‘Truckers for the Constitution’ Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen
Police must detain ‘accessories’ to ‘treason’ or truckers will, organizer says (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)



To: Anita Alvarez,  Cook County, State of Illinois, States Attorney,   (Via U.S. Mail & E-mail )

To: Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, State of Illinois (Via U.S. Mail & E-mail Form)

To: Thomas J. Dart, Cook County Sheriff  (Via U.S. Mail & E-mail)

To: Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court  (Via U.S. Mail)

SUBJECT: Criminal Complaint NAMING BARACK OBAMA in COMMISSION OF TREASON. Criminal Complaint  Naming FBI, CIA, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch
Commission of Treason


Through many tedious months while our Government has been held captive because of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has held the office of the Presidency illegally thus, portraying as our president when in fact, he is not  eligible to hold the office of the Presidency of our great country, the United States of America.

Through these months I have written letter upon letter pleading with our CIA, FBI, the Senate and Congress of our U.S. government to employ the necessary means to remove Obama and all of his appointees from said positions.  He has shamed our country to the extent that no other person holding the office of the presidency has done….however, we all know he is not a legal president of our great country.

  This explains why he has committed criminal crimes against our treasured Constitution, he has displayed more and more that he represents terrorism, thus our enemy.  However, this conspiracy was not accomplished by him alone.

The accomplices now through much evidence involves many within the U.S. Senate and Congress and unfortunately, since complaints have been distributed to the FBI and the CIA with no reply, we are forced to admit that this conspiracy against our great nation involves many branches of the government.

Below (not included in this posting) you will view a letter written to the CIA on June 16, 2011.  You will also view facts pertaining to this conspiracy regarding many within the U.S. Senate and Congress. 

Moreover, there is an article from the Canada Free Press that I hope will be of assistance to you. My complaint, however, must entail the entire Legislative Branch, for they have avoided information and letter upon letter regarding this pinnacle of pinnacle travesties that has been committed against our country, our constitution and every American Citizen and legal Alien. 

Now, they are invoking this “Super Congress” which is totally against our Constitution. Our U.S. government through all evidence acquired is under attack by foreign powers. 

Now, it is up to our state officials to proceed according to all lawful procedures to assist every American Citizen in taking back our country. 

Attorney Alvarez and Attorney General Lisa Madigan, please demonstrate your loyalty and honor to our Founding Fathers and please demonstrate your loyalty by upholding your oaths of office to protect and defend our Country’s Constitution regarding every situation and circumstance that one may encounter. 

Every American Citizen is honored to possess the responsibility to uphold their Constitution, however upon taking an oath of office,  one is even more honored to have pledged their allegiance formally toward their great nation. Please do not dismiss me as I have been dismissed in the passed as an individual beneath you….we are all “ONE” in unity as portraying allegiance toward our great nation.

Please do not dismiss me as a so-called “Birther”….We Birthers are Patriots in its highest degree and form…..our objective is to fight for our country’s dignity, honor, loyalty and the protecting and defending of our Constitution coming forth from all our elected officials, Federal, State, and City and Local. 

So far, all of our elected officials have taken part in destroying our Constitution, ultimately, our great country. 

Our country and our Constitution deserve the Best of the Best, nothing less will due for our country to be renewed, restored, and to prosper. 

This Corruption, Fraud, and Forgery and Treason, and Terrorism must cease to exist. 

Since the Judicial Branch has also committed treason by not protecting and defending our Constitution regarding the many suits filed pertaining to Obama and his ineligibility to hold the office of the presidency, and furthermore, there is also a complaint pending a decision against Obama regarding the Social Security Fraud, obtaining S.S.N. from the deceased and from a state that he never resided in, Connecticut.

Questions remain referring to voter fraud, which by the way, this whole system needs to be changed…back to the basics, counting votes by hand. Then there is the Gunrunner Scandal….Holder and Obama’s involvement.  

I had to include with sadness a complaint against our Judicial Branch.

The distraught and disgust lies in the fact, that how could anyone honestly and with patriotism serving within our government for one moment desire a person to hold the office of the presidency who is not only ineligible, but who has been involved with ACORN and other socialist groups that have only one thing in mind, TO DESTROY THE REPUBULIC, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This sadness that I experience every passing day for our country,  I would hope if one is a true Patriot that this sadness is being experienced also, for sadness will breathe joy, if the reasons for the sadness are resolved…..These reasons for my sadness and every true patriots sadness must be resolved in order for our country to regain its prestige and honor and steadfastness…..this will only occur when the enemies from within and without are conquered.

