“Not belonging to the judicial branch of government, it follows that courts-martial must pertain to the executive department; and they are in fact simply instrumentalities of the executive power, provided by Congress for the President as Commander-in-chief, to aid [the President] in properly commanding the army and navy and enforcing discipline therein, and utilized under [the President’s] orders or those of his authorized military representatives…

“[The court-martial] is indeed a creature of orders…”

So writes William Winthrop in the late 19th Century (Military Law and Precedents, p. 49).

No courts-martial under SOETORO-OBAMA are sustainable. United states military punishment power is not vested in foreign-born Domestic Enemies.

Lieutenant Colonel Lakin’s defense is as direct as Col. Lakin standing up in any hearing room to report there exists no controlling authority to assemble the military disciplinary proceeding underway.

You must understand clearly it is SOETORO-OBAMA who ordered Lt.Col. Lakin court-martialed and it is SOETORO-OBAMA who sits as the chief disciplinary hearing officer at the Col. Lakin attainder court-martial.

To be sure SOETORO-OBAMA’s order to court-martial Col. Lakin is yet another Act of TREASON!

The issue regarding the absence of authorized punishment power being separate and distinct from challenges available to Colonel Lakin going to the issues of Attainder, and the absence of integrity or confidence in any military disciplinary hearing.

Here endth the lesson!