro-Obama’s continuing TREASON against the United States and its Citizens.

24 September 2009: Soetoro-Obama swore his allegiance under a foreign government and a foreign flag. Soetoro-Obama committed TREASON against the United States operating as a principal agent in a foreign government obedient to a foreign constitution having himself successfully infiltrated into U.S. government at its highest level.

11 August 2009: Soetoro-Obama announced an ongoing practice of ex post facto law enforcement in the United States: “We are not going to sit by at the Department of Homeland Security and wait for change in the laws. We’re going to enforce the laws that are, but we can reform what we’re doing as we wait for reform in the law, and that is exactly what is going on.”

27 – 31 August 2009: Soetoro-Obama orders the conduct of National Law Enforcement Exercise 2009 (NLE 09). All U.S. federal military and law enforcement departments and agency’s senior officials, their deputies, staff and key operational elements were forced to participate in stark violation of U.S. constitutional mandates. Violating U.S. Sovereignty and individual State’s Sovereignty state, tribal, local, and private sector departments and agencies were forced to participate. Soetoro-Obama allowed foreign military forces from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom to train shoulder to shoulder with American servicemen on American soil in preparation for the enforced subjugation of American Citizens. NLE 2009’s target enemy were people such as myself who’ve sworn an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution with our lives.

10 March 2009: Soetoro-Obama forcibly and violently imposed military force against U.S. Citizens in Samson, Alabama in a test to measure newly received power under Soetoro-Obama’s rule of man. U.S. Army soldiers actively and knowingly “pervaded the activities of civilian law enforcement officials.” Soetoro-Obama “subjected [American Citizens] to the exercise of military power that was regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.” Soetoro-Obama forcibly restricted “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

Soetoro-Obama levies war on the United States and its Citizens in his use of force to disobey to the United States Constitution. Soetoro-Obama is so far supremely successful in the conduct of a criminal adventure that subjugates Americans to a totalitarian international government.

Soetoro-Obama’s war on American’s, with his war on the Constitution represents open rebellion that truly constitutes a genuine national emergency…a constitutional emergency. Crimes are hourly committed against the Constitution with breathtaking success in destroying America’s form of government. Soetoro-Obama is a threat to national security. Soetoro-Obama is a threat to my life, and the lives of my children, and generations of their children.

Soetoro-Obama is a clear and present danger to us all!

Soetoro-Obama is guilty of TREASON! Soetoro-Obama is a foreign-born domestic enemy, an Infiltrator.

Your duty Mr. FBI Special Agent Lambert is plain!

Our Constitution is not negotiable.
Not one single part!
Not ever!
I will never back down!
I will never surrender!

I’m ordering you Mr. FBI Agent Lambert to cause the arrest of Soetoro-Obama immediately.

Should you fail in your duty sir understand I will not fail in mine.

So many others and I volunteered under an oath that does not expire. In keeping with the History of the English Speaking Peoples, in keeping with the History of the American Peoples, we will find a way to defend our Constitution, or we shall make one.

Beware the fury of Patient Men!

Obedient to my oath to the Constitution, I remain…

Born fighting. May Father God have His hand upon us all,


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy Retired
United States Naval Academy Class of 1975

Another gift from Robert Hefner

A Robert Hefner illustration


I must demand OBAMA-SOETORO’S immediate public arrest for TREASON!

I further demand OBAMA-SOETORO’S expedited TREASON TRIAL! I must demand a death penalty be aggressively pursued.

Upon conviction and sentencing I demand OBAMA-SOETORO’S public execution so as to exploit the death penalty deterrent value to its maximum effect.

On 16 December 2009, free from constitutional restraint, OBAMA-SOETORO criminally invested the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) with despotic domestic and secret police power over United States Citizens that is also unconstrained under the United States Constitution.

International police now act freely upon U.S. soil wherever they please holding more police power over you than local or state law enforcement agencies. INTERPOL agents can secretly arrest and detain U.S. Citizens for breeches of supposed international, non-U.S. laws.

OBAMA-SOETORO subjugates U.S. Citizens to arrest by INTERPOL secret police and prosecution by international criminal courts.

OBAMA-SOETORO invested U.S. servicemen with the same unrestrained and unconstitutional domestic police power on 10 March 2009 in Samson, Alabama. No doubt emboldened by the absence of any constitutional criminal consequence OBAMA-SOETORO has publicly and officially abandoned the United States Constitution.


OBAMA-SOETORO must be placed under arrest instantly before any  INTERPOL secret policeman comes knocking at your door or mine!

Beyond federal law enforcement response to protect U.S. Sovereignty and our Constitution I must demand an emergency assembly of the MONROE COUNTY GRAND JURY! Response to the criminally outrageous trespasses upon State Sovereignty must begin here in the Volunteer State. TREASON is already on the table in Tennessee!

This amends and extends standing criminal complaints. My formal mailings will be made on Saturday, 26 December 2009.

Arrest OBAMA-SOETORO TODAY! Time is not a friend!


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Evidence supporting these demands: Here and here.