I am including information from articles that hopefully will be your guides in helping you seek more information if you  need it to pursue with the proper lawful procedures regarding these complaints. All information regarding my criminal complaint must be submitted to the Illinois Grand Jury.  

God Bless and Help America & Israel.  “In God We Trust.”

Suzanne C. Short – Illinois

(Note: Suxanne’s enclosures are not included here due to length. Suzanne was quite exhaustive in here proofs and evidences)

A Robert Hefner illustration

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration to take you to J.B. Williams full report

“What was once an underground subversive socialist/communist movement against the Constitutional Republic is now an overt act of open treason against the Republic and the people it is supposed to represent, coming from within the halls of our own government.” LINK


The only peaceful way to stop this traitor is to swear out your own criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON and take your formal criminal complaint to a GRAND JURY. Then file it with the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. Then send it here. I’ll post it up!

This effort requires large numbers. 


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A JAG HUNTER reader writes:

Dear Friends:

You must hear this.  This is VERY VERY IMPORTANT AND SIGNIFICANT, in my opinion, and has a direct bearing on Obama’s illegitimacy due to the total media propaganda for the last three years that has been trying to convince everyone that Obama is a lawful President, which you and I know he cannot possibly be.

The media conglomerates owned by Rupert Murdock and Saudi Royalty have been involved in an ongoing conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and the legally protected political rights of the American People to be free, and to have a representative form of government, since the election of 2008. 

This is what LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick properly refers to as TREASON. 

Apparently there is a direct link to Saudi Arabia.

This video by my a man whom I consider to be my friend and associate, Reverend Doctor James David Manning, proves in my mind that there are civilian news organizations of the U.S. and foreign countries, and individuals who can be sued under Title 42 and other Rico statutes, that would include both government persons, and ordinary civilians who are working in concert with government, to aid the government in defrauding the American sovereign citizens of their Constitution, constitutionally protected rights, and from their from of representative government, and are also involved in election fraud racketeering.

  • Counselor Devvy Kidd writes:

“Obama/Soetoro’s legal day of reckoning is coming and his downfall could come by his own signature.” (click here)


  • Nancy Battle’s letter to FBI Director Mueller:

Mr. Robert S. Mueller III

Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

J. Edger Hoover Building

Washington, DC  20234-3000

Sir, need I remind you of the FBI MISSION STATEMENT

“Our mission is to protect you, and your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation-from international and domestic terrorists and spies on U.S. soil….”

Given this in your ‘mission statement’, I want to tell you that the most dangerous threats facing our nation is BARACK OBAMA!              

He has posed as our President but in fact he is nothing but a foreign-born, alien, Imposter !


2.1.11 of the Constitution

‘To be eligible for the office of President, a person must be a ‘natural-born citizen’

(Both parents need to have been born on U.S. soil and citizens of the U.S.) His father was born in Kenya and a British subject . Obama has produced a long form birth certificate that was a ‘proven forgery’.  Testimonies and evidence has been produced confirming this, in Jerome Corsi’s book that Obama was also born in Kenya therefore was NEVER ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

I charge Obama with FRAUD as well as TREASON!




(Also see Nancy’s  letter published at The Post & Email – click here)


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Mike Traweek filed with the FBI in OHIO his criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON.

JAG HUNTER note: Mike sent his filings in an email reprinted below. Mike also asked if we could recognize his support of Veterans suffering from PTSD. Mike sent a link for his website Mike started some 10 years ago. It has grown to be much more than a website is developing into a non-profit to provide free treatment to Veterans with PTSD.  Mike knows a decorated Ranger in Vietnam who has only recently admitted that he has suffered with PTSD for a long time. Mike is sincerely motivation to bring his dream to reality.

Mike’s site, “hot-linked” in The JAG HUNTER sidebar  is called The Cost of Freedom. Mike invites you to visit by clicking here http://costoffreedom.org/

Now Mike’s email:

“I really enjoyed speaking with you this morning.  I would prefer that the circumstances that prompted our meeting were something less disturbing, but we have to live in the time which God has given us.  In some ways it is exciting to think that we are living in a time with so much at stake.  It is my fervent prayer that when our descendants look back on us, they will be proud of us for taking a stand against tyranny in all its forms.

