Thursday, 13 August 2020

WILSON, SOUTH CAROLINA: 5-year old Cannon Hinnant was playing in front of his house and neighbor Darrius Sessoms’ house last Sunday (9 August). After young Cannon rode his bike on Sessoms’ lawn, Sessoms (25-years old) coldly ran out of his house, put a gun to Cannon’s head, then shot the boy child Cannon dead. Cannons sisters, 7 and 8, witnessed the murder.

Sessoms has a criminal record consisting of felony larceny of firearms, and both felony and misdemeanour marijuana charges, and has done months at a time in prison on separate occasions. According to court records, he also has two pending felonies on his record.

Say his name: CANNON HINNANT!

Go with God CANNON!

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Democrats hold a 253-178 majority in the House and need 216 votes for passage (click here).

They don’t have the votes today. Keep the pressure on. Ensure they don’t have the votes tomorrow, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or…EVER!

A Robert Hefner illustration

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