Thomas Jefferson said:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

The shinning moment Tuesday in an otherwise gray and rainy day occurred outside the courthouse, not inside.

The news of the day (missed by some) are the lessons Joshua, Joel, Jeremy and Jonathan taught their teachers.

The Keller Family

Christine Keller drove to Madisonville Tuesday with her four sons Joshua (16), Joel (15), Jeremy (celebrating his 10th anniversary on 3 May) and Jonathan (6) from another state.

The drive took hours in each direction.

The Kellers arrived to stand in a parking lot joined by others coming from everywhere thinking they’d all be allowed inside the courtroom to witness and participate in their American government.

Christine and David Keller home school their eight children. Hannah is 13. Ruth 11 years of age. Sarah’s 8 and the baby Abigail is 3

Christine and the boys stood outside in the cold and rain because a judge named Reed Dixon was afraid of them. Dixon ordered the Kellers out fearing the lesson the Kellers might learn watching Dixon inside.

Taking up the Keller’s place inside the courtroom was a platoon of armed uniformed and plain clothes law enforcement officers who were as afraid and cowardly of the Keller family as Reed Dixon.

The law enforcement presence of this day is adequately described and depicted elsewhere.

One of the boys looked up to Christine and asked, “Mom…why are we standing out here in a parking lot in the rain?”

Standing with them were Citizens and Veterans akin.

Tom Lollar, Jenn Raely, Kathleen Walsh, Retired Air Force Technical Sergeant and neighbor Burt Thurston, Jim Headings, William Duck and Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer Bill Clay.

Getting soaked in the misting rain were Chelsea Curtis, John R. Ivens, Joshua Sneed, William Duck, Jim Headings, Kathleen Walsh, Christine Reno, M.J. “Zeb” Blanchard and “Spitfire” Barbara Haley (hey Spitfire).

Stephanie Flater drove down from Illinois (11 hours each way).

The Sons of Liberty were there and folks from the 2nd American Revolution were also there in support!

“Tonto” was there and so was Doyle Pritchard (Sons of Liberty Vice President for Tennessee).

Tonto is a highly decorated First Air Cavalry Airborne Assault Vietnam Veteran (as memory serves: Silver Star, two Bronze Stars with “V” device for Valor, three Purple Hearts – stabbed, shot, wounded from explosion).

When her son put the question to Christine she turned to the group looking for a different teacher to teach.

(Note: Christine asked Mr. Pritchard to explain. Christine’s son and Mr. Pritchard are heartily invited to share with us how that conversation went)

As Doyle was on the podium instructing the Keller boys, Pastor Darren Huff was pulled over on an approach road miles away.

A squad of state and federal police authorities–five vehicles, two unmarked–swarmed Darren as he was driving to Madisonville to stand with Christine and the boys.

Video was captured (click here) of Padre Huff’s felony road stop (Navy Veteran – surface warfare).

Driving in separately, Sergeant of Marines Bill Loomin observed a police dragnet on the state highway Sergeant Loomin* had witnessed before. (*Parris Island Drill Instructor)

It’s a shame the Keller boys didn’t get an opportunity to meet Darren, Bill or Padre Darren in person.

Motivated by their fear of We the People, indecent state and federal police authorities prevented decent folks from freely assembling.

It was the fear of an indecent man–Reed Dixon–that just as effectively kept the Keller family standing out in a chilling, soaking, drizzly sometimes heavy rain.

It’s easy to notice the four boys were sometimes students last Tuesday.

What’s harder to appreciate are the roles Joshua, Joel, Jeremy and Jonathan played as teachers.

Decent people watching from afar did not have the opportunity to meet and talk to Christine and her sons. Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington and his family for instance. Pastor James David Manning and his wife Elizabeth could not be here in person but certainly in spirit (Atlah Ministries). Mr. Emery Vass whispered to us quietly in the gentle breeze to watch and listen to the Keller boys very carefully. Others such as Marne Delano (The Dame Truth), Bill Hargraves, Robert Hefner, J.B. Williams, Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill, Joan Swirsky, Sher Zieve, James Bowman, Bob (Air Force Technical Sergeant)-Judy and Michael Zabik, Netty Wisbaum, Neil Turner, and Mack Ellis were all watching from a fair distance and will quickly absorb the boys’ teachings to pass them on.

Sergeant of Marines Rand Cardwell, one those who will one day stand with other Marines in guarding Heaven’s gates was deployed on another mission. The image conjured in narration of the Keller boys teachings will ring clear and true with Sgt. Cardwell as they will with every like minded, decent person.

These four young men teach Purpose powerfully.  They also teach the Power of Purpose

The Keller boys message is the clear message of the day.

It’s the message of Freedom.

Many Veterans–those on watch–wonder whether the sacrifice is worth it.

More distressingly Veterans wonder whether the sacrifices of those who’ve gone before were ever worth it.

The four Keller boys taught us bracingly on Tuesday the sacrifices were worth it and are still worth it.

More than that–Joshua, Joel, Jeremy and Jonathan instilled a blinding fear in every indecent government official across this country by showing up in Madisonville, Tennessee Tuesday with there Mom to stand out in a parking lot in the rain.

The most despicable and insidious actor in the oppression of Citizen’s Freedom is the Fear paralyzing Citizens to fight to take their Freedom back.

Thomas Jefferson said:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

The four Keller boys teach us to be fearless.

Here endth their lessons!


  • Tonto checks in with this comment to the Keller boys:

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be standing in the rain with real Americans. It was almost like being with the “Cav” again. Airborne! All the way, and then some!”

  • Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington offers this to the Keller family:

Semper Fidelis! I would like to thank you for your participation and support of LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick III.  Walter has spoken to me about you and the lasting impression you and your children have left on him and all of us that have learned about your presence in Monroe County Tennessee.

I pray this finds you and your family well and the good Lord shares the same fruits with you and your family you have shared with us.

Semper Fidelis: Tim Harrington and the other Marines are in full support of The Constitution and the Country.

For the boys: Look up the meaning of Semper Fidelis. United States Marines only ever voice this sentiment with power and precision. I express the meaning to you young men as I would express it to a fellow Marine. Thank you for your support !

  • Carl Swensson:

It was indeed a pleasure to be in the presence of true Patriots from around the country and hopes are rising that justice, in the end, will prevail.

  • Stephanie Flater:

Walt, it was an honor to meet you in person in Madisonville. I was humbled by the patriotism of fellow Americans and proud to be with all of you. Our fight is just beginning! :)