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A group of twenty-nine (29) ordinary citizens came together in peaceful assembly to call attention to the spectacular government corruption discovered in East Tennessee about two years before the Chattanooga Times Free Press began its investigation and reportage in 2012.

Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2010.
Time: Morning
Venue: Madisonville, Tennessee – Monroe County seat.
There were three reporters in Madisonville that day. Two from the print media, one from WBIR-TV. This brings the total muster of this group I describe to thirty-two (32). I have thirty-one (31) names. 
The folks at WBIR-TV can give us the name of the 32nd person, their reporter/cameraman. WBIR-TV is the Knoxville, Tennessee NBC affiliate.
This population of 32 ordinary citizens arrived in Madisonville to encounter an armed camp of military proportions comprised of local, state and federal law enforcement officials and other government operatives. 
This pseudo-military deployment was made up of from 150 – 200 LEOs utilizing air and ground assets of various descriptions. 
Combined estimated cost to Tennessean and federal taxpayers hovers somewhere between three-quarters of a million dollars to a million dollars.


Beforehand, word regarding the peaceful assembly was made public through word-of-mouth and the Internet.

A political activist group called The FOGBOW (previously named POLITIJAB) exploited announcement and news of the peaceful gathering in Madisonville that triggered The MADISONVILLE HOAX.

I describe The FOGBOW as a collective gang of a number of allied satellite groups and individuals joined in common cause.

The FOGBOW is a Communist cell!

FOGBOW GANG members learned about the publicized peaceful assembly and exploited the information to serve their intended political purposes and agendas.

FOGBOW GANG members carried out an aggressive phone and email campaign disseminating disinformation intended to and successfully incite a violent confrontation between law-abiding ordinary citizens exercising their freedom of assembly and a military-like state and federal police force.

The FOGBOW GANG members called and emailed local Monroe County government officials.

FOGBOW GANG members issued warnings and threats reporting that I, Walter Fitzpatrick, was planning an armed assault into Madisonville on 20 April 2010. That I was “promising a legion of followers” in a planned act of “domestic terrorist” violence that included intent to bomb buildings, carry out aggravated assault and kidnap. FOGBOW GANG members likened me, and my “supporters” to the likes of Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber), white supremacist James Von Brunn (2009 Holocaust Museum shooter), and James Cummings (2008 dirty bomb-plotter and white supremacist from Maine).

FOGBOW GANG leader and avowed communist William Littell Bryan (Raleigh, North Carolina) bragged about the FOGBOW CAMPAIGN reporting online. Bryan details, in one sentence, the conduct and purpose of The MADISONVILLE HOAX:


“We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops ready for Cdr Walt Fitzpatrick when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over the Monroe County courthouse.”

Local, state and federal law enforcement officials embraced The MADISONVILLE HOAX and thus became full participants.

LEOs enhanced and extended The MADISONVILLE HOAX by making believe they accepted the FOGBOW nonsense as credible and then in fact responding to what LEOs knew to be false reports.

Local, state and federal law enforcement officials went to far as so claim under oath that the make-believe “domestic terrorist” group I was accused of leading actually did occur, that armed and dangerous “domestic terrorists” actually did show up in Madisonville, Tennessee on 20 April 2010, and that this group demonstrated intent to carry out various acts of domestic violence.

FBI Special Agents Scott Johnson and Mark A. Van Balen, Robert Steven Bebb-10th Judicial District Attorney General, and Mike Hall, former Chief of the 10th Judicial District’s Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force, and Mike “Too Tall” Hall’s Chief Deputy, Don Williams are but five LEOs I point to as participating in, nurturing, maturing and exploiting The MADISONVILLE HOAX by proof of their own words.

Amongst these criminals wearing badges (Van Balen, Johnson, Bebb, Hall and Williams), they claim a minimum number of fourteen (14) men (ordinary citizens) were seen either loading a gun, or carrying a gun (open and concealed).

The LEOs lied.

It was all nothing but a HOAX! The MADISONVILLE HOAX!

Again, quoting The FOGBOW’s William “Foggy” L. Bryan:

“We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops ready for Cdr Walt Fitzpatrick when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over the Monroe County courthouse.”


Government officials in Monroe County confirm receipt of The FOGBOW’s campaign phone calls and emails.

There was, in fact, a peacefully assembled group of 29 ordinary citizens in Madisonville. Their names are known.

Three reporters were there. Two of their three names are known.

None of the 29 ordinary citizens carried a firearm of any type or kind.

