“I COMMITTED TREASON!” Photo credit: Coeur d’Alene Press. Click on the picture for the story.

This tip from…

Joseph Pacetti special agent Department of Homeland Securty, US Secret

Service, cell phone 215 280 0282, PA state police bureau of criminal

investigation trooper David Takach, cell phone 215 983 5488.



Just this morning [Monday, 23 November 2009] a visit was paid to my home by two agents one from the US secret service and one from the PA state police attached to the local office of the FBI. I invited them in we had a long talk. They came in regard to the criminal complaint I sent to the FBI and the fact that BO is going to be in a town very close by Allentown PA.  I told them I had no violent intensions but we do intend to remove BO from office thru the court system. I handed them the AGJ  presentments I told them they have been mailed or hand delivered to courts and public officials all over this country. They seemed satisfied took a copy of the presentments left their cards and left.


Dale L.



This makes six reported deployments of U.S. Secret Service Agents, four supplemented by police escort, to protect the impostor in the White House.

This goes on as federal law enforcement officers sworn to the Constitution to protect you against OBAMA’S criminal escapades ignore unending, credible, cogent, compelling, and meritorious citizen criminal complaints naming OBAMA in TREASON.

What more do you need to know?