“With this email I am sending e-copies of my Criminal Complaint against Obama that I filed with the FBI.  Note I sent a copy to my Congressman Pat Tiberi.  If I get a response from either one of them, I will notify you.  I also intend to spread the word about this method for securing our God given rights to everyone I know.  In fact I spoke about it at length with the man who notarized the Complaints.  He was intrigued though a little taken back due to the inclusion of a charge of treason.  After explaining the justification for a claim of treason, he seemed to open up.

For the record, you have my permission to use my Complaint on your website.

God Bless you for affirming your Oath to defend the Constitution. In time, I pray that more Patriots will stand up as you have done so we can peacefully restore our Republic to the state intended by our Founders.


Mike Traweek


Formal criminal complaints naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON are formally filed in California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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TREASON in America: Visualized

Friday, 22 July 2011


Audio of an interview with “Steve Ranting” of (((Ranters Radio))), Ranting From Reno, and Preppers Broadcasting→Wednesday night, 20 July 2011 – CLICK HERE


“It is time for truth, or it is complicity in treason.” – Arlen Williams

“And immediately, we must get well beyond this point, in the ability of “conservative leadership” to, en masse, show courage instead of cowardice, for we all to have a  chance at informing and indeed confronting our fellow Sovereign Citizens with the truth of the Soft War being waged against authentic America. Or, it will be too late and the work of reducing this anchor nation of liberty in the world to a mere geographic sector of tyrannical, global governance empire, will be complete.LINK – click here

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration for Arlen Williams full report!




TREASON, in the aspect whereupon THE CHARGE OF TREASON IS ALREADY IN PLACE is the forced resistance to the United States Constitution with–in OBAMA’s circumstance–the tremendous success in the implementation and operation of a rival and competing unconstitutional government.

An ACT of TREASON, as cited here, is accepted as a ACT of WAR against the United States (Citation: Whiskey Rebellion Trials of 1794).

Our Founders invested the constitutional protection regarding IMPEACHMENT only to those who are legitimate office holders.

Mr. OBAMA is an illegitimate officer holder, an impostor and an infiltrator. Mr. OBAMA is a TRAITOR!

Mr. OBAMA does not enjoy the protection found in an IMPEACHMENT process and is rather vulnerable to prosecution in federal court before a JURY of his peers…just as is the case with myself, and every other person reading this correspondence.

To IMPEACH Mr. OBAMA is to legitimize the illegitimate.

IMPEACHMENT of OBAMA gives sanction to what is outlawed!

Am I clear?

IMPEACHMENT is not an option!

Now, allow me to get to my point:

I learned in the Navy that for any given project or mission there are two parts, and only two parts.

1. A talkin’ part,
2. A doin’ part!

Each one of you can ACT by swearing out you own personal criminal complaints naming Mr. OBAMA in commission of his TREASON.

You can ACT by encouraging and causing others in your circles of influence to file their own personal criminal complaints naming Mr. OBAMA in commission of TREASON.

You can ACT by bringing this to the attention of a GRAND JURY (state or federal) sitting in your communities encouraging and causing that GRAND JURY to stand up on its own authority, reclaim its POWER OF PRESENTMENT, and then exercise their newly reclaimed power.

Or, you can ACT by doing all of these things taken together.

You can ACT, instead of talk.

The list of specific acts going to Mr. OBAMA’S operation of a government not found in our state or federal Constitutions, specific acts that are disconnected from our state and federal Constitutions, specific acts in the operation of a foreign government, that is to say, the list of Mr. OBAMA’S specific ACTS of TREASON is a very long and growing list.

You may begin to


And time is not a friend.

Am I clear?