None of the 29 ordinary citizens handled or loaded a gun in Madisonville.

None of the reporters carried a firearm of any type or kind.

No law enforcement official made first contact with any of the 29 ordinary citizens.

No law enforcement official made first contact with any of the three reporters.

There was no plan.

There was no plot.

There was no expression of violence of any sort.

None of the 29 ordinary citizens carried out a criminal act.

None of the 29 ordinary citizens made any warning or threatening phone calls.

None of the 29 ordinary citizens sent any warning or threatening emails.

Of that total population of 32 people in Madisonville on 20 April 2010 (29 ordinary citizens + 3 reporters), there were no “domestic terrorists.”

Of that population of 32 people in Madisonville, there were no “sovereign citizens.”

No law enforcement official, nor any news reporter can give the name of any person (ordinary citizen there that day in a show of support) who was carrying a gun.

No law enforcement official, nor any news reporter can give the name of any person (ordinary citizen there that day in support) who in any way gave any expression to violent ideations or violent intent or actually carried out a violent or criminal act.

“Nothing happened.”



The FOGBOW GANG used various electronic communication tools and word-of-mouth in the conduct of their disinformation campaign to great effect.

Government operatives at the local, state and federal levels used all the tools available to them–at great taxpayer expense–to facilitate, conduct, extend and exploit The MADISONVILLE HOAX.


The FOGBOW GANG worked to serve their political agenda.

The FOGBOW agenda is to destroy the United States of America as a sovereign nation and to destroy America’s republican form of government as The Republic makes operative under our United States Constitution.

The FOGBOW agenda demands that any person standing to defend the U.S. Constitution, by standing against–for example-government corruption, must then become an object for destruction.

In this, as it relates to motive, the FOGBOW GANG and government operatives and organizations enjoy common cause, that is: To cloak government corruption with the intent to continue and grow government corruption.

 Overall intent: Replacing our U.S. Constitution (Republican government) with a competing form of government.

In this dark and sinister government adventure, ordinary citizens come together in peaceful assembly are branded as “domestic terrorists,” arrested for their law-abiding activity in defending our Constitution.

Further motive for government participation in The MADISONVILLE HOAX goes to the construction and implementation of the U.S. Justice and Homeland Security Departments “SOVEREIGN CITIZEN” campaign.

SOVEREIGN CITIZEN as used in a  pejorative connotation.

In essence, this government policy initiative targets persons who stand against government corruption. It especially targets white males and U.S. military veterans.

The MADISONVILLE HOAX serves well the objectives and aggressive expansion of the sovereign citizen campaign.


My scheduled appearance in the General Sessions Court, Tuesday morning, 20 April 2010 attracting ordinary citizens to come to attend, witness and lend support in their public condemnation of and public stance against massive government corruption.



I have reason to believe Mr. Jim Miller, a former Loudon County Tennessee deputy sheriff came to learn about the HOAX in at least one of its aspects.

I have reason to believe Mr. Miller came into possession of other proofs and evidences regarding public corruption, especially in Monroe County Tennessee.

I have reason to believe that Jim Miller was preparing to come forward with his report of public corruption (at least as perceived by local government officials).

I have reason to believe that government officials consequently threatened with exposure, and driven by their instincts regarding self-preservation, ordered Mr. Miller murdered in a gangland style mob hit meant to send a message in the community of East Tennessee (at a minimum) to back off and stay silent.

Mr. Miller was shot three times in the head at one venue, loaded into the trunk of his Crown-Victoria vehicle, driven to a different location, and then set afire like a Tiki-torch.


Mr. Darren Wesley Huff sits in a federal prison in Texarkana, Texas as an innocent man. Mr. Huff was one of the participants in the peaceful assembly on 20 April 2010, subsequently and wrongfully arrested, prosecuted and convicted for a thought crime.

A very dangerous and new LEGAL PRECEDENT!



FBI Special Agent Scott Johnson (out of Knoxville) is quoted as follows:

“[The Darren Huff] case is monumental to the FBI because it will set precedent for case law in future domestic terrorist cases throughout the United States.”

By way of the SOVEREIGN CITIZEN campaign, local, state and federal law enforcement officials are fully prepared to act against other ordinary law abiding citizens engaged in peaceful and lawful activities in the identical fashion in which LEOs and other government operatives acted against the ordinary citizens gathered in Madisonville, Tennessee almost three years ago. 



All of this is properly and relentlessly reported to law enforcement of every stripe.

All of this is independently verified.

The media is alerted.