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“Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is a remarkable man whose ideas will at some point control the law in Tennessee to restore to the people their prerogatives and rights that for 100 years have been lost under an unconstitutional legal custom.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick has suffered at the hands of lawless judges, sheriffs, DAs and jailers as the price he’s paid to restore a key aspect of due process rights in the state of 6.5 million people.

“ ‘While I was in the Navy I spent my time on the bridge of the ship looking forward, thinking the enemy was in front of me. Now I realizing all the time the real enemy was behind me, back here at home. Domestic enemies. People trying to change the way our government works. Treason as it was recognized when citizens attempt to operate a government that is rival and competing with the U.S. constitution and the law of the land…’ ”





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Click on pix: Gary Pettway (left) under Citizen’s Arrest – The first Thursday of April 2010!

A chief clerk in Monroe County, TN has admitted, and The Post & Email can now confirm, that there has been no duly-appointed grand jury foreman in Monroe County, TN for at least the last 27 years.


16 September 2011 Martha Cook Response to Public Records Request (LINK)

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“At issue is whether or not Blackwood was compromised for in the past having appointed a foreman to the grand jury in Roane County, where Blackwood had presided prior to his formal retirement in 2004. There is no provision in Tennessee state law for a judge to make such an appointment, although the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts has admitted that it is done routinely throughout the state, citing the Rules of Criminal Procedure as justification.”



Q. What are your impressions of how the legal profession has changed in Fayette County during your lifetime (since you were born and raised there)?

 “The legal profession in Fayette County is much more hectic and fast-paced than when I started. The business side of the legal profession plays a more prominent role today.” (link)

Can you hear their silence?

“U.S. Citizens do not have direct access to any federal Grand Jury!  Our federal Grand Juries are held under the total control of the federal government. Demoted to the status of some kind of federal administrative agency. Called to work at the discretion of a U.S. Attorney…Few options remain to use before Citizens are forced to make operative our last appeal.”



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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


State politicians of every stripe lead others working feverishly to legalize TREASON IN TENNESSEE! How appropriate…TREASON IN TENNESSEE…home of the “Power T.”

With growing exposure regarding the breath and reach of corruption in Tennessee, legalizing TREASON is the only refuge left to the rogue, criminal syndicate to which belong Treasoners we find in every county of every state.

Should Treason become lawful in Tennessee, of course, the notion will take hold of a nation. And with that the death of our Constitution, the death of another nation.

Legalizing TREASON is the only refuge left to OBAMA & Company.

You have moments left if you’re to begin to fight back.

There is no guarantee of success.

And yet, nothing else you’re doing in your life is more important.

Here endth the lesson!

A Robert Hefner illustration