First reports are always wrong. Don’t know what to make of all that’s coming in.

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Information and details from Jerry Kane’s Wife:

1. On Thursday, May 20, 2010, the day of the shooting, a little after noon I received a call from someone who had received a call from someone who had received a call from someone else, stating that Jerry Kane had been involved in a shooting and they had heard about it on national news. I was stunned. I searched the internet, there was nothing about a Jerry Kane name or a Joseph Kane name in the news, that whole day. It wasn’t until Friday or Saturday when they were identified and their names were finally released to the media. When the Effa Bee eye [FBI] came to my door on Friday morning, they were extremely interested in who had tipped me off. I told them that that information would go with me to my grave. I am very grateful to the man or woman who let us know.

2. We still don’t have the police dash cam videos. Interesting to note that they had Josephs 16 year old bullet ridden bloody handcuffed corpse photo immediately up for all to see on the news. In the video (Point B) at 20 seconds you can see Joseph (you can see his blue shirt in the back of the van) helping his dog Olie get out of the window in the back of the van (Olie is the dog that lived although he’d been shot 4 times, exited the van, ran into Walmart and ran into the food section) as soon as Joseph had helped Olie out of the van, Joseph immediately went back up to the front of the van (I’m sure he did this to check on his dad) and the cops finished Joseph off. You can see the passenger window glass where Joseph was sitting bursting in a spray from a high powered rifle. Jerry and Joseph died, Jerry had his arm on Joseph’s shoulder.

3. The media initially reported that Jerry and Joseph were Hispanic drug runners. That was shown to be blatantly false. Then the media reported Jerry and Joseph were White Supremacists. That was proven to be blatantly untrue. (They didn’t see color). Then the media reported that Jerry and Joe were anti-government. That has been shown to be blatantly untrue as Jerry spoke extensively on bringing back the organic Government, where people were the power, where people had rights, not benefits and privileges. Not subject to victimless crimes. Freedom. The point is, with all the lies they’ve already told, what else have they lied about? How can anybody intelligent believe anything that churns out of that disinfo mill?

4. The only video evidence we have is the video of the police killing Jerry and Joseph. Not of Jerry and Joseph doing any killing. Perhaps some should get a refresher of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pearl Harbor, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Tuskegee experiment, Operation Northwoods, Operation Homerun, amongst hundreds of other government experiments, ambushes, cover ups, etc. before commenting on obvious one sided evidence. That does make me very suspicious.

5. Can you imagine shooting 2 people then 90 minutes later the alleged killers are still within 8 miles and not already be in another state with that amount of time gone by? I’ve never heard of killers say Hey, let’s go to walmart and shop, hang out…

6. A friend who speaks Russian was watching a show and alleges seeing Russian satellite tracking of Jerry and Joseph’s route from Las Vegas, NV to right by the Walmart in Arkansas, this man/woman swears there was no traffic stop, period. The implications of this, combined with the length of time that goes by with no video is more time to photoshop/alter it (there are certainly enough videos on youtube.com, google.com and privateaudio.homestead.com of Jerry and Joseph to work from (a family member of mine was one of the top 3 in the world for Photoshop, says it’s extremely easy to fake, alter, add people, delete people, add props, delete props in videos), also more time to plant evidence, more time for the media to keep spinning their unbelievable lies. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the video comes up missing, camera not turned on, etc. If a video does surface it will be professionally analyzed by several people, including my family member who is an undisputed expert in these matters.

7. If I am found dead, I don’t care how convincing any evidence would be that would make it look like it was a suicide, I would never do that, and I don’t have ‘accidents’. I have to continue Jerry and Joseph’s work and clear their good names. I believe this was an ambush, Ruby Ridge material. I will die in my sleep as an old woman, unless our wonderful government comes to my door and says “We’re here to help you”!

All have my permission to re-post this verbatim, in fact I encourage it. Thank you for reading.


Then tonight Marine Sergeant Tim Harrington calls to alert me to this information (click here)


(Note for Soetoro-Obama’s Census director: Subtract two)

Why did West Memphis Police Officer Bill Evans pull Jerry Kane over?

Was Evans’ stop of Kane a felony stop?

Why did Evans’ call for backup?

Was Jerry Kane being targeted and tracked?

Were there any outstanding arrest warrants?

Did Evans provoke Kane?

Did Evans have his weapon out of his holster first?

Kane obeyed Evans’ order to pull over. What happened after both vehicles were stopped?

Does there exist in West Memphis, Arkansas a legitimate Grand Jury that can take these matters under investigation? Turn your “outrage” into inquiry. What really happened here…and why?


From an earlier post…

For instance, consider the following Columbia, Missouri SWAT team’s conduct and ask why (LANGUAGE WARNING):

UPDATE (1005 hours EDT): Van used by the two suspects is reported stolen out of Clinton, Colorado (click here).

UPDATE (0927 hours EDT): Just spoke with Josh, a photographer at WREG News Channel 3 out of Memphis. Josh tells me Associated Press reports (among others) regarding AK-47s were premature and incorrect.

The two suspects were in possession of a shotgun and pistol.

WREG reporter Scott Noll is traveling en-route to New Vienna, Ohio this morning. Noll intends to report more about the two unidentified men shot dead yesterday afternoon in West Memphis, Arkansas.


“Two men armed with AK-47s ambushed and killed two officers who had stopped them on an Arkansas interstate [40 west]…

“The events started when Evans stopped a minivan with Ohio plates, with Paudert arriving moments later as backup, Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen said. Two men got out of the van with the assault rifles and opened fire on the officers, Shelton said.

“Authorities declined to say why Evans stopped the minivan or what was found inside.

“Traffic stopped as authorities searched vehicles on I-40 looking for the suspects, who were spotted about 90 minutes later in the parking lot of a nearby Walmart, officials said.

“Dozens of officers swarmed the vehicle after a wildlife officer rammed the minivan with his car, and both suspects were shot and killed, authorities said.

“The two suspects haven’t been identified. Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Adler declined to say whether investigators knew anything about the men, but said authorities don’t believe others were involved in the shooting.”




Colonel Brian Prickett, chief deputy with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was quoted below last night in the Wilmington, Ohio News Journal saying:

“The van was registered to the white supremacy church in New Vienna,” Prickett said. “That church has not been open for a long time.”

Wilmington, Ohio News Journal editors scrubbed the report later during the night.

Chief Deputy Prickett’s quote is caught again from the Brown News Service (click here)


Now this morning in a separate report (click here):

Contact Reporter Scott Noll Memphis, TN News Channel 3: scott.noll@wreg.com


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