Freedom itself is at stake here (link)

I’m talking about pointing fingers, and naming names. I’m talking about jail time—serious jail time. I’m talking about mass movements to unseat treasonous Americans across the country. I’m talking about a “house cleaning” from top to bottom; side to side. I’m talking about some very serious stuff folks. Things you wouldn’t dream of doing for “light and transient causes…” Link 

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration for Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill’s full report

…Granted, some of the treasonous scum currently strutting their stuff at the Pentagon would turn on “we the people” in a heartbeat, but the vast majority of the junior grade officers, and the rank and file, will refuse to fire upon their fellow Americans—won’t you, junior grade officers, and rank and file? If they are unsure, they had better make up their minds in a hurry. The moment after receiving an order, that they know in their heart is wrong, is not the time to join the debating society. (Link)


Nancy J. Battle’s letter to

Texas State District Attorney Gregg Abbott


TO: Greg Abbott, District Attorney of The State of Texas     



OBAMA conducts an Act of War against the United States and it’s government by OBAMA’S forcible resistance to the United States Constitution intent upon and successful setting up a rival unconstitutional government.

I accuse OBAMA and OBAMA’S civilian and military-political criminal associates as TRAITORS.  OBAMA’S criminal ascension and TREASON manifests a clear and present danger.

OBAMA’S TREASON destroys our American constitutional protections.  Under OBAMA the United States Constitution no longer works to protect myself or my family from a rival, overreaching oppressive and totalitarian government.

Confident holding OBAMA’S silent agreement and admission, I identify OBAMA as a foreign born domestic enemy.

My duty as a United States Citizen is to stand against what OBAMA stands for.  BARACK OBAMA IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!

Obedient to the Laws of our Sacred Constitution in submission of this criminal accusation of TREASON, I remain steadfast and Born fighting.


Nancy J. Battle

certified number—-#7004  1160   0005  0316  4455

Nancy also filed her criminal complaint naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON with the following officials and organizations:

Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Krantz
Attorney General of Virginia Kenneth Cuccinelli, II
Secretary of the Commonwealth Janet Polarek
Virginia State Delegate Lacey Putney
Virginia State Senator Steve Newman
Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell
US Representative Bob Goodlatte
US Senator Jim Webb
US Senator Mark Warner

If you would like a corroborating source of evidence, I urge you to read the book Where’s the Birth Certificate? by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.  Additionally, numerous other sources are available online.  I would suggest the following starting points:

World Net Daily
Birther Report
The Obama File

In light of the overwhelming credible evidence I have provided, I am confident that your response will not be an immediately dismissive one, and neither will you rely on the deceptive spins and scripted


Kristy Lonestar’s letter naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON! (LINK – CLICK HERE)

Monday, July 18, 2011

To: FBI Special Agent in Charge Keith Slotter

Cc: Office of U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy

Bcc: San Diego County Grand Jury

Subject: Formal criminal complaint naming BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA in commission of TREASON against the United States of America.

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA conducts an act of War against the United States of America and its government by Mr. Obama’s forcible resistance to the United States Constitution, intent upon and successful in installing a rival and unconstitutional government.

March 10, 2009: U.S. Army troops were deployed to the small town of Samson, Alabama after a one-man shooting spree. An Army investigation found that the soldiers should not have been sent, and the Department of Army Inspector General found the use of military personne violated the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits federal troops from from performing law enforcement actions. See article below:


Mr. Obama acted as chair of the UN Security Council in 2009, violating Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the Constitution. See article below:

http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/politics/NATLObama-to-chair-UN-Security-Council-58022432.html  To Wit:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Mr. Obama’s TREASON destroys the protections afforded to us by the United States Constitution. Under Mr. Obama the Constitution no longer operates to protect myself or my family from a rival, overreaching, totalitarian government.

Confident holding Mr. Obama’s silent agreement and admission, I identify BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA as a foreign born domestic enemy. See article below:


I, Kristy Lonestar, accuse BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA of the commission of the crime of TREASON against the United States of America. I direct you to two men who hold the charges of TREASON in their hands:

U.S. Attorney William Killian, Knoxville, Tennessee (865) 545-4167

FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard L. Lambert Jr. (865) 544-0751

I am relying on the Power of Presentment given to You, the Grand Jury, and on my Fifth Amendment Rights as afforded to me by the United States Constitution.

Obedient to the laws of our sacred Constitution in submission of this criminal accusation of TREASON I remain steadfast and loyal to the United States of America and to the United States Constitution. – Unrepentant Patriot

Signed, Kristy Lonestar, San Diego, California


More here at The Post & Email (Link)




A Robert Hefner illustration!