Sunday, 11 November 2012

Write a criminal complaint in your own words, or use or tailor examples provided on these JAG HUNTER pages.

After writing/typing out your complaint go to a Notary. Try you bank first. They’ll do it for free or minimal cost.

Para-legals working in nearby attorney’s offices are usually Notaries. They might do it for free or minimal cost.

You may know a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is a Notary who’ll do it for free.

UPS stores or the like will have a Notary. It will cost more at one of these commercial outlets.

Sign the complaint in front of a Notary.

Make copies for your records.

Go to your local Post Office. File your complaints by mailing them certified mail, return receipt requested.

File the original with FBI Director Mueller.

The complaint is “filed” once mailed.

File a copy of the complaint with the Federal Grand Jury where you live via the U.S. Attorney. There may be more than one.

The complaint is “filed” once mailed.

Send the filings certified mail, return receipt requested. Should cost you ’bout eleven bucks (’round $5.50 each).

If you can get others to join you, it’s better to do this as group. The larger the better!

If you need more assistance contact The JAG HUNTER at:

If you’re able to “scan” your work, you can send it to me electronically as a .pdf record. I can then post it up at The JAG HUNTER website. Again, if you need help or have more questions send an email or leave a comment.



  1. Harry Accornero Says:

    Ok, so we lost the election. Are we going to continue to re-live it or are we going to re-group and move ahead? As I have said before, we need to think about a serious Third Party, one who believes in God, family and our Constitution. We need people who will not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. We need to elect those who will not comprise their values and are not afraid to speak out on issues even when it is not the popular thing, but is the right thing to do, and who will put principle above politics.
    I believe there are many men and women out there who feel the same and are willing to support those who will stand for America. We may have lost a battle, but the war is not over. If we stand on our principles, put God, family and Country above all, we will overcome. Our country will be better for it and out children will know what freedom really is and how close we came to losing it. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to look my children and grandchildren if the eye and say I gave up. America is too important not only to us, but to the rest of the world. We are the last haven of freedom…..It is still worth fighting for. I am asking you to hit your needs and seek God’s will for us as we go forward in HIS name…….

    Harry Accornero

    • Bruce Olsen Says:

      Hi Harry, we definitely need a third party. I ran for Gov under the Libertarian flag,, what a bunch of fruit cakes in that group.
      Here the biggest problem I see. The number of signatures one must collect to get on the ballot. Had I ran under the Independant ticket. The number was 21 thousand. The Rep and Dems have created a system that makes it impossible. As a Libertarian, I only needed something under 200.
      We’re running out of time , if we arent already. Im now a reg Independant. What if we created a party of NO Votes! Get Rep,Dems,Ind to say, we’re done voting. Your thoughts.
      Bruce Olsen Arizona

  2. enigmaRme Says:

    I agree with you, Harry, and furthermore we need to learn how to connect and use Digital Outreach Technology as well, perferrably better, than the opposition to inform our younger generation about the uniqueness of our nation. Emphasis should be that our most important national document is the Declaration of Independence, then our Bill of Rights, culminating with our Constitution. Too much emphasis on so-called “living” Constitution that is re-interpreted by quasi-intellectuals and the intellectually dishonest “expert leadership” infesting our airwaves, i.e. well-meaning C-SPAN who doesn’t properly vett the self-proclaimed Capitol Hill “experts”. You and I could be just as entertaining to the punlic-at-large ;> Stay Safe and stay the course, mate!

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