Terrence Lakin, Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, United States Army to face Attainder Court-martial

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Colonel Lakin to be charged with missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer.

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Crisp salutes to Netty Wisbaum and J.B. Williams for their JAG HUNTER submissions.


Indecent and disgraceful use of the Medal of Honor to give a counterfeit appearance of integrity to an otherwise clearly outrageous military disciplinary proceeding finds its historical precursor in the Attainder Court-martial of Navy Captain Charles Butler McVay, III – commanding officer in USS INDIANAPOLIS (CA – 35).

Command racketeers selected Navy Captain Thomas J. Ryan–Medal of Honor recipient–to prosecute Captain McVay as it related to the July 1945 Japanese torpedo attack and sinking of USS INDIANAPOLIS.

13 Responses to “Terrence Lakin, Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, United States Army to face Attainder Court-martial”

  1. Steph Says:

    The lies, the coverup, for what? An USURPER, that’s what! :((

    • Noway2no Says:

      Yes it is amazing that this is their best play.

      The idea of liberty is an abstract concept to many who posses it so they willingly leave liberty behind as they embrace “security” and end up crushed under the heal of oppression. Only then is liberty not abstract. That is an eternal irony.

      This process is repeated over and over again throughout history. It has been happening here for a generation or more and of late the pace has quickened because the enemies of freedom are near their goal. However the curtain has been pulled aside and we see to our horror that the evil we have read about in the past exists in the present.

      We should remind ourselves the pathological narcissists are often the most power hungry people; they will say anything they will do anything.

      In any human social system the struggle is the same; the worst are always hungriest for control. They are always cheating, always leveraging, always marginalizing and chipping away; looking to take what they know is not theirs and keep it forever.

      Those are the type of people who have seized power. We owe it to ourselves to admit this and accept that is where we are. It is dangerous to believe the illusion that we have a rational relationship with the government-media-complex.

  2. bill Says:

    I do recall when I was stationed in England we had a Sgt.who was a CMOH holder from the Bataan campaign,and did exactly as he pleased.In fact was given an order he refused and the brass told him if he didn’t follow the order,he would be busted.I wasn’t there but was told the Sgt. simply smiled and said,”You won’t do anything to me,without an act of Congress”
    That was the end of that.Today ,I just don’t know because everything I have seen so far,from the brass,regarding duty,honor and country has gone the way of the wild goose. 😦

  3. Noway2no Says:

    to be honest the charges as stated are accurate. they may never even get to his (ltcol Lakin’s) question about the legality of the orders. Just through him in the brig for the most obvious charges.

    It is like being in a parallel universe where nothing is as it should be.

  4. Dean Says:

    This is outrageous and completely unacceptable.
    We live in upside down land to be sure.

    It is pure insanity…

  5. thistle Says:

    Ditto Dean….and I am heartsick & angry. 😦 What has happened to our military (upper brass) when they court martial (or allow the arrest of the retired) of our brave heros standing behind their oaths, yet protect the corrupt, America hating, marxist scumbags in the white house and congress in DC? This is just insane.

  6. bill Says:

    @Noway2no #3
    I am concerned you are right in your statement:

    to be honest the charges as stated are accurate. they may never even get to his (ltcol Lakin’s) question about the legality of the orders. Just through him in the brig for the most obvious charges.

    There will not be any questions of why LTC Lakin did as he did,just an open and shut,yes or no from the prosecutors.This of course is exactly what LTC
    Fitzpatrick has been saying all along.Just more fear and intimidation generated by military criminals. 😦

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pierre Kandorfer PhD, Steph F. Steph F said: Terrence Lakin, Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, United States Army to face Attainder Court-martial http://bit.ly/bW4Omg […]

  8. bill Says:

    I guess most of our gallant men and women serving now are unaware they are putting themselves in harms
    way,trying to do what they believe their duty to be and all the while their criminal commanders are complicit in the greatest fraud ever visited on the
    American people and their subordinates.

  9. Noway2no Says:

    Regardless of the chances for success we must press on. This is our time. My father did not shirk from the grim task of defending this nation and neither will I.

    This has to stop. It is as if we hired a crook and his cronies to run our casino or bank and now he knows all codes, combinations, procedures and security measures we have in place.

    Even if he is just voted out he and his followers will wreak havoc for a hundred years across the globe.

    Letting this continue is the most dangerous thing we have ever done. Possibly the most dangerous thing ever done for the free people alive now and yet to come.

    He must be ousted as the scum usurper that he is.

    See what Pastor Manning has planned.

    He is right.


  10. bill Says:

    Amen Noway2no !

  11. Southern Patriot Says:

    I’ve been reading comments from our own military who slam those who are rising up for our freedoms. Why is it that so many of our own military are beating up on these fellow Patriots that are risking everything? What I’ve read posted at http://www.military.com saddens me.

    We now have had several of Military rank who have been willing to risk all and have shown true spine and fortitude, by asking questions about this Administration. They have been forced to take a stand, because the media has refused to investigate for the truth and stand up for the American people. How do we fight the corruption and fraud that is becoming a daily occurance within our own country’s administration if we allow these Alinsky tactics to discredit our own heros? Where is the unity within the military ranks? Why is the rest of the military NOT fully behind them? They risk their lives for freedom, and freedom begins at home. I thought they always stood united in a time of conflict. Isn’t that what they do best? Unity and Force? Where will they be, when one day soon, the American people truly need these brave men to band together and protect us from the injustices occurring inside the DC beltway? Do they not recognize the building of a dictatorship within their own country? Will they blindly follow an order without logic against the American people? Will they turn their backs on all of us?

    Below is the quote from another blogger. he said it better than I. I’ve wished for someone who has the appropriate privileges to post the statement below on http://www.military.com. Maybe they are too young to remember. Maybe they need copies of the Constitution and Law of Nations.
    The Nuremberg trails in Germany should shed light upon ignorance from military officers blindly following orders. During the trials, every German officer held the same belief as Mr. Vaughn, “we didn’t question orders since they derived from high command”, and “if we didn’t follow orders, they (Germany) would have simply replaced us with another that would”. The international committee found them guilty and executed them with a warning to the world; All orders should be questioned by officers of the military and not blindly followed, it is their Duty.

    Lt Col Lakin, and all true Jag Hunters, we salute you. Please know that there are true Americans behind your efforts. I pray for your safety and resolve. I think the media knows the truth. I think everyone in DC knows the truth. How do we get the truth through to all members in our Military?

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