Sunday, 9 December 2012

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Apparently the word “truth” has no real meaning to a vast portion of the population and especially to the “liar in chief” who was just reelected, after a four-year demonstration of who he is, and is not.

Obama has stated many times, in many ways his hatred of this nation and our constitution, which he swore to uphold and defend when he fraudulently took office in 2008.

Then with malice aforethought immediately set about to destroy it. My generation and many more before me and after me, went to a great deal of trouble to preserve and defend this Constitutional Republic and deliver it intact to you, the apparent majority of ingrates who just voted it out of existence.

At this time you have no concept of what you have done to yourselves and the rest of the population of the late, great United States of America. But be sure, in coming years, if he is allowed to complete his agenda you will come to know, a bit at a time, just how monumentally you have fouled your nest.

I hope you learn to enjoy sitting in it because you do so richly deserve it. A bare glimmer of hope exists that a [prosecution] will be [commenced] to remove him from office along with his cadre, indicted, tried and convicted of fraud, treason, and too many high crimes and misdemeanors to list here. Then, he can be shipped off to Gitmo Cuba to join his Muslim brethren in the hood. Not at all likely, but a very fond hope of mine.

Barring that, when the people have had enough, there will be another revolution and a return to Square One. That is, if the Lord doesn’t decide he has seen enough stupidity to do him and just pulls the plug.

IRA DODD, Casper



  1. Edie Faylor Says:

    May your wish come true sooner than later

  2. larrym Says:

    AMEN and AMEN!!

  3. I fully agree with this article! This retard of a president (Obama) must be stopped…this imposter must not be allowed to continue destroying this fine country of ours. Lock his sorry butt away in some prison with all gay people…let him learn a new walk!!!

  4. Sally's Special Services Says:

    Reblogged this on Sally's Political Blog.

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