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Something else that has received little press or attention is the fact that there were seven Afghan soldiers and a translator on board the helicopter at the time it went down.With all due respect to the Afghan’s service and loss, I believe that it is worth looking into their presence on board the chopper. Link

To give credit where it’s due, the significance of their presence was brought to my attention via a video made by Pastor James David Manning.I have nothing to say about the various scenarios put out on the Internet involving a plot to murder the SEALs on board the chopper.I do, however, have something to say about the fact that there were Afghan troops on that helicopter. Link Link Link



by Sharon Rondeau (link)

“A report which is quickly gaining traction on the web suggests that Obama did not want to take out Osama bin Laden but was overridden by senior military commanders who ordered Navy Seals to carry out the successful operation.”

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After a daylong trial and fewer than two hours of mulling the evidence, Navy Judge Cmdr. Tierny Carlos found Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe of Yorktown, Virginia, not guilty of dereliction of duty, a spokesman said.

It was the second verdict in as many days to throw out charges against three SEALs, the Navy’s elite special forces unit…

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Huertas gave the following statement as he left the courthouse in Camp Victory: “It’s a big weight off my shoulders. Compared to all the physical activity we go through, this has been mentally more challenging.”

On deck: Attainder courts-martial for Navy SEAL Second Class Petty Officers Matthew V. McCabe and Jonathan Keefe.


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“Cmdr. Tierney Carlos moved the trials after government prosecutors said they would make the detainee available for deposition at Camp Victory in Baghdad but would not bring him to Naval Station Norfolk to testify. The judge ruled that Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe of Yorktown, Va., and Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas of Blue Island, Ill., have a right to face their accuser in open court.”


JAG HUNTER here: I’m back. Been real busy. Then got real sick. News regarding the Monroe County Tennessee Grand Jury is being prepared by others. Updates will be posted here and elsewhere once available.

Marie Woods writes:

“I hope that each and everyone of you who get this email will be as outraged and mortified as I am about the treatment of our hero’s and pass this to everyone on your email list. It is one thing for our enemies to do this to us, but it is quite another to have our own military treating THEIR own like hardened criminals just for doing their jobs!!! This SHOULD NOT be tolerated by us! We need to do everything we can to stand up and stick up for those soldiers both the ones that were brutally murdered and hung like trophies and for the ones that were bringing them to supposed justice, but instead are being unjustly and wrongfully charged for something that I don’t believe they did anyway. Even if they did, I say GOOD! That bastard deserved much much more!!!!

“I can’t stress enough how angry I am at this!”

Marie was responding to Tony who wrote this to Marie and others:

Be aware the film clip is very graphic.  What it did for me is to PISS me off.  These people are what we are dealing with and that our troops have to face everyday.  Please forward this to as many people that you can.

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GodsModernDayMartyr on December 27, 2009 at 9:28pm

The woman in the poster is the mother of an American who was ambushed and murdered in Fallujah, Iraq. His body was dragged through the streets of the city, burned and than hanged from the upper trusses of a bridge. The murderers gathered to celebrate and have their photos taken with the trophy.

The young sailor in the picture is one of the Navy SEALS who later captured the leader of the band of terrorist butchers and brought him to justice.

If the story ended there, it would still be an acceptable feel-good, good-guys-win story. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – this Navy SEAL is facing criminal charges. Because, somewhere along the timeline of his capture, the terrorist murderer suffered a school-yard fat lip, his captors are now being charged with nothing short of war crimes and facing discharge and imprisonment.

So, instead of having a celebration of justice and our heroes honored, these charges show a betrayal of our soldiers and the effects of a corrupting sickness in our country.

You can buy this poster suitable for framing in two sizes: 24×36 and 18×24. All profits from the sale of these posters will be sent to the legal defense fund for the three Navy seals. You can also donate directly to this fund:

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SOETORO-OBAMA can’t courts-martial anyone.

The Congress invested only a legitimate president as commander in chief with the sole and discretionary punishment power over U.S. servicemen as the civilian leader of U.S. armed forces. SOETORO-OBAMA decapitated that civilian leadership. I’ve aggressively advanced the question regarding who’s running the military today.

Your answer?

You see I just don’t know.

More than that peacetime courts-martial are unconstitutional. They are the practice of ATTAINDER (direct state punishment against an accused without the examination and permission of a JURY).

The punishment power requisite in courts-martial pending against the SEALs is not found in the White House. Said another way: No courts-martial assembled since 20 January 2009 is sustainable.

Then this: U.S. servicemen who are courts-martialed in peace time do not enjoy the protection of a Civilian Jury. I can go into the reasons why, but not now. This circumstance juxtaposed to OBAMA’s order to try in federal courts our enemies where real judges and real juries reside. You see, the world is turned upside down. Navy SEALS for instance do not enjoy the constitutional protection of a jury while American enemies do. Should I prevail in appearing before a Grand Jury one of my charges regarding SOETORO-OBAMA’s TREASON will be the one I just laid out. SOETORO-OBAMA is providing aid and comfort to American enemies.

In peacetime the Constitution commands the assembly of Citizen Juries to protect U.S. Citizens in all matters regarding government advanced criminal accusations.

The Constitution allows for punishment of U.S. enemies using military discipline at any time.

What more needs be said to those who are serious about defending our American heroes?

J.B. Williams puts it this way:

“So ask again – Why are Obama & Co. friendlier towards known terrorists than towards average American citizens simply upset by the current destruction of their free republic?”

Click here for the rest of J.B.’s observations.

Here endth the lesson!


A Robert Hefner illustration

SEAL beach! (click on photo for Jim Kouri’s report)

“All clear thinking Americans should be outraged. Is this how we treat our protectors? Is this justice?” asks a former NYPD detective and US Marine.

“Let me get this straight: we’re trying a guy — a foreign terrorist — who killed 3,000 people on September 11, 2001 in a civilian court, but we’re going to try three war heroes in a military court over a bloody lip?” adds political strategist Mike Barker.

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