Regarding questions of TRUST. Stewart Rhodes holding HIS football!


I am a little bit disturbed by the events that have been stirring [last night].

I have been made aware that because of my actions surrounding  the events that are occurring in Madisonville, TN that I am pending, what I term, a discharge from Oath Keepers.

I feel that I am being considered a rogue.  If I am relieved, I will consider this an insult somewhat.

I will not be portrayed as being stupid, ill informed, and a coward.

If this is the path they decide to take then it is my thought that I will support my right to defend the Constitution.

I will actually move forward to reach out to active duty Marines, Veterans, and our brothers in the Navy to move forward in the salvation of our country.

It is their right to do whatever they deem is necessary to protect their agenda.  Good Luck in your endeavors.

I will put forth an alternative group that will not slander the proud message of OATH KEEPERS in any way, but will build on that message.

That message should always be left unstained!

I served my country proudly and will continue to do so as long as our Lord will allow me to breath air on this earth.

Semper Fi and Godspeed,


Bill Looman

PS   Goodnight my friend Rex

A pacifist lap-dog Mole for the leftest press and Rhodes’ military-political handlers!