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Thursday, 20 May 2010


To One and All,

I shudder to think of anybody this stupid is at the helm of one of the most powerful positions in government!  If his answers to Congressman Poe’s questions regarding Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Bill doesn’t prove his absolute blind obedience to his master, Commie Obama, I don’t know what will.  Since he assumed the position of United States Attorney General, all indications are that he has only used the U.S. Constitution for toilet paper after crapping on the American Citizen.

God Bless America,


James Cleveland

“Hey, I’m a lucky man,” he told the National Enquirer. “I’m happy to be alive.”

A proud Marine, Popaditch now sports a prosthetic eye emblazoned with the Marine Corps’ eagle, globe and anchor logo.

Popaditch is now campaigning on limited government, strong national defense and secure borders.

Courtesy World Net Daily


Thank you Shirley Ellis (se)!