In our constitutionally based government laws transcend “rules*” as controlling and lawful authority.

Knowing this villainous judges, prosecutors, command racketeers, and law enforcement officials (America’s Domestic Enemies) forcibly resisted obedience to the Constitution with purposeful intent to install their “rules*” as a rival or unconstitutional government.

Government villains used their “rules*”to great effect in taking away the jury system from We the People, taking over control of juries as their own government instruments (grand juries and trial or petty juries alike).

Juries today are nothing more than government organs.

In crafting the Constitution the Founders originally intended juries to protect us from government oppression and tyranny.

The takeover and “taming” of our juries turned those juries against us. Juries are used nowadays as government weapons to oppress us, to subjugate us and to tyrannize us.

Juries do no protect us from the government. Juries have become government!

We are a nation of lawyers (the rule of man)…no longer a Nation of Law (the Law of God).

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*Federal and State rules of criminal